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Because it's new.

I've been getting into Second life a little; it's kinda fun to wander around people's home made sims and see what they did with them. I did spend a little money on player made modifications, and decided to go ahead and model my avatar after my WoW hunter, and so here she is, all nice and gothic-ized and moderned out for the camera.'s something to do, right?

In other news; I've set the wheel in motion to start (free) counsiling for my depression.
My left heel is constantly hurting.
My boss actually finally told me I HAVE to take two days off in a row in the next month (which is a huge change from all the times in the past year where I'd ask when I good time was and always get the 'not now' reply), so I'm aiming for next Monday and Tuesday, or the one after that.
I've been feeling sick, exhausted, unloved and freaked out for about a month and a half now.

Oh, and yeah, I'm getting sent to collections by my hospital for the worker's comp bill from LAST JANUARY, even though I've repeatedly done everything my rep told me to do to keep that from happening (Because not only am I not supposed to be paying for it, but I should have never seen a bill at all...well, I've seen about six by now).

Between the depression and the sheer stress of YET AGAIN having my credit fucked up by outside sources, I've been spending a good portion of the night alternating between screaming at the heavens and crying.

And watching the second Crow movie and being annoyed that the guy who got the part won it out from under Bon Jovi (who, yes, did audition for it).

So, yeah, my life is fucking great, how about you?

( does not do well on text).

Anyway, enjoy the icon. I'm going to go make my sixth attempt at trying to go to bed without getting angry and waking myself up all over again.
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When I pay you to implant a chip in my cat and then also pay for the application service for you to turn the info in to Home Again and activate my chip?

You're supposed to do it so that when I try to call and check and add to the information --a month later!--, the chip is actually acknowledged as being activated.

Please don't make me became a pissy cat mommy in your lobby. You won't like it.
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It was one of *those* conversations... )
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Remember: Do not kill the Medline driver when he finally shows up. Even though it's after three and they're supposed to be here by noon latest according to instructions at the warehouse.

Even if it is Joe*, the Wonder-driver.

*Joe is consistently two hours or more late, and often causing me to stay past the time when I need to leave. Which is kinda bad because we're still not really allowed overtime, and having to justify for the 20th time in a row with 'the driver was late' will eventually not be good enough as an excuse. Last time, his excuse was that he was 'at lunch' and wouldn't be here for another hour.
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Yeah. Anyhow, after four different instances of running into or reading about entitlement this morning, it only re-enforces my opinions that:

By the time everyone has hit the age of 22, they should have been required to:

1) Spend at least two years of volunteering at places like homeless shelters and in charity work. Bonus points if the place is constantly under-staffed and under-budgeted.

2) Worked a minimum wage job at a grocerie store, on a telemarketer job, or other related customer service job where it's guarenteed they'll have to deal with at least one entitled asshole a day...and have to do it politely and with a smile on their face.

3) Go through at least full basic training in the military; if the other two things haven't managed to instill respect and discipline into you, that oughtta finish you right out.

4) Live for at least three months on a minimum salary themselves and try to budget everything they need/want with what little money is available. Those that don't 'get it' should get time added on until they do.

And this should all happen before/if they get to go to college, and in the case of the lucky, have their way at least partially paid for them while they learn stuff for a 'higher' place in life.

I swear, the next person I see today with a silver spoon shoved up their ass, I'm gonna grab the handle and shove it further up--until it hits brain. B|
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Listen, I know you're stressed. You're a nurse; that's stressful enough as it is. You're also in a department that you aren't normally in today. I know this. It's also a fast moving one, which adds to the stress, and yes, will scramble your brains a bit if you're not used to the pace.


If you call and ask for something? Please don't get mad at me when I start asking questions about what you want. I'm not being difficult with you. I'm not trying to aggravate you. I'm not trying to waste your time. I'm most definitely not stupid or 'acting' that way just to make your life miserable.

What I am doing is trying to save us both a little time and aggravation by making sure what I bring you the first time is actually what you asked for.

And no, telling me 'it hooks up to this' or 'we use it for this procedure' doesn't help. Neither does 'it's that (thing) that has the (insert color) on the (insert location).' Nine times out of ten, there's at least three different versions of 'that thing', very often with similarities that will still make it hard to figure out which one it is. Not to mention that I don't actually perform any of the procedures, or have the faintest clue of how to. That's why I'm the supply clerk insted of a nurse or doctor. I need to know for sure which one it is, so that we don't waste crucial time and/or harm the patient when I bring the wrong one and you try to use it.

Getting angry at me doesn't help either. Telling me 'I'll find someone who knows what they're doing!' doesn't. (It does make me think 'You know, if you knew what you were doing and actually knew how to ask for what you needed, we wouldn't have this problem.). Getting irritated when I ask for a catalogue number, an IMMs number, or any other definitive reference number only wastes more time.

And threatening to 'call your boss and get this straightened out!' isn't going to make me able to produce what-ever-the-fuck-it-is any faster. It will piss me off though, and cause me to ask for the person who you're muttering 'she doesn't know what I'm talking about and tells me they don't have it' to, especially since 'Do you have a catalogue number I can reference?' is what I actually said.

You do this all the time, lady. To everyone. Even when you're in your own department Cut it out.

No love, but with sincerity,
Your receiving clerk
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One of our volunteers apparently caught TB. The reason why I'm cussing about it is because he showed up here looking for boxes and told me all about catching it himself and having to be on pills and stuff--after we'd been talking for several minutes. He didn't breathe on me or cough or sneeze on me or anything, but we were within two feet of each other at one point, and he's not wearing a damned mask. Not only that, but he wandered off into the hospital to look for more boxes.

