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Yep, we were in the path. Yes, the sirens went off (right about the time the news guy was saying 'this storm and possible tornado will be in the Carrollton area in ten to fifteen minutes).

I'm very proud of Foot and Ula. I was able to herd them out into the living room ahead of time and then grab them both easily, and even though Foot panicked a little when she realized I was going to lock everyone in the bathroom, she didn't hiss, growl, mew, scratch, or bite. She did go hide under the bed for about twenty minutes after I let them out, but she's okay now. I think giving them treats right after I let them out helped.

Only lost power for a grand total of five minutes (three short black outs). All in all, very, very lucky, and just fine. There are several areas that got really torn up, and some of them are still without power, so...(although there's no news of anyone badly hurt or dead yet, so that's a good thing).

Folks to the east that might get it next, be careful, be safe. *hugs* I'll hope it goes past you just as fast and with minimal damage.

And now, I go to bed.

And third!

Jun. 10th, 2009 05:59 pm
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WHOO! Tornado funnels spotted to the west, wheee!!!!


I love Texas.

Hang in there, guys to the west.


Feb. 10th, 2009 09:48 pm
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No tornado (we were under warning for the last twenty minutes), although we still have strong winds and a watch until midnight. Nothing here got smushed here, although there were a few scary seconds. I grabbed Foot, coaxed Ula to follow, and wound up huddled in the bathroom for ten minutes when the core of the storm hit. Fortunately, Foot didn't try to get out of my arms (she doesn't like being carried) and although I did have to 'nudge' Ula past the door frame, she came, for the most part, under her own power. And both of them stayed huddled by me until the wind part of the storm passed, purring and letting me pet them.

Also, my slow baked chicken and potato tomorrow's lunch smell and look tasty (they're cooling now so I can pack them in the fridge). I'm trying to decide if I want turnip greens or spinach to go with it. cats are very good girls.
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I hate you. Tell your fairies that encasing my car in a solid shell of ice is not funny. Not to mention my coffee wound up being cold, even though it was in a thermos.

Also: Eat Me. :P

Dear Texas Drivers:

I'm really beginning to wish that we had cliffside roads out here like we do in the Mountains north of Tucson; it would help weed out the stupid and thereby give me less cause for seriously considering having a stroke or five while sharing the road with you.

Dear Car:

I love you for starting this morning, even if it did take 30 minutes for your poor little hard working defroster to work.

Dear Gentle Reader:

Crunchy Grass is your friend.

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Pictures here for someone on Indy's list. )

I get it

Sep. 12th, 2008 05:12 pm
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40% of the Galvestan population is about to get smushed, drowned and possibly put through Mother Nature's Cuisinart.

Yes, perhaps at least the ones who could leave were a bit foolish (and I'm sure some of that 40% couldn't leave), but at this point, getting mad at them for staying is a bit stupid of you ('you' being a general term in this post).

They can't get across the bridge to the mainland at this point, you see. It's no longer 'stupidity'; it really is a lack of options.

So those of you still going 'OMGWTF, get off the island, you dumb shits!'?

Just shut up. And start praying, or whatever you do to hope people come out of this kind of situation okay.

I may think the ones who stayed were a bit foolish, but quite honestly? Now is not the time to be getting all self-righteous about it. Now is the time to start hoping those people don't fucking die, and die horribly.


May. 6th, 2008 08:17 am
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It is pitch black outside.

This is going to be a hell of a storm.
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Hey, You Guys? Yeah, You. You know--Up There?

That grapefruit-sized hail to the west and coming this way?

Do not want.

Not too thrilled with the idea of a tornado, either.

Stopping now would be nice.

Thank you.
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It went something like this. )
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We're 'scheduled' for thunderstorms today, and there are indeed nice, thick clouds rolling in with the warm south winds.

I have no idea how Foot deals with storms, but if she's afraid of them, I'm going to have even more of what will likely be an interesting time when I go home and get ready to take her to the vet. Since, you know, I don't know how she deals with cat carriers or cars, either. XD

ETA: Oh yeah, she's already figured out that the alarm clock means I'm supposed to get up--because when it went off and I kept trying to doze, she got up on the bed and started talking at me. Loudly. Until I got up.

