Jul. 14th, 2011 12:58 am
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Can't sleep, and not really up for RP, even though I owe a ton of tags.

Am pondering a few things though.

First of all, anyone know where I would be able to play [ profile] soulboundhunter? I'm good with most genres, and I can probably adjust her into a total OC if people don't mind me using blood elf icons for generic hunting elf #101. Just seems a waste to have the journal and icons and nowhere to put her. Current game doesn't allow for canon OCs and I don't want to get side-eyed for the icons (or have to change them, either. I like them) if I tried to use them for an OC of my own making.

And semi-related and having to do with world building in that I have a story. It has elves. It even has the arch typical forest elves and ice elves and even sea elves (My Elfquest and D&D roots are showing). But here's the thing--first, they're more like offshoots of the same race (that they share with the humans, bast-types, dragon, etc) rather than their own complete species.

And I'd rather refer to them as Sidhe/Shidhe (although they'd be missing a lot of the seelie/unseelie influences, so I'm not sure if that's appropriate). So I'm kinda waffling between usual fantasy convention (they're elves, dammit, just call them elves) and using my preferred term ('you didn't read the mythos did you?') or just saying screw it, calling them by something else entirely, and then have my audience going 'but they have pointy ears, do nature, and look like Tolkien elves. SO CALL THEM ELVES, SNOWFLAKE!'

Er yeah. Advice?

And...who else plays RIFT, and what's you fav class combo?

And if I manage to fall asleep before anyone answers...sorry.
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I'm going through my annual madness of thinking about posting scraps and shorts in the journal. Whether or not I actually do is still up for debate. If I did though, what would you guys be interested in seeing?

Also; plurk. Who has it, and is it worth it?

*waits for crickets*


Oct. 2nd, 2010 07:50 am
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*Obligatory 'I'm not dead yet' goes here*

So yes, I'll do it again this year. I didn't quite manage to finish the novel I did last year, but then, I derped around for half of the month, too. So, with a definitive 'yes' set long before the start date, maybe this year I'll actually finish. (or at least meet the word count requirement. >.>)

This year, I'm considering three possibilities:

1) A total revamp of the novel ideas from last year. I've spent most of this past year looking at the original and finally deleted the whole thing; it was a good experience, but not bookshelf worthy. It also had a few good ideas, but I think I actually wrote better crap in high school...which is kinda scary if you think about it. I learned a lot from the experience, though.

2) Something that already has a working title: "Jamjar City". Uh yeah...anyone I RP with MIGHT be able to guess at the content. *cough* I actually want to do my own jamjar rp (On the horror side of things) and this might be a good way to figure out the setting, what happened before players got there, and so forth. Again, might not be bookshelf worthy when I'm done with it, but I'll still learn from it, and IF I ever get my lazy self going, it would definitely help with the game.

3) Working on 'my' part of a novel idea Ruthy and I had started a while back, but we both pretty much dropped. Again, working with the (maybe overly) familiar here, but since I suspect I'm going at this thing from a 'I'd like to finish it this time' mindset, that might be best. Once I have a semi-coherent, full story down, it might help with the rest.

So, that's that.

BTW, does anyone know how good Ol' Jon is doing after tearing his leg up? I kinda lost track of that (I'm assuming he's fine since the tour date announcements keep showing up in my inbox, but I still wonder...because I'm like that).

Oh yeah...THINK ME GOOD LUCK THOUGHTS. I bought a lotto ticket. Winning would be awesome. >.>
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My characters are finally telling me who the hell they are, and how they all relate in this crazy mess...including the antagonists (Usually, my antagonists are pretty flat and stuff, if they had anything to them at all...or they were when I was younger, anyway), so my little 'guidebook' of what's what is finally getting some entries in it. Yay. :)

I've also already determined that everything I wrote so far is going to end up getting trashed, and the next draft salvaged from the bones. Yummy. :D Now I just have to decide if I should just stop first drafting right now, or continue with the new changes in mind and probably have to re-reedit shit on draft two.

Nothing further on the art yet; I took a guidebook/glut myself on anime break tonight. Maybe tommorrow night I'll have up the baseline coloring. As of now, though, if I'm smart, I'll go to bed, because 5am is going to get here way too fast as it is. :P

Also: I have a damn FMA OC running around in my head doing awful things to reality. Not fair, gonna havta kill her now...
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I hate being a girl.

Also, for those of you that did NaNo...did you pull names out of your asses for the characters and/or place names? If you did, did you change or keep them once NaNo was over and you were writing/editing to make the story something worthy of the sight of others? Inquiring minds and all that (yes, I'm still working on it, although with as distracting as being around my family is, I haven't gotten far....but I'll still have 5 days more of vacation once I get home...).
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1) Sleep in until 10 every morning.
2) Maybe give the apartment a really good clean down
3) Art
4) WoW if there are any takers
5) Restaurant?
6) Game works
7) Swimming
8) Be a blob.
9) Possibly stay up late every night. Provided my body doesn't shut down on its own.

Short version:

I'm going to pretend I'm a writer/artist that gets paid to be such things for five days. :)
(Actually, it;s paid time I will be getting paid. Imagine that! Lol).

Anyway, next five days would be a good time to snag me for short term stuff anyway.
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Stupid realization, but I had it.

This stuff that I've been kicking around as a solo project in my head in the past? The one where I keep messing around with the world, the origin of the characters, and so forth, but rarely get very far into the story itself? I finally figured out why I keep setting it aside.

