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Because this shit is seriously making me consider being something a lot more scary than 'OMG! BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!'

(If you're confused as to what set me off, it's the icon the OP is using on her post and offering to others to steal. It's the straw to my camels back).

Bunch of xenophophic bastards. Yes, someone other than a middle-aged-and- getting-older, uber rich, uber conservative, stuck all up in the business sector, 'God Fearing' white guy is going to be the leader for the next four years. That's no reason to think we're all going to drop dead tomorrow from all the 'horrific' scenarios you all keep coming up with. And if we do go down, I've got news for you, buddy, it's been in the works to happen for years.

So fucking get over it!

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reposted from [ profile] rikibeth, because I think it's quite painfully true.--cluegirl.


How Racism Works )
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Now, onto something more serious.

If I hear one more instance of 'OMG! if Obama is elected, the country will go to hell, and Whitey will pay the price!" opinion, I--yes, little miss Scottish-Irish, so white I could reflect the sunlight as easily as the moon does, me--will start going after white folks my own self and doing something drastic.


PS: Put that 'But I'm not racist!' money where your mouth is and start learning to SHARE.



Okay. Done now. Go back to your fun and happy stuff. Yay, America! :)
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I dunno who needs to be stared at more, here... )
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I...just have no words here.

WTF? )

First of all, from the way it sounds, someone really had to dig for that particular law, with as rarely as it's used.

Second, sorry, Mr. Edmonds, but I'm not buying it isn't about racism when these words come from your very lips to justify things:

"Race has nothing to do with it other than this was a gang of black people who thought they were going to beat up this white family."

Not racist at all, huh?

I'm sorry for the son, that was awful and yes the guy should be brought up on charges for that, but the murder thing? No.

Uh huh....

Nov. 1st, 2007 01:46 pm
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Not even going to bother with the link; got it from Verizon news, which uses Associated Press.

He wants to do whatever it takes to make it right... )

...How about getting it through your thick fucking skull that's it's never okay to use that word, or any word like it, for any reason, dumbshit?

...Why in fuck's sake is that concept so hard for so many celebrities (and other idiots) to understand?
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Linked to the post with permission from the OP. It's a good essay, and even if you're prone to just blowing the subject off, you might want to check it out anyway. Gives a lot of food for thought.

A 'guide' for whitefolk on curing racism, or at least giving it a good kick in the ass.

PS--I'm sure I don't really have to tell you guys this, but be polite if you decide to say something, even if you disagree, 'kay? Thanks.


Aug. 1st, 2007 07:44 am
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Racism is a big deal )
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Okay, here's the thing.

If someone says Hey, this hurts people and promotes racism, and maybe you ought to rethink it",

Then perhaps it's a clue that maybe you should listen, rather than be a willfully blind jackass about it.

Yes, the word just might mean something else to you and others who share your lack of experience with this word as a weapon. But for something as serious as racism?

Maybe you ought to consider that the people who will suffer from it and have suffered from it just might have a point, okay?

The only way to stop it is to be an active and willing participant of stopping it.

Cluebat over. Think about it, all right?
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Go here

Sign, send, pass it on.

Found out myself through debunkingwhite...have at, guys.
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I'm reading: --the articles on the sidebar as well as the page the link goes to.

No comment at the moment other than yes, I'm resisting the idea of using 'white' vs. 'black' or 'minority' to describe the problem, which is honestly being shot down by the site itself.

But I am reading.

I think it's good for everyone to read, no matter where they fall.


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