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In this case, and because I had already seen it on plurk, I'm going to pass it on to you--there are links in ONTD to follow where you can express your opinions on the matter if you so choose.

This, if you ever wondered, was what it was like living with my mom when she'd get angry with something I did. This isn't me, but it's pretty much a carbon copy of what I'd go through on a regular basis.

It's a hard video to watch. But it could have been any number of days or nights when I went though the same thing with my mom, and I'm pretty sure some of you could say the same.

The girl is now 22 (The video is from 2004, IIRC), and out of the situation. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations is up, so all we can hope for is that the guy loses his job (he's a judge that oversees, get this, child abuse cases).

Anyway, this is the sort of thing I feel should be passed on, remembered, and worked towards a time when this doesn't happen--that the parents get help before it ever comes to this. That no child has to go through it. And maybe, if there's enough voices, we can get this guy off the bench and maybe even pointed in a direction that, even if he can;t get himself healed, at least we can get him off the streets.
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