I can't remember if it's strictly a droplet issue, or if it's simply airbourne. Already called the Infection Control nurse, and of course she's not in at the moment, but I left a message. HR seems to think it's okay, but still. I want to be sure, both for my own sake, and that of everyone else in the hospital.

If I just got TB, I'm going to kill that old man, sweet or not I'll be REALLY FUCKING UPSET.

ETA: (thank god that was quick)

Health nurse got back to me. The guy is apparently negative on the x-rays, which means he's infected but not contagious. He can't pass it on.


I know people are usually told what they can and can't do when they have stuff like that, but some don't listen, you know? I'm glad my freakout was unjustified. TB is some serious fucking shit.


Sep. 20th, 2007 12:05 pm
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Urge to kill rising )
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Stop dumping our orders out of the system just because we changed company hands.

Or, better yet, figure out how to get us back into the computer to where we register as a tri-weekly customer rather than a 'new' 'one-time' customer so that the EDI system dumps us whenever we send our order in, 'kay?

I really don't want two 'hell weeks' in a row. And I might go postal if ths happens again next week.

Just so you know.

(Came in to a distinct lack of supplies, which may or may not show up by 12, if I'm lucky. This is going to be a shitty day. :/ )

ETA: Insult added to injury--the one pallet that *did* show (because it's Mead Johnson, which gets sent to a different area to be processed) is crushed all to hell on the bottom. *That* was fun to scrape along the ground.

Also: Supposedly, it'll be here in an hour or so. This promise usually translates into 'four-five hours from now', so I'm not holding my breath.

...Think I'll go have some coffee and listen to more Oingo Boingo.
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So I get the ECG valve on my cars emissions system replaced last weekend, and last night/this morning the alternator decides that it's time to breathe its last.

Good thing that:

1) I live only four city blocks away from my job, so I can walk it if I must for a while (although that will be an ugly, looooooong walk in the heat :P).

2) My boss is willing to shuttle me back and forth for a few days anyway while I try and get the dumb thing fixed.


Ah well--it rains then pours, right?
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:( !



(This message issued after finding out someone took a DHL package waiting on the dock for pickup yesterday was brought back into my office and left on my desk!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! WRRRYYYYYY??????)
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No, wait. All that will happen is that they'll take me to ER, dig the bullet out, and send me back to The Pile O' Doom that no one else will have touched in the meantime.


I hate busy Wednesdays. :(
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Obviously, these people don't realize they're dealing with a direct decendant of Argyll.

They're going to find out really, really fast why there are so many damned Campbells all over the place.

No. No phone yet. Tech never showed. So I called Grande to find out what the hell happened.

They claim Verizon never faxed them any of the three requests, including the one for yesterday.

I was about as patient as I could be. They have been put on notice that they have until Friday to straighten this shit out. Because next step is the Better Business Bureau and legal proceedings. And yes, I told them this. I then called Verizon (that service ticket has got to be a mile long by now), and told them about Grande 'never getting the requests', and told them likewise that I was giving people until Friday.

Their supervisor will call me as soon as he comes in this morning.

There will be a working phone and DSL by Friday evening, or I'll sell these bastards to England hit them where it really hurts--pocket book and reputation.
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"I have no phone
I have no phone!
I've got plenty of gadgets now,
But I have no phone!"

Yes, Grande still hasn't re-attached those (many expletives deleted) wires right.

They better hope I never find their corporate office.

*Suffers interbutt withdrawal because no phone line=no DSL*

PS: Buy the new Bon Jovi album. Yeah, they're calling it 'country'. Buy it anyway. ^^

Er. Hi, folks! Still not officially online. :(
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Still no home phone or DSL connection. It seems that although Verizon is doing its job, another company--the one who apparently made a deal with the apartment complex--isn't.

Basically, this other local company, 'Grande Communications', goes around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and makes deals with complexes. To wit; 'Let us have control of the wiring in your phone room, and we will offer your tenets a sweet service deal if they chose us as their provider'.

Which is great, I suppose, if as a tenet, you were interested in their offer. Which I wasn't. I like Verizon. They will bend over backwards for you, and in fact tried to Monday when I tried to get the damned phone and why it wasn't working right figured out.

Problem being? Since Grande owns the apartment complex phone box, Verizon can't get in to switch over the two wires to get the old number off and mine functioning completely. My line is activated, you see, but it's not reaching me because of two little wires that Grande hasn't moved and replaced yet.

So I spent a couple of hours getting a clear idea on this and what it takes to get Grande to give me my damned phone line. I got bounced between them, my apartment manager, and Verizon several times. Finally, when Verizon realized that I was getting the run around, they parked me with a tech and started calling themselves and keeping me updated as they talked to Grande.

What it boils down to is 'We (Grande) finally got the service request from Verizon and will switch your wires either Wednesday or Thursday'.

A full week after the phone has been activated.

...Yeah. Can you feel the celtic temper starting to boil? I can.

Anyhow, so Verizon told me to call back if the phone isn't up by the end of today and they'll go smack Grande again for me. Good news is that my phone bill will get a discount this month for all the ass-hattery involved. I love Verizon.

Grande Communications, though? Can suck my non-existant dick. Even if I had been considering them before now as a back up if Verizopn was too expensive, they just lost my business for good, and possibly gained a lot of bad press in the bargain. Way to go.


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