I was telling myself I was world/plot building for the book. My brain knew better.

I'm trying to set up a gaming world. I'm just too dense to realize it. :P

Right, then.

Now that I know what I'm actually trying to build, here...(and yeah, actual stories may come later, but I just realized that how I'm going about developing the world and what my brain is actually focused on makes for a better structure for building an RPG world with, rather than, say, a series of books, which is what it was supposed to be originally).

Way to trip myself out, there.

...and what the hell am I going to do with an RPG world?


Jul. 9th, 2008 02:41 pm
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If you're designing a world that holds elements/constellations linked to those elements in high importance, and you set it up, and you notice that all the 'male' elements end up being represented by, essentially, animals, and the 'female' elements by anthromorphized animals (meaning they are both human and animal in physical traits), would you be concerned? Mind you, the division wasn't intentional--that's just how it worked out.

And, assuming it ever made it to popular print, how long do you think before the cries of 'reverse-misogamy!' started up in reviews and discussion boards?

And would you change anything knowing that's a possibility?
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Although it's been kinda 'dead' for a while, now that I've finally settled in and the stirrings of creativity are starting up once more (I actually sketched a little when dad was here), my private 'working' site, [ profile] carpentersbride is going to be deleted here and moved exclusively to IJ under the same name. Rumors are starting up again that deletions are happening without warning, and at the moment without a definitive pattern, and even if it isn't true, I think moving what I can is in order, especially in regards to original works.

Anyone on the flist who might be interested in seeing anything that eventually goes up over there is welcome to drop a line on the open post I'll be setting up there (Stuff is still going to be flist-locked since it's original work), and I will add as I see you and recognize you.
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I've found a use for the post-it note function in my outlook program.

I now have about twenty idea notes for one of the several story ideas in my head.

It even has different color 'notes', and different ways to set up the screen where you can call the notes up.

And all without covering my home desk (or other surfaces for that matter) with little colored squares of (easy to lose) paper.

Which means less fuss, less stuff to travel with me in the bag, and easy organization. Next step is to see if I can access them with the word processor program so that I don't have to open my email when the laptop isn't connected to the net (Because those error messages when it tries to download new email from a connection that isn't there is downright annoying, thank you).

But, most important; I Gots Notes! Down In A Spot! Where I Can And Will Get To Them Easily.

Which means I will work more on that type of stuff rather than just drooling and staring at the pretty screen in between RP slumps. Now if only I could get re-attached to my art programs the same way, I'll really be rolling. ^^

By the way; does anyone else notice any 'comfort quirks' about their work? I mean like needing to sit in a certain chair, or using only certain supplies, or being comfortable enough to concentrate in specific ways before you can work?
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On a planet with a ring, how often and how severe would 'meteorite' storms be? For that matter, assuming the planet was Earth-like (is that possible if there's a ring?), how would the rings gravity affect weather, air current, and so forth? Would there be an area that was unlivable because of too many 'hits' from ring debris? What would the trajectory be for such debris? Would it be a constant worry for the inhabitants of the planet? Or a seasonal or even centurial/millennial event? How would it affect society, religion, simple day to day life? How close or far does the inner edge of the ring have to be to the planet to make it workable?

Space flight Considering the space shuttle and the huge amount of heat and 'flame' take off produces, what would the damage arc for a very large, very powerful space faring cruiser be? Would the damage arc e minimal? Or would the heat and flame extend so far out from the platform that even the 'distant' stands that grace the space shuttle pads be too close?

How big of a hole can you make in the atmosphere with a space craft before the damage is not repairable once the craft has left (because leaving the atmosphere does, indeed, create a temporary hole)?

other brain-wasting questions...:D

If several races all stemmed from genetic as well as magical manipulation of the human race, would those new races still be considered human, or 'new' species of their own, especially if they all ended up with non-human traits that consistently bred true in the off-spring? How far can you go from the human genotype and still call them human? And how far, if they share the same base, can the differences be taken before intermingling on a genetic level is no longer possible?

Can horns be used as a cooling mechanism for a desert dwelling creature?

How likely is it that a horse like creature would develop in a forest?

If you're writing a fanatasy novel, but want to use scientific basis for some of your ideas, how far should it be pushed in either direction to make it believable, and yet not staggering under either 'weird' science that will ruin the 'educated' sound of the ideas, and yet not be so bound up in science that the 'fantasy' and 'magical' feel is lost totally in the 'hard facts'?

How many people have used the idea of "Ice Elves"? Or ice ships as transport and home, for that matter?
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Owie.... )
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Okay, this can come from either a writers perspective, or a readers, or both. And I would dearly love imput on this, so...

In your you find you like a story where the inital conflict that sets the events of the main plot in motion are written about first, or do you prefer to start with the main plot and have the situations that led to it mentioned during the course of the story?

I'm having a little bit of trouble trying to decide where to start a story...I know the situation that sets everything in motion, how it happens, even bit of dialogue...however...

Although it would give shape to both the world and some of the characters, I'm afraid that it might detract by taking too long for the set up, especially since it is an event that happens several years before the main story. I would like the reader to know where they are and what's going on, but am also afraid of overwhelming them with information from the

What do all of you think? Any preferences? Any fantasy stories (other than HP and LOTR) that stick out as great as far as beginnings and presentation of present/past events? Any help would be appreciated...


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