Jun. 26th, 2012

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Tomorrow, I go in for a CT scan after work. Seems the 'benign' cyst on my ovary wasn't really helped by the pills, and is also 'complex'. So the doc wants to take a closer look and see if things need to be scooped out.

I'm...actually not worried, but the word 'resigned' is coming to mind. My family has a firm history of losing their reproductive ovens, so, other than the back of the mind hope that if it IS cancerous, it'll be content with taking the one organ I never got to use but the once, and doesn't decide to come back and visit later in some other part of the body.

Things may or may not be changing for me at work. The boss pushed one too many times in the very wrong way, so I have a potential transfer to a different department and job in the works. IF the pay cut is not too draconian, it's an almost definite. But I'm fully aware that what my potential new bosses are willing to pay me may not jive with what HR is willing to offer, so...we'll see.

I invested in some Paint Your Own statues by Melody Pena. Right now, they're happily nestled in their shipping boxes, for the very simple reason that the only paints I have are gouche...and I'm pretty sure that won't work too well on gypsum. I REALLY want to take brush to them, though. But...will have to wait for a little bit until I can get my hands on at least a standard set of acrylics. Then we will see.

Dad is...well, let's just say I have to do a lot of 'catch up' in between our play dates in order to keep my characters at levels close to his in RIFT. He's even gotten to the point where he researches stuff. I never thought he'd take to an MMO, especially not like this this.

Then again, I had to get it from somewhere, right?

Anyway, current life, in a nutshell.


silverthorne: Painting of a cougar sneaking through underbrush (Default)

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