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Or is there something wrong with a manager that will bitch you out for emailing, politely, to ask when the best time to ask for time off would be?

Background; I haven't had an official vacation since the last time I went to Tucson(almost two years now). Right after that, we were dealing with being with one company to be sold to another and also being short on people. I didn't even bother to start asking for time off (nearly 10 months) until last July, when we started hiring folks again, and then every time I asked, something came up where they needed me there and I was turned down, including once where the manager 'forgot' to check with the higher ups until near the end of the week when I asked if she'd heard anything, and once where they said, sure go ahead, and two days later were 'sorry, no can do'.

Then we got help, but other things came up. I did manage two days early in the year--after the boss told me directly 'take two days off in the next month', but other than that, yeah, other folks have been taking time off (including her), projects going on, training my partner, so on and so forth.

So, yeah, maybe I'm just an idiot, but it seemed like it would be a smart AND polite thing to do, to ask not just her but the other two supervisors (who had also been part of the 'we're sorry, but not right now' train) so that they could get together and make sure I wasn't about to mess timing up on something. Since, you know, my timing apparently sucks AND I'm apparently inconsiderate and selfish (yes, that was what I was told the last time I asked last year).

Her reaction to the email?

'It was rude'. She intercommed me JUST to yell at me and tell me how rude that was.

She has no idea how close she came today to not having her receiver any more.

I'm still debating calling in sick for the rest of the week for personal reasons.

Yes, I know that's a dumb move, especially in this job market. But this is just a sample of her recent jack assery. And the old "I need the job, I need the pay, the higher ups are probably leaning on her too"...?

Not working anymore.

I need time away or I WILL walk out on her (and possibly punch her in the face if she even thinks about trying to lose her temper and start yelling about it. I'm that fed up with it). And no, going the next step up won't help, or the step after that, because whenever she's called on the carpet, she fucking freaks out. And since she's still here? I'd take that as an indication they're perfectly happy to let her carry on that way.


Going to go cuddle kitties and/or kill things.
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This is a slight chronology of how Lucy has been doing, from the time I rescued her from Animal Control until last Friday.

I'm going to put them under a cut because...yeah. They might be hard for some of the cat lovers on my flist to see. Don't look if you think seeing an overly skinny cat will get you upset.

Hoprefully, she looks better in each pic; living with her, I sometimes wonder if she really is filling out or if it's wishful thinking. You guys can be the judge.

Sweetest Kitty in the World... )
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You repeatedly type receiving 'dick' instead of ' dock', and find it hilarious each time you do it.

Lordy, I need a nap.
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I don't know why this amused me so much, but it did...

Made Out Of Meat.


Jul. 14th, 2011 12:58 am
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Can't sleep, and not really up for RP, even though I owe a ton of tags.

Am pondering a few things though.

First of all, anyone know where I would be able to play [ profile] soulboundhunter? I'm good with most genres, and I can probably adjust her into a total OC if people don't mind me using blood elf icons for generic hunting elf #101. Just seems a waste to have the journal and icons and nowhere to put her. Current game doesn't allow for canon OCs and I don't want to get side-eyed for the icons (or have to change them, either. I like them) if I tried to use them for an OC of my own making.

And semi-related and having to do with world building in that I have a story. It has elves. It even has the arch typical forest elves and ice elves and even sea elves (My Elfquest and D&D roots are showing). But here's the thing--first, they're more like offshoots of the same race (that they share with the humans, bast-types, dragon, etc) rather than their own complete species.

And I'd rather refer to them as Sidhe/Shidhe (although they'd be missing a lot of the seelie/unseelie influences, so I'm not sure if that's appropriate). So I'm kinda waffling between usual fantasy convention (they're elves, dammit, just call them elves) and using my preferred term ('you didn't read the mythos did you?') or just saying screw it, calling them by something else entirely, and then have my audience going 'but they have pointy ears, do nature, and look like Tolkien elves. SO CALL THEM ELVES, SNOWFLAKE!'

Er yeah. Advice?

And...who else plays RIFT, and what's you fav class combo?

And if I manage to fall asleep before anyone answers...sorry.
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I'm going through my annual madness of thinking about posting scraps and shorts in the journal. Whether or not I actually do is still up for debate. If I did though, what would you guys be interested in seeing?

Also; plurk. Who has it, and is it worth it?

