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Jun. 13th, 2009 12:01 am
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Unfortunately, a comm post reminded me of this, so now I'm in a crappy mood again.

I'm not going to link to the article (It's on the ASPCA site, if you really want to go look for it), but every time I hear about the shitty things teenagers (and adults) do to kittens, cats and dogs, it makes me want to beat the crap, and whatever the fuck is wrong with them, out of them.

Got that feeling today when I got the ASPCA newsletter.

Long story short; teen and BF break into ex roomies apartment, trash the place, put 2 month kitten into oven and turn the oven on.

Why? They were pissed off at the ex roomie, and the girl 'doesn't like cats'. And no, the kitten didn't make it. No one knew anything was wrong until neighbors reported smelling smoke coming from the apartment to the FD.

Anyway, yeah. How disturbed do you have to be to think doing that to a pet is okay?

Cuddling cats and going to bed now.
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If a horror flick using Native American folklore would:

1) Let the native actors get lead roles instead of support.

2) Let the native population actually be more than just a source of explaining to the white people "OH HELL SHIT TELL ME WTF is THAT?!"

3) Not have the white lead be some long lost, half-breed member of the tribe that 'walked away from it all' because of some sort of culture fueled drama that happened in his youth (seriously, what's wrong with loving your own damn culture all your life? Huh?)

4) Not let the three obviously white actors overshadow the twenty five or so native actors as the 'ultimate' heroes in the story (right up to, and including the 'white man Returning Prodigal Son beating the crap out of the native stubborn, blind and unaccepting tribe member that's trying to stop him from Saving the World Because He Doesn't Know Any Better).

Seriously...I saw the cast roster, and was getting excited, which is why I turned it on.

Now I'm just alternating between laughing at the sheer cheesiness of the movie...and gnashing my teeth at the default 'white folks do all the right things, even against someone else's cultural monsters' setting horror flicks often have. :/

ETA: Actually, it would be nice if these things were applied to any number of horror flicks using monsters from other cultures, and then using characters with those cultural backgrounds as little more than 'tell me shit' points.
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So we're having 'Town Hall' Meetings this week to get everyone their paperwork to get ready to become Baylor.

Apologies to the faithful, but I kinda cringed when the first thing out of the Baylor Rep's mouth was 'we are a faith based business'.

The flashback to CCD (Catholic Sunday School) when the start of the 'This is why Baylor is cool' video when it started, with people lighting mass candles to the song of 'This Little Light of Mine' (Ah, memories of church choir!) to make a flame (their company symbol) made it a little worse, but I was ok after a few moments when they actually got to the business side of things.

Until, of course, we got to the 'you will have to apply for your job at orientation'. They're saying we still all have our jobs, but, yanno, I don't exactly trust that, now.

Guess we'll see if I'm living in North Carolina with my dad in a couple of months, huh?

I'm trying to remind myself that 'this is just a formality', but you know, recession, seeing how other 'faith based' companies have been treating their 'valued' employees lately (Tony Zaza was booted out from his job at The Mix by Clearchannel with no warning whatever about a month ago, as in, he did the show that morning, apparently was called into a meeting after broadcast, and that was it. Gone.), and...yeah.

Drug testing? OK, cool. Might have to find enough money to get a couple of new uniforms (we're getting 'color coded', yay! :P)? Ok. It'll kill my budget, but whatever (I asked if they'd pay for the new uniforms, and the answer was 'we've never done it before, but this is a unique situation'...which is usually business speak for 'no, but we're trying not to freak you out'). Have to spend a few hours in various orientations to redo my 401k, insurance, whatever so that it's with the new company? Cool.

But this whole 'reapply for your job' thing, after three transitions with other companies where that didn't happen really, really makes me nervous.

...gah. I'm trying not to freak out...also trying not to associate Bad Things Happening just because this is a religiously based business. But I'm having a really hard time with that right now. :/

...I need hugs, I think.

ETA: Forgot to add...they're also checking everyone's credit rating.
Yeah...WTF? Which, if they needed as an excuse for firing me, ATM, they could (and since I'm receiving, and, you know, handle EXPENSIVE SHIT all the time...yeah. OK. Yeah. I'd never steal a damn thing, but what the hell does my credit rating have to do with being able to do my job?).
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So...the guys on the third floor (That's two apartments above me), have just overflowed their toilet. Big time. As in Bathroom Tsunami.

Aaaaaand guess where the run-off is ending up?

Fortunately, all I have is a slow drip in one spot in my bathroom ceiling. At the moment, anyway.



(And WTF did you stuff down your toilet that's going to keep me up half the freaking night in case the poor maintenance guy needs access to my apartment? ARGH!!!!!!)

D: !!!!

