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Dec. 29th, 2011 06:36 am
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For anyone who's been paying attention at all, LJ pulled another one of their 'we're going to change things, and not take into account the opinions of the user base' tricks, and in an added twist, proceed to be pretty damn self righteous and rude about the whole thing, both on LJ and other sites such as Tumblr and Plurk.

As anyone who knows me, knows, I'll put up with a lot, including change. Start to get rude about it though, and downright insulting in some cases, and you pretty much lose me.

LJ is a business. Right now, they're reaction to a 'niche' group, small or not (also the one most likely to spend a lot of money on the site to use it how they want to), is abyssmal, to be kind. To not be kind, I'll say that I'm not about to spend more money or time on a site who's primary reaction to complaints (some medical, BTW. Migraines, that sort of stuff) is pretty much 'you'll get used to it' and 'only (weirdo group) uses ABC functions and no one else does so stuff it'. I paid professionals for a specific site, and expect to be treated professionally, even if only by proxy, when I use that site. When I start to feel like I'm dealing with a bunch of spoiled brats with attitude problems who just want my money? I'm done.

I'm pretty much fed up with it all. Fed up enough, in fact, to not even waste my usual litany of cuss words on it all. (And when I stop cussing, that should be a sign, guys).

So, just a heads up that although I will be cross posting from Dreamwidth, other than possibly sticking around to play in my one game (which may very well be moving to DW anyway), I'm pretty much out of LJ. I'll check in on you guys who stay there, but don't expect me to be around much (Like I seem to be, anyway...)

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