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So, mine started with:

Migration to Dreamwidth
A new exercise and diet plan which I haven't really touched yet
Resolutions having to do with creative endeavors
...And a killer flu bug + migraine that made me call in sick today.


Also, I think I have all the journals I'm going to make for a while (nicely stickied and put at the top of my post for ease of finding). Not many, but then, I tend to keep things pretty simple. Most of the non-gaming journals have nothing in them yet. But they're there as incentive for me. And hopefully, that will be enough.

Also, a brief rundown of Life Since September.

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I actually hadn't thought about them. Oops.

Ah well, here's a not-so-comprehensive possible list thing. Consider it more like New Years gonna do the best I can list.

This year, I... )
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So I guss I'll call it my 'List of Intentions' rather than my New Year Resolutions.

Oh, and yeah. I love the christmas 'dragon' design. I'd love to see more dragons (*cough*griffons*cough*) of this design...

Adopt one today!

The path to hell is paved... )
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Otherwise known as 'The List of Things To Do'.

Under here. )
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Has a glass of wine or bubbly or something to see in the new year, what am I having?

A nuked new years potato.

No, seriously.

And maybe hot chocolate.
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It's here, and I wish everyone a great new year to come, and that whatever happened to you this year turns into some great things next year.

And yeah, here's where I insert a totally fannish thing that will never be seen by the intended recipient and wish one Mr. Sambora a much-fucking-better next year than the two shitty ones he's just had. Because, dude, you really need/deserve a good one that just plain rocks your socks off.

...And that goes for all the rest of you, too. Have a new year that rocks your socks off. :)


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