PS: And now the main catbox is in the dining room in case the ceiling does give out and flood the bathroom. Thanks, unknown neighbors. :P
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Hey, sweetie? If one of the mods is telling you, including by quoting directly from lore (which you refuted by quoting it back and trying to tell her that's not what it meant), that a certain character type is not recommended for play, because they'd be an unstoppable danger to both themselves and others (that is also likely to be killed on sight as soon as they're found out, no matter what 'side' the findee happens to be on, or how 'nice' the character is when she isn't suffering from murderous, mindless bloodlust)?

Then that means you should probably drop the matter and find a different character concept to play.

(Why in hell do players insist that just because it's in the lore section of the world, that it's ok to play? Especially when it's something like vampires, demons and werewolves that are most definitely not going to follow the 'sympathetic monster/actually a really good person' type in that particular setting/story?)
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I had a lot of fun running with Tardmuffin the other night, and I am very grateful for his help/company.

That rocked. Seriously. I actually wound up helping a level 15 hunter/paladin pug pair take down the twins afterward, BTW. Several times, because they were apparently collecting spinal dust and hearts and Luz kept sneaking up on them (I was, too, just do see what you got if you did it more than once). Anyway, after about the fifth time of smacking Luz flat, we went after Knuckleheadrot. The first time, they didn't even react to him until after he'd practically landed on them (we weren't grouped at that point, I was just, nominally, 'tracking' for them. NO idea why they didn't tear into him as soon as they saw him), so I took first shot at him with Hunter's Mark (just the Mark, but still...), which of course meant they didn't get the credit for it, so the second time we grouped and it went fine.

Anyhow, the question.

One of my (many) problems with grouping is getting my mouse clicks to actually freaking register when I aim at something to shoot it. Some of those delays when I didn't seem to be keeping up or reacting? It's because I couldn't get a lock on the stupid mob and had to click five, six, seven freaking times. Part of it's lag. Part of it's getting the pointer to lock on the mob instead of party members when everyone is crowded in on the action. And it's frustrating the hell out of me.

So, how should I adjust my camera angle to help combat this? (Keep in mind that I have to keep a careful balance between being able to see everything and not overloading my laptop with too much info--IE moving mobs and players--if I back out too far).
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Dear Post Office:
Learn how to tell the difference between a return address and the intended destination of a piece of mail.

Dear UPS:
The answer to crushing a box of lab chemicals in your conveyer belt is not to wrap it in a plastic bag, put it in a bigger, clean box, and then continue to ship it to my company. FoAD, right this moment, please.

Dear Everyone Else:
Next person who makes a shipping mistake today that I have to wade through will get force-fed their own balls, whether they have them or not.


This public service announcement was brought to you by the letters P, M, and S.

And sometimes 'y'.

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Seriously. How long have you been a nurse?
How long have you been a nurse here? (Answer: Longer than I've worked here).

Please know what the hell you're asking for, and if it's for a specific patient, tell me so I can play the guessing game that much sooner rather than give it to your supply clerk for later!.



Oct. 24th, 2008 09:36 pm
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YOu know what I hate about the new commercials promoting high fructose sugar (other than that they remind me of some of the below the belt politcial adds?)?

That they're all set up with 'Why are you eating that, don't you know what they say?', and then the HFS eater spouts out why it's not that harmful.

...And then the person who is trying to 'educate' the HFS eater is only able to come up with a dumb look in response.

Which in turn makes me want to slap the writers of the script. Hard.

Listen up.

Yes, it's the same nutritionally speaking as natural sugar (As in it has little real nutritional value).
It also doesn't metabolize the same, and is more likely to convert straight to the kind of sugar that the body automatically stores as fat.

Yes, it's all right, same as sugar in moderation.
What they don't mention is that most premade food has it, which is part of why we're overall more obese than we were twenty and thirty years ago when it wasn't used in practically every packaged food on the market. That's not moderation, guys. Sorry. And that's why there's such a drive to avoid it as much as possible. I won't even go into how much is used.

If you want to be one-sided in your representation, then avoid bashing those of us who actually do know why it's bad for you, except, perhaps, as a treat every few weeks or months or even years if you have a slower metabolism. Not, you know, everyday in things like your ceral, your soup, your bread, your pasta, your sauces, your juices, etc. Basically, anything that you couldn't go pick off a plant or kill with your own hands.


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Fuck you and your spotted pony. The belf training did not make me chose between death by ambush, death by spider nest, death by walking into a mutant bear village, or death by somethhing with 'Horn' in the title, but considering it was out of the way and isolated, I'm pretty sure it was a boss fight. And after narrowly escaping all that, I still didn't find the fucking owls you said were to the west.

No wonder Nelfs have a reputation for being pissy little bastards.

I'm going to bed now, and you can just suck it, because I'm already two hours past my bed time.

