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Officially got all the credit cards and debt paid off. Last payments hit last night, and so this mornings Tour of the Balances was all zeros plus a nifty chunk of money still in the bank (Meaning I could pay electric AND rent out of what's left over even before second payday for the month).

Just seeing all those nice little paid off balances gave a little lift. No debt, no scrambling and hoping, etc. In celebration, I re-upped my monthly ASPCA donation from $5 a month to where it had been before, and I set up a small payment plan for the Soul Foundation as well (which I've been wanting to do for almost two years now, but with juggling the freaking balances on my cards and hoping I didn't drown in the sea of red numbers, it wasn't a possibility).

The bank's credit card is no more (it was taken completely off my account once the last payment went through), but that's fine with me. I've decided that I don't really need the back-up or the temptation, so that spares me taking a credit hit just to close it down. Wasn't sure if that's what BoA had planned to do, but since they'd pretty much converted it to a 'loan' account when I set up the payments way back when, it makes sense.

This weekend or next will be the writing of the resume. I'm trying to take this whole thing one step at a time. Getting out of debt and into a position so that whatever inheritance money I am being given started feeding into a saving account was the first step, next is getting ready to look at my job and moving prospects.

Somewhere in there is probably a new car, although I'm not sure if I want/should do that before or after the job thing. Plus side to doing it now; I can be reasonably sure that the poor thing won't puke out on me while I'm driving me and my cats to our new home state, where-ever it winds up being. Downside is that it'll put me in the position of once again owing someone $200 or so a month for several years, and I kinda want to have at least a few months where I don't have to deal with anything but the basic needs of rent, electric, phone/dsl/cable, and food. Kinda missed that feeling, you know?

Next on the immediate agenda is getting my art butt back into gear. I've had a lot of ideas for clothing in my head lately, but not the will to drag out my sketch book. I know part of it is because I haven't done art in so long, that it's pretty much atrophied at this point, and I know I'm going to get frustrated with myself just trying to draw the models, never mind putting clothes on them. But I also know it's not going to get better if I don't sit my ass down and just do it. But still...hours of frustration are ahead once I get started. Kinda sucks.

I also invested in a few books, that I'm actually reading, including an old style apothecary one (that is more old school medicine and cooking than spell weaving), and a reference book on saints, mystics and sages. I've also thought about dragging out my old totem cards, but like with the art, it's atrophied for so long, I'm not sure I won't do more harm than good using them.

Oh, and I also stubbed my toe this morning (it's swelling but not broken) and gave myself my first rug burn in over ten years after tripping over my tablet cord when I went bouncing through the apartment going 'WHOO HOOO I DON'T OWE MONEY!!!!'.

...Yeah, I'm good that way. :P


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