*waits for crickets*
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And stick to fucking Hollywood. Ronald Regan you are not.

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First off, thanks everyone for the hugs and stuff last post. It was appreciated.

And now, for follow up )
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My past has been giving me wedgies lately. It's the only way to describe how I feel about stuff that's been cropping up.

My mom, which I haven't spoken to in years, sends me a Christmas card with money inside.

The ex that sized a ring and an apartment lease on me and then disappeared (only for me to be told by his mom two months later he was marrying a different girl), has tried twice now to get me to talk to him on Facebook.

And the ex? Yes, that ex.

...They just found her dead in her apartment this morning.

And I'm just...I've hit the shock button I think. Because I know there's a lot going on in that head of mine right now, but I'm numb.

My boss sent me home. I've been doing my best to find some sort of info for people to use to get hold of her family...which...yeah, I have none. Can't even locate her old journals or Yahoo accounts. And although I know she was on Facebook...she isn't now. Or at least I can't find her.

I...yeah. That's it, for now, I guess.
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Because it's new.

I've been getting into Second life a little; it's kinda fun to wander around people's home made sims and see what they did with them. I did spend a little money on player made modifications, and decided to go ahead and model my avatar after my WoW hunter, and so here she is, all nice and gothic-ized and moderned out for the camera.'s something to do, right?

In other news; I've set the wheel in motion to start (free) counsiling for my depression.
My left heel is constantly hurting.
My boss actually finally told me I HAVE to take two days off in a row in the next month (which is a huge change from all the times in the past year where I'd ask when I good time was and always get the 'not now' reply), so I'm aiming for next Monday and Tuesday, or the one after that.
I've been feeling sick, exhausted, unloved and freaked out for about a month and a half now.

Oh, and yeah, I'm getting sent to collections by my hospital for the worker's comp bill from LAST JANUARY, even though I've repeatedly done everything my rep told me to do to keep that from happening (Because not only am I not supposed to be paying for it, but I should have never seen a bill at all...well, I've seen about six by now).

Between the depression and the sheer stress of YET AGAIN having my credit fucked up by outside sources, I've been spending a good portion of the night alternating between screaming at the heavens and crying.

And watching the second Crow movie and being annoyed that the guy who got the part won it out from under Bon Jovi (who, yes, did audition for it).

So, yeah, my life is fucking great, how about you?

( does not do well on text).

Anyway, enjoy the icon. I'm going to go make my sixth attempt at trying to go to bed without getting angry and waking myself up all over again.
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There's a company in El Paso that lives on a certain road.

It's called 'Billy the Kid Street'.

No joke.

Also, Jon Bon Jovi is still cute in 'M and Valentino'
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So, for those of you who play WoW...I just got this gem of a message. XD

You'd think they could at least use proper English... )

Uh, yeah. NO. Thanks. :P (Obviously, guys, don't click/copypasta that link....)
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First Day: 2127 words.

That's with starting at 8pm and stopping at 11:10.

Not bad for a first day, yes? And I even started on DAY 1...instead of, you know, two weeks in.

About two thirds of it went into WolfWood, the last third into Mayhem.

*does a happy dance*

Let's see if I can get more in tomorrow. >.>
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Also: Impressive body control.

Shikara: Suerte

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If you are, you can find me at 'silverthorne' there. Feel free to add me.

Also: dragon eggs...

(Why am I doing these again?)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So, I have the EVO 4 phone thanks to my dad and decided to try and make a video.

Found out, the video is too big to send using the phone...BUT if I copy it to my computer, I can upload it to Youtube.


Here, have a video.

Apologies to those of you on my RP flist who have already seen this. >.>


Oct. 18th, 2010 04:58 pm
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Can't seem to figure out how to embed from YouTube anymore, but...

This right was the agreed 'Theme' Ruthy and I looked at for our writing project.
She found it. Also said she loved this version much better than the original.

Mandy Moore--Cover for Umbrella

...I know what I'm doing for NaNo.

And if anyone can find me a downloadable track, it would be appreciated. It doesn't seem to be on any of Mandy's albums, and my google-fu sucks rocks.

...I may or may not add other songs to this--stuff we shared, themes from when we RP'd...other stuff. Feel free to add your own.
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It's not easy to find out a good friend has died suddenly, nor is it easy to find out in a round about way. But, that isn't what this post is about.

For that, look under here. )


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