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I had a lot of fun running with Tardmuffin the other night, and I am very grateful for his help/company.

That rocked. Seriously. I actually wound up helping a level 15 hunter/paladin pug pair take down the twins afterward, BTW. Several times, because they were apparently collecting spinal dust and hearts and Luz kept sneaking up on them (I was, too, just do see what you got if you did it more than once). Anyway, after about the fifth time of smacking Luz flat, we went after Knuckleheadrot. The first time, they didn't even react to him until after he'd practically landed on them (we weren't grouped at that point, I was just, nominally, 'tracking' for them. NO idea why they didn't tear into him as soon as they saw him), so I took first shot at him with Hunter's Mark (just the Mark, but still...), which of course meant they didn't get the credit for it, so the second time we grouped and it went fine.

Anyhow, the question.

One of my (many) problems with grouping is getting my mouse clicks to actually freaking register when I aim at something to shoot it. Some of those delays when I didn't seem to be keeping up or reacting? It's because I couldn't get a lock on the stupid mob and had to click five, six, seven freaking times. Part of it's lag. Part of it's getting the pointer to lock on the mob instead of party members when everyone is crowded in on the action. And it's frustrating the hell out of me.

So, how should I adjust my camera angle to help combat this? (Keep in mind that I have to keep a careful balance between being able to see everything and not overloading my laptop with too much info--IE moving mobs and players--if I back out too far).
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I'm pretty sure I got this from one of you guys, but I just went and re-read some of it, and it had me laughing, so here you go:

The Plot of Resident Evil 4. In Pictures.

Enjoy! I'm going to bed now.
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I've probably posted this before. Honestly, though, I'm just in the mood for the song (and the 'Freebird' cut at the end doesn't hurt, either).

Guild Wars, not WoW

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But this video amuses me a lot. Have to say I like the graphics...:)

There be dancing down here )
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1) Sleep in until 10 every morning.
2) Maybe give the apartment a really good clean down
3) Art
4) WoW if there are any takers
5) Restaurant?
6) Game works
7) Swimming
8) Be a blob.
9) Possibly stay up late every night. Provided my body doesn't shut down on its own.

Short version:

I'm going to pretend I'm a writer/artist that gets paid to be such things for five days. :)
(Actually, it;s paid time I will be getting paid. Imagine that! Lol).

Anyway, next five days would be a good time to snag me for short term stuff anyway.

WoW stuff

Aug. 22nd, 2008 12:14 am
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My account is set up now.

I have not made any characters yet, although I *have* located most of the suggested servers from the other posts.

So, anyway.

I have four characters in mind that I'd like to try (ambitious? Me? Maybe)

So if anyone has a need/want for a buddie of the following, speak up, and I'll create the character in your hub.

Human Paladin
Night Elf Druid

Tauren Shaman
Blood Elf Hunter

First come, first choice. :) (Like you all will fight over a n00b. ;) )

And, yes, Ken? The Circle? RPG, so I would like it muchly. :)

Anyhow, lemme know.
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A box of shinies. I get paid tomorrow, and there was still cash with a cush in the bank account. More than enough to get me through a single day, at any rate.

There will be reading. And hoping my two-year-old laptop has good enough hardware. :P

Yes, I do think $15 a month, when I'd be spending that hanging out with friends anyway, and more than once a month, worth it. And actually, it's less than I'd be spending if I were table-topping and buying a quide book a month, or LARPing.

It's better than meeting drunk guys in bars. Or troglodytes in gaming stores. XD.


I will be reading for a few days. And then likely just learning how to walk. Because I suck with the buttons, and don't want to kill anyone with my inability to keep my fingers straight. Although if anyone is brave enough to risk walking and fighting with the fingerly challanged n00b...well, let me know.
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[Poll #1243842]


Jun. 20th, 2008 08:35 pm
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FF13 Trailer

ETA: Secondary Video--fan made. Good music. More cutscenes. Lots of guns.


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I just had a Geek-gasm watching a trailer for FF13.

You all who care have probably already seen this, but I just found it tonight.

The CGI and the battle screens are fucking seamless!

If the game itself is even half as good as the graphics, I'm going to be GLUED to my PS3 when it becomes available.

OMG. The US release date cannot come soon enough.
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[Poll #1160094]

...I found the opening sequence cheesy but cute. ^^

also, foo on no keyboard. That one I could've done without months of embrassment while I learned. :)
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Not because I can drive the chosen vehicle any better than I could on any other game. In fact, my driving would make any good motorist and car lover curl up into a psychotic ball on the couch and maybe watch through their fingers.

But people who love watching crashes, spinouts, and other vehicular mishaps would be vastly entertained.

But here's why I do like it.

1) Hmmnnnn. Muscle cars
2) Nice map
3) BIG city, designed much like the open worlds in games like Oblivion and related games.
4) No penalties if you go spinning off on your own
5) Cool crash CGIs (minus blood and bodies)
6) LOVE the soundtrack

As for things like controls and stuff; considering how crappy I am at this kind of game anyway, it seems fine to me.

Game? PS3's 'Burnout Paradise'. :)

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A red-headed celt dressed in sandals, bodice, blouse, and 'fisherman's' trousers, weilding a black, red-glowing sword almost as long as she is, dashing madly through foothill, dale, wildflowers and underbrush, chasing after a fleeing white tail deer...

...and almost catching up with it well enough to smack it with the sword. (She tripped and missed when I hit the 'swing' button).

All that's really missing from this scenario is some sort of fierce battlecry.

God, I love Oblivion. *g*

ETA: Heh. Forgoing the whole sword thing and just punching them when they get in range works MUCH better.

Dear lord, I'm playing Cu Chulainn with tits! *eg*


May. 26th, 2006 06:46 am
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Three day weekend.

Will be either good or bad. I'm pushing for good.

Anyhow, notes on (sort of) playing RE4:

Yadda yadda yadda. Maybe sort of spoilers but not really )
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Just bought Rpg Maker 3 For the PS2 today.

If it's anything like Simcity...even remotely...I'm going to get my brain sucked in...

And I still need to finish FFX-2...

And...and...replay the whole series...and Of Video Games I Never Finished!


So like, any body know where I can find fourty-eight hour days? ^^;
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Irony at its Gamiest... )


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