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It's been a few years since I actually paid attention to my weight, what I'm eating, etc.

It definitely shows; all the work I did is undone and worse than before. I could make all sorts of excuses, lay blame, claim things like depression (just like I could with a lot of things that have happened the past few years). One thing I can't do is blame it on my ex. She's been dead and gone for over a year now; the only influence she could possibly have on me is anything I want to dig up on my own at this point.

...That's one good realization, anyway. It's all on me this time; so that means it's all on me to fix it. No outside excuses.

Anyway, point I'm getting to is that my workmates and I are having a friendly weight loss competition starting Monday and ending the last month of August, which I'm going to use to try and springboard myself back into the lifestyle I'd taught myself and then put aside. Not going to make any grand promises or swear 'this time, it'll stick!'--because the proof is in the ticker below about how well I 'stuck' to that promise last time. This time, it's a one day at a time sort of thing.

Wish me luck?

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