'My' cat is a trip.

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Mostly cloudy, but with splashes of sun. Slightly breezy. 66 degrees. Window open. People out, but not excessively noisy. 'Most Evil' on the TV, while I feel relaxed enough to sketch a little and work on compiling info for the FF game.

Already had my two hours on the elliptical, may go for a little more later.

I'm at peace, happy, and enjoying the day.

I regret losing out on ten years of this, but ever so grateful I have it now.


...I need to get a porch hammock. Or one of those sling-chair hammocks.


Mar. 6th, 2008 05:49 pm
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1) Dude. Snow. Thank god I drove home with the smart people who knew to go slow. :)

2) Two doc appointments tomorrow. 8:30 for an update on the right eye (which is still slowly improving), and then onward to the dentist at 10:15 for the removal of the remains of my wisdom teeth and one unfortunate regular molar.

3) I have the day off tomorrow

4) But I'll be so stoned from the IV drugs at the dentist that I'll probably be sleeping. A lot.

5) If I do manage to figure out how to work the laptop in such a state, don't be surprised that, if I likewise manage to access the AIM, I'll probably not make a whole lot of sense, and my typing will be worse than usual. I apologise in advance for any mind-bending horrors this visits on any of you brave enough to talk to me.

6) Snow. (and steak) :)
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Whoo-hoo, it's Texan Pretand-a-Snow!

Should be fun getting home. XD.

Thank god it's only a few blocks/two-three miles away


Mar. 3rd, 2008 09:28 pm
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The snow is sticking!!!

Mind you, it'll probably be a slushy, ugly mess by morning, and I, little Ms. Desert Rat When She Was Learning To Drive, will have to drive to work in it, but right now, it is absolutely awesomely gorgeous. :)


Mar. 3rd, 2008 07:45 pm
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It's snowing outside! REAL SNOW (not the usual icy 'maybe it's really rain pretending to be snow' shit).

O.o !

This is turning out to be one cool day, being awake since way too early not-withstanding. :)

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Tornado warnings until 2am.

Thunder but not a lot of rain.

Hellacious wind gusts, and a cold front bearing down on us from the north west (it's 70 degrees out right now--the temp on the other side of the front is in the 30's).

Fun times. At least I'll be sure to hear the air sirens, since they're only 500 yards away at the traffic light XD. (Now watch me do my usual trick of incorporating the noise into whatever dream I'm having at the time and never wake up if they happen to go off).

Good night, folks!

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Yep, first watch of the year.


Jan. 25th, 2008 07:18 am
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So all the weather dudes last night were like 'It's A Gonna FREEZE!!! Call the national guard! Call the CIA! Call the Pope!' (IE: It's going to freeze over-night, and since it's raining, that means We Will Have Ice, OMG!).

So, of course, it's a nice, balmy 38 degrees. NO ice. Plenty of rain though.

At least I got to wear my poor, lonely denin winter jacket (Suede jackets just don't do well in the wet, you know?). Poor thing's been ignored this season so far (and it fits much better now that I'm not trying to stuff a 3X frame into a large-sized jacket XD).


Jan. 19th, 2008 10:34 am
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10:30 AM

Bright and Sunny.

28 degrees fahrenheit.

What's wrong with this picture?

One thing's for sure: I'm not washing my hair OR going outside right now.
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Where the weather is as crazy as the people.

No, seriously. As they say down here--Don't like it? Wait fifteen minutes; it'll change.

There's just something messed up about needing to wear your super-thick winter coat one day, and then nothing but your work clothes the next day, And then getting ready to drop back down to winter coat weather the day after that. Especially when it doesn't involve, oh, say, severely changing your altitude.

There's gonna be a lot of sick people come the weekend. *Braces self for supply insanity at work*.

Those of you to the north--hope you are all well, safe, and where the electric is still running. *Hugs* Stay warm.


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