Not sincerely
Grouchy Old Fart Who Just Wants Her Spotted Kitty, Damnit.
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Remember this bit of art I was working on?

I accidentally deleted it from my 'pictures' folder.

...I deleted the file

D: !!!!!!!!

So not cool. How did I miss what I was doing?? *cries*

ETA: Retrieved from photobucket. Had to re-enlarge it and sharpen it again, but it was a high DPI save to being with, so no harm done.

Still, I lost about 4 hours of work from the last time I opened it up (I had gotten to the bead work, feathers and 'redoing' the eyes and lips).

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I tend to get knee-jerk reactions to articles like this before I even read most of it, because the whole tone just pisses me off.

Such as: "Once these other factors are figured in, you have to put three times more energy into producing one pound of beef than the beef itself provides.".

My first thought?

"Well, yeah. But then, when we were just good little monkeys with sticks and stones, we output five to eight times more energy (as do most predatory animals to this day) than we consumed just to try and catch a mammoth or wild ox for dinner. Nevermind actually getting to eat it after if it doesn't escape and/or screw up one of our tribe mates."

Yeah, there are some good points, but the self righteous tone still bumps it down to 'meat is bad, and if you eat it, so are you.'

Fine. Once you're done taking that source of nutrition away though, I'd like to see you puzzle out the problems that farming for massive commercial interests and needs create and does to the planet. How are you going to 'stop' that rape of the planet without killing all food sources? We have to eat something, sweetcheeks. Or are you planning to have us eat each other? (Soylent Green! YUM!)

Okay, done ranting. (And no, I don't equate all vegan and vegeterians as being preachy and crazy and all that. I see nothing wrong with wanting to have that diet. It's just not my own choice. ;) ). And now I'll go back and read the damned article with as open a mind as I can manage.
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I feel tired, hot, pissy, out of sorts, and completely zoned out. I'm getting irritated at people just because they're talking to me.

And I can't blame it on my 'monthly', since I just recently had it.

Make it stop.

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I'm frustrated. Why?

I've been in the pool all of 6 times this year.


Because when it isn't full of families and screaming kids, it's locked for 'invisible maintenance' (IE: Supposedly they're Doing Something to it, but there's no one there, and it stays Mysteriously Locked until 'family time' rolls around in the afternoon).

I'm at the point of wanting to strangle everyone in the pool (why aren't you using the pool in the back where your apartments are located, folks? You know, the bigger one that's meant for the kids and families? The one right next to your two, three and four bedroom apartments...unlike the single and two room ones up front where I am and most of the residents are single adults and couples?), and taking a bat to the office management.

Yes, I'm *that* frustrated. For the past three weeks, whenever the pool has been clear of said kids, and I've gotten dressed to swim and walked over, the pool has been locked up. Every Single Time.

I'm just hoping once school starts, I'll have a better chance at it before it gets too cold to swim.

And yes, I realize I sound like a selfish, spoiled, bratty little bitch, but when last year I didn't have this problem, and that pool is the only free and non-heat stroke inducing exercise I can do right now, and I've been dealing with this for two months...I'm getting just a LITTLE peeved.


I love

Jun. 26th, 2008 10:53 am
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How people are being sent home early or when they show up for shift, or are even told not to show up at all for a usual shift because 'there isn't enough budget' due to lack of patients.

And yet we can blow $70,000 on new Dell computers with no problem (When we JUST GOT a bunch of new comps two years ago).

It's moments like this that make me really hate our system, you know?

Don't worry. I'll get over it.
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Okay, asshole, I've sent your 'free' shit back to you (at cost to my own company, since you don't have a contact number I can call and harass you about your own account number for the various couriers) about six times with a professionally polite note attached each time telling you that we cannot accept samples for doctors here at the hospital. I'm about sick of seeing your name on the return address.

I gave the stuff to Med Staff this time, who will have a talk with the addressed physicians (and quite likely, you).

If I see one more thing from your address on my dock, I'm showing up in Hainsport, and shoving whatever it is up your dumb ass after I beat you to death with it. Got that, 'cousin' of mine? (his name is Campbell as well)

NO love, and lots of violence.



Jun. 6th, 2008 09:57 am
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Wanna scream, here. )


May. 28th, 2008 07:13 am
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Hollywood Starlets, you never cease to amaze me.

Text for the link wary. )


Answer: No, bitch. It's called 'plate tectonics'. You know, taught in science class during the geology section? Knowledge. Learn You some.

Also: quit finding 'new age' and/or religious reasons for why the weather and planet are going funky and study a little more science. It's called a cycle. One that's far longer-lasting than humans have been living.

PS: Karma doesn't work that way.


May. 23rd, 2008 11:27 am
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Why oh why are people complete n00bs on the day before a three day weekend?

No, wait, I know why. Their brains are already on vacation.



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