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Or is that 'couch ends'?

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You know it's true love when )
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Or, 'Look, ma, we can (finally) get along!'

Ula and Foot after a game of 'chase the lazer mouse' )
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The girls got together last night to hunt down the Fearsome Baby Cricket!
(The cricket got away).

The breath-taking chase, under here! )
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They still chase each other, although the picking on is more evened out, and I suspect even they don't know if they're really fighting or just playing anymore. But tonight, at any rate, they decided to share space peacefully...for a few minutes, anyway. XD

Tree Kitties! )
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So I head out to get some kitty litter, a few personal supplies and toothpaste for Foot (Although Ula's gonna get her teeth brushed too). Get home, get everything put away, get laundry sorted and started, and go looking for Foot.

I can't find her.

She's not under the bed, under the nightstand, or anywhere else that's a usual 'haha, you can't find me (at least not until you look in a new place!)' spots, of which there are very few left (or so I think).

By now, I am calling her name with that frantic tone Moms in a park everywhere get when Jr. disappears over the sunny hillside and out of sight. Ula is also following me around, calling out as well, because, well, obviously Mom is panicking, but she has no idea why.

Then I see the bedskirt move by the foot of the bed. Sure enough, it's Foot. Who has found out that the back part of the chest at the end of the bed is a biiiit higher than the front. Leave it to my first girl to figure these things out.

Needless to say, the teeth brushing is postponed until I've chilled a bit.


Sep. 8th, 2008 08:37 pm
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The girls are learning to share space.

Evening Nap Time )
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We have head lick!

Was just feeding the girls breakfast. They've gotten pretty good about waiting side by side while I fill their bowls, and occasionally, they'll head bump, although it's kinda sketchy and quick.

Well, this morning, they head bumped pretty good, and then Ula reached out a little and gave Foot a ten second bath on the head! And Foot let her!

I am so proud of my girls right now. :)

And now, back to bed for a few hours.
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Little Miss Business )
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So, two things I learned about Ula this past week.

First--she's so used to cat carriers that she started sleeping in the one I used to take Foot to the vets in last week. So I've left it out for her. Added bonus--Foot leaves her alone when she's in it because Foot doesn't like it. (it takes her scary places, including Outside).

Second--That floor to ceiling 'tree' I got for them? Ula can climb all the way to the top of the thing like a little monkey. In fact, she likes climbng it so much, I won't be surprised to come home and find the curtain rod on the floor, since she can now get higher than it. It's also another thing Foot is not all that thrilled with. Foot likes to scratch the heck out of the bottom of it, but rarely jumps onto even the lowest shelf. And tonight, when she got on the second shelf, Ula batted her on the head, so it was a very short lived moment. Not to mention that where Ula clambers, Foot makes very concentrated jumps and then has to pull herself up the rest of the way. My little short stuff is not a climber. :)
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According to the vets, she was born right around this time last year. So, Foot is now a year old!

Also, I have earth kitties! Foot is a Virgo, and Ula (who's b-date I *do* know) is a Taurus. :)
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On the subject of chipping pets.

I'd heard that the different chips use different scanners to be read. Naturally, this is a concern for pet owners; what if your pet is picked up by a shelter that doesn't have the right scanner?

AVID has a page that explains it. Basically, if the kHz is correct, it doesn't matter what chip brand it is, at least in the states.

Considering Ula came with an AVID chip already implanted, and Foot's was a Home Again chip, this makes me feel a LOT better.

Hope this helps anyone else worried about their cat's chips not being able to be read. :)
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This is what I'm getting to watch right now.

We be nappin' )
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So I took her in at 4:30.

Doctor says her eye is fine--couldn't find any damage to it at all, and was hard pressed to find a wound anyplace else. It looks like Ula just tagged the fleshy part of Foot's under eyelid and managed to hit near a main vessel. Looks clean, though. No swelling.

Doc went ahead and gave me some drops Tobramycin Ophthalmic solution, 3 times daily, and then some Clavamox drops to put in her food during breakfast and dinner, just to make sure.

The 'worst' news was that she told me to take Foot off moist food and keep her strictly to dry for now on. She's showing signs of gingivitis already (!) and the dry will help with that.

Other than that though, Foot is okay if a bit subdued. She let Ula greet her and went and hid in the bedroom after following Ula into the crate (maybe Ula was whosing her it wasn't that bad? I dunno). Right now they're seperated so that Ula doesn't get into Foot's spiked food, and Foot doesn't get into Ula's moist food.
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So, Foot and Ula have been getting slowly better since their little nose bump thing. Foot still chases Ula, but the frequnecy is way down, and Ula has started to come out and hang with me in the living room in the evening (at least until Foot decides to give chase again, but it takes her a couple of hours now rather than a couple of minutes).

They're even willingly eating side by side, although I still have to lock Ula in the bedroom with ehr share after the initial feeding because Foot is a little piglet and will eat it all if I don't.

So, anyway, last night, Foot did her usual 'chase Ula under the bed, swipe my paw at her a few times, then go find something else to do' thing. No hissing or growling from anyone, just the chase, swipe, done.

So, it was to my horror to see Foot walk back out into the living room three minutes later with blood all around her eye!.

I was a good mommy and didn't totally freak out, but I did get a washcloth and try to dab the blood off and see where the damage was. Ula must have tagged her good, because it bled for about ten minutes, but other than the blood itself, I couldn't find anything wrong. I decided to leave it alone until morning and let it dry so that I wasn't trying to tell fresh blood from actual wound. Foot wasn't showing signs of pain or irrtation with her sight, and she was keeping the eye open and using it so I figured that was the best course of action.

By this morning, Foot had washed the rest of the blood off. Other than a slightly pink-hued nictating membrane, her eye looks fine. I can't even find where Ula tagged her, her eye is tracking and dialating fine, and there's no swelling anywhere. She was a lot more 'civil' to Ula this morning, though.

I did leave a message with the vet about what had happened, asking if they thought I should bring her in anyway. If they say yes, I will. In the meantime, I had to go to work, but once I get home, I'm going to take another look and then keep an eagle eye on it for the next several days. Thank goodness I'm taking some time off; I'll be able to rush Foot in if I have to.

ETA: The vet is offering to see her, which I take as a 'It's not serious, but you probably should bring her in anyway', so making an appointment for this afternoon.
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When I pay you to implant a chip in my cat and then also pay for the application service for you to turn the info in to Home Again and activate my chip?

You're supposed to do it so that when I try to call and check and add to the information --a month later!--, the chip is actually acknowledged as being activated.

Please don't make me became a pissy cat mommy in your lobby. You won't like it.
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I'm finding that one of my favorite 'odd' things about my cats is walking on the spots where they've just vacated and feeling a little pool of warmth under my feet. It's like a little kitty calling card that says 'The Fuzzybutts Were Here!"


Aug. 24th, 2008 09:33 pm
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Another kitty milestone.

All meals were eaten next to each other, and right now they're both dead asleep in the living room and in full view of each other if they so choose to look.


Aug. 23rd, 2008 04:28 pm
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It's pretty cool. :) also doesn't show the badges correctly. :/


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The first, it's 73 degrees at 11 am in August in Texas.

The second?

Look ma, no fighting! )


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