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PvP toons--do/would you give yours a 'real' name or a 'nick name' (Tracy vs. Cowlover, as a *bad* example)?

Would you go strictly PvE realm, or RPG/PvP?

What class would you try first? What side?
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Hey, sweetie? If one of the mods is telling you, including by quoting directly from lore (which you refuted by quoting it back and trying to tell her that's not what it meant), that a certain character type is not recommended for play, because they'd be an unstoppable danger to both themselves and others (that is also likely to be killed on sight as soon as they're found out, no matter what 'side' the findee happens to be on, or how 'nice' the character is when she isn't suffering from murderous, mindless bloodlust)?

Then that means you should probably drop the matter and find a different character concept to play.

(Why in hell do players insist that just because it's in the lore section of the world, that it's ok to play? Especially when it's something like vampires, demons and werewolves that are most definitely not going to follow the 'sympathetic monster/actually a really good person' type in that particular setting/story?)
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1) We already covered this, but, Mods that pick one or two 'partners' to thread with to the exclusion of all least when they were responding to others until the SO shows up, and then said mod is threading only with SO...and threading smut. (Disclaimer: I'm not much for smut/slash/whatever posting myself even though I have done it in the past, but it's okay if that's what floats other peoples' boats. Unless, of course, that's all you're doing in a group setting RPG (especially one with underage players). Then I tend to get a little twitchy.)

2) Applying to a game where the world 'canon'--whether taken from other media, or a product of the mod(s) imagination--is well defined, and the players are expected to conform to that canon...and yet the mod team itself rarely shows up in the character approval thread to look at the pending sheets. Yeah, it's great other players, which may or may not have a solid grip on the world, respond and voice opinions and suggestions, but when I'm trying to mold a new character to fit the canon world, it would be nice to have at least acknowledgement from someone helping to run said world. I'd rather get the bugs out before I post to a thread and then get in trouble for using something 'not in canon', thanks.

3) Seeing that I'm not the only one with pending questions that are not getting answered, and yet the mods are off playing on an RPG thread for several hours. Yes, having modded games myself, I know how badly you'd like to play yourselves. Yes, it's a drag if there's several pending questions that are likely to take up a good chunk of your online time if you bother to answer. But...guess what? You run the place--that means you're responsible for making sure that not only do things get smoothed out when something goes badly wrong, but also that your players don't take your silence as an implicit 'okay' to do whatever they've posted. And, quite frankly, if they do sneak things past you later that are world breaking, I'm sorry, but if you weren't there to nip it in the bud in the first place, then whose fault is it, really? It sucks, but as a mod, running the place comes first...and then you can go RP yourself. Kinda like real life. Chores first, play second. Place tends not to implode that way. If you don't want to invest that much time? Either don't allow RP from others, or accept the fact that your world is not going to be as 'neat', 'clean', 'pretty' and as much your brainchild as you would like. You opened the gate and let the raiders in; it's your own fault if you don't like it when they eat all your rations and sleep with your women because you can't/won't stop them yourselves.

Anyway, still patiently waiting, but really...five days is long enough without even so much as a 'looks interesting/needs work, I'll get back to you as soon as I can'. At least to my mind. :P
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But this video amuses me a lot. Have to say I like the graphics...:)

There be dancing down here )
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Geek alert!

Made four icons of my various characters from The Elder Scrolls and WoW. Not very creative, but I thought I'd share. :)

Enjoy! )
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Actually, anyone with an opinion may voice it.

This would have to do with inspecting a new game for possible purchase. Feel free to expand in comments.

Thanks in advance, guys. :)

Under here )
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At least when I have friends to play with.

Had my first WoW session tonight with Ken.

Loved it muchly even though I get my fingers and my aim confused. But at least the game won;t let me shoot my friends. Or the quest givers.

Anyhow, yes, I like it. :)
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Where's the post office? I can't get the mail open just anywhere in the world, so I'm assuming I have to find the ingame mailbox?

Willowthorne is right outside the city, under the lamp on the right side when you look at the front gates (or she was when I signed out). I was trying to get the gifts open and assigned at any rate (Haven't done anything else, including talk to first the quest master yet. Was trying to save a little time for Sunday.)


Okay, found the mailbox, did not have money to send thank you's back. Ken, if they were both yours, thank you. if not, to whoever Darenai(sp?) is, much thanks and when I get some gold, I'll pay you for the pack you gave me. ^^;

Also, I returned to Aldressil afterward, and am parked back where I was before when I asked the question.
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Note the first: I managed to make more than ten characters and be able to register them all (Some with the same name, even). It's either a perk of being on a trial membership, or else it's ten per realm, and you can use the same name if someone else in that particular realm hasn't already taken it. Mind you, I have no plans on playing every single one of them (some I'll try out and then delete once I take a look at how they work out and/or in cases with ones made for a specicif server, I'll delete the one(s) that don't get use when I play with you guys).

Second note: I've made characters for each of my invites. :) Geekie, let me know if you would like me to make one for you; I know you and hubby were getting bored, and I'd be willing to start a new group on a server of your choice with you two if you wanted. :)

Anyhow, under here (ETA: BTW) Are the characters I have set up )
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Stupid realization, but I had it.

This stuff that I've been kicking around as a solo project in my head in the past? The one where I keep messing around with the world, the origin of the characters, and so forth, but rarely get very far into the story itself? I finally figured out why I keep setting it aside.

I was telling myself I was world/plot building for the book. My brain knew better.

I'm trying to set up a gaming world. I'm just too dense to realize it. :P

Right, then.

Now that I know what I'm actually trying to build, here...(and yeah, actual stories may come later, but I just realized that how I'm going about developing the world and what my brain is actually focused on makes for a better structure for building an RPG world with, rather than, say, a series of books, which is what it was supposed to be originally).

Way to trip myself out, there.

...and what the hell am I going to do with an RPG world?

WoW stuff

Aug. 22nd, 2008 12:14 am
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My account is set up now.

I have not made any characters yet, although I *have* located most of the suggested servers from the other posts.

So, anyway.

I have four characters in mind that I'd like to try (ambitious? Me? Maybe)

So if anyone has a need/want for a buddie of the following, speak up, and I'll create the character in your hub.

Human Paladin
Night Elf Druid

Tauren Shaman
Blood Elf Hunter

First come, first choice. :) (Like you all will fight over a n00b. ;) )

And, yes, Ken? The Circle? RPG, so I would like it muchly. :)

Anyhow, lemme know.
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A box of shinies. I get paid tomorrow, and there was still cash with a cush in the bank account. More than enough to get me through a single day, at any rate.

There will be reading. And hoping my two-year-old laptop has good enough hardware. :P

Yes, I do think $15 a month, when I'd be spending that hanging out with friends anyway, and more than once a month, worth it. And actually, it's less than I'd be spending if I were table-topping and buying a quide book a month, or LARPing.

It's better than meeting drunk guys in bars. Or troglodytes in gaming stores. XD.


I will be reading for a few days. And then likely just learning how to walk. Because I suck with the buttons, and don't want to kill anyone with my inability to keep my fingers straight. Although if anyone is brave enough to risk walking and fighting with the fingerly challanged n00b...well, let me know.
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[Poll #1243842]
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I've never read the book, but...

I don't think I'll ever be able to see how a certain someone got her version of Yvaine out of what I saw in the movie.


Just...dude. And that's the movie. WTF?
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I am states away from any of my table-top buddies.

And I still want to buy both the new D&D system and the new WoD set.

I have no use for them!

Gaming geeks never die--they just get buried under game books, never to be seen again. XD
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It gives me bizarre ideas (which I'm sure someone has already thought of), such as, if I played City of Heroes, of making a superheroine that could summon animals by singing, and knocking people over with a ssickly sweet smile.

Naivette would be one of her weaknesses, of course.
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Gary Gygax is supposedly dead.


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[Poll #1134722]
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Still looks like fun:

Gather all your RP journals, list the characters and any AU versions you RP. Open the doors to the public side so even lurkers can ask the muses questions. Respond with that RP account or if you don't have accounts just to the question given.

Here are mine )
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So here's my short note.

We've (as in LJ) been sold to Russia (as in the company known as SUP). Such info can be found at lj_news, lj_biz, and lj_2008


Who knows? Although I've heard some scary shit so far about the new company's way of dealing with things.

So. Just in case belonging to Russia now just doesn't sit well:

My IJ Journals are:

Same as they are here, actually.

silverthorne= RL journal, like this one.
carpentersbride= creative journal. Look at the pretty colors, dudes.

derek_bliss= you know I can't abandon him.
that_surfer_guy= or the 'mini' version, either.

adanceofsouls= Final Fantasy OC. Just getting set up there and here.


one_wild_night= Bon Jovi stuff. Which has nothing on it at the moment


blood_and_bone= um...a comm. For horror. And Stuff. Likewise kinda inactive because...well...yeah. Not enough people there yet to get the ball rolling.

Anyhow, there you go. Make notes, friend me if you go that way, and I will friend back.

And now I'm going to try going back to bed.


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