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I'm frustrated. Why?

I've been in the pool all of 6 times this year.


Because when it isn't full of families and screaming kids, it's locked for 'invisible maintenance' (IE: Supposedly they're Doing Something to it, but there's no one there, and it stays Mysteriously Locked until 'family time' rolls around in the afternoon).

I'm at the point of wanting to strangle everyone in the pool (why aren't you using the pool in the back where your apartments are located, folks? You know, the bigger one that's meant for the kids and families? The one right next to your two, three and four bedroom apartments...unlike the single and two room ones up front where I am and most of the residents are single adults and couples?), and taking a bat to the office management.

Yes, I'm *that* frustrated. For the past three weeks, whenever the pool has been clear of said kids, and I've gotten dressed to swim and walked over, the pool has been locked up. Every Single Time.

I'm just hoping once school starts, I'll have a better chance at it before it gets too cold to swim.

And yes, I realize I sound like a selfish, spoiled, bratty little bitch, but when last year I didn't have this problem, and that pool is the only free and non-heat stroke inducing exercise I can do right now, and I've been dealing with this for two months...I'm getting just a LITTLE peeved.

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The pool at my place is officially open. And, since I started yesterday when kidnappeded by THOSE PEOPLE, OMG! it just made it easier to come home, throw on the suit, and go (the 93 f degrees outside helped convince me too).

And I was smart and got goggles this year, so that I could wear my contacts, have 'sunglasses' on to cut down water-glare, and therefore, you know, see. :)

So, YAY!!!!

Let's see if swimming works as well now as it did last year with the whole 'begone foul fat!' thing.
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It's easier to get to the cafeteria from receiving if I go outside and take the sidewalk around the corner.

So I ran it--both ways (I'd forgotten my spoons when I got my coffee).

My lungs didn't seize.

This might be workable after all. Don't think I want to sprint though when I'm running for exercise. At least, not yet. :)

(Also; I'm a lot faster than I remember being. At least for the short distances.)

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I live in an apartment complex.

Buildings are three stories tall. My own court has 14 'sets' of stairs. Added bonus--even if it rains, if I jog from stairwell to stairwell, I won't get too terribly wet. (I'm questioning the wisdom of running up and down the stairs, though--don't want to disturb the neighbors. Going up/down at a good walking clip might be okay, though.).

I'm wondering if that would make for a good work out...

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Have her join in at work with her boss and co-worker as a team for the next round of 'Loser 4 Life' (Our bariatrics department's weight loss competition based on the Biggest Loser).

It starts next Wednesday.

Wish me (and my team) luck.

Also: related, but not at this point. The pool? They aren't opening it until Memorial Day.

ARGH!!!!!!!! *Frowny Face*

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So I come home, early even (2pm! Whoo!), and get ready to go get in the pool.

Annnnd, there's maintenance in there, mucking about. So no pool for me today. Suck.

Instead, Foot and I fell asleep on my fuzzy blanket until 7:30.

At least I didn't eat as much today because I was sleeping?

ETA: Part of why I curled up with Foot was because I was having the same problem with my sinuses today that several folks on my flist have been having, or so it seems. Solved it when I finally got up and went to Walmart and bought a bottle of their Sinus Mucus Relief. My head hurts a lot less now.
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But if the weather holds true, and it does get up to 80 or better, I'm going to go dump my ass in the pool when I get home. It's calling me, guys. With its evil little voice.
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[Poll #1162785]
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I love my elliptical. That was the easiest-to-get-into two hours of exercise I've had since the pool got too cold to swim in.



ETA: I've dropped a pound and a half since yesterday. :) So yes, exercise can kick the butt of water-weight.

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So, Walmart sells an elliptical machine that's actually small enough to fit comfortably in the apartment w/out taking up all the floor space and is under $100.00. It's also nomininally light enough for me to move around easily, including into the closet if need be (it's not like I do anything with the closet other than put clothes in and take them back out again. :) )

So...should I?

(I case you;re wondering, I'm more likely to want to get up and move around after dark. Clue can attest to that; she's seen my 'walking schedules' in action. XD).
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Change in diet plan= maintain current weight.
Up the cardio exercise by way of trampoline and faster walks=maintain current weight.
Sitting still and eating accordingly=maintain weight.

I've found out where they've hidden the exercise room in the complex (right over the leasing office).

I get paid tomorrow.

Tonight, after work, I will be going shopping for:
A pair of running shoes.
A couple pairs of jog shorts.
A couple of sports bras.
A pair of sweats.

It's time to step it up, and although I'll walk out in the wild world, I'm not comfortable enough to run there yet. It's that whole 'I still have rolls of flesh in bad places and big bouncy breasts that don't quit' thing, yanno? If it were just the breasts or just the extra rollage, I'd feel less weird about it.

Yes, I know, I have really messed up body issues on some things.

Since you have to have an ID to get the key to the exercise room...that means a lot less people, and maybe none at all during the time I'd go, to deal with. Which will help me be less 'oh god please don't look at me right now'. Which means I'll be less likely to quit what I'm doing.

So, there will be running. Maybe tonight if I shop fast enough. If not, it starts tomorrow. The actual running probably won't last very long at the moment, thanks to asthma and lack of stamina, but...gotta start somewhere. And waiting for twenty pounds to drop so it's easier on the body doesn't look like it's an option.

This shit is coming off. End of story.
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So I've been stuck for a bit on the weight loss thing, hovering around 181-184 (Sadly, mostly around 184. :/), and of course, nothing seemed to be working. Bleh.

Well, the past two days, I've been walking. Not just walking, but walking hard. As in keeping beat with faster BJ songs and making myself practically stomp up the hillsides instead of walking like a normal person. I sway a lot because of that (wide steps, hips get involved). I probably also look pissed-off as hell, or at least like I think I own that sidewalk.

But it works. Because I managed to knock off a pound and a half in the past two days after clinging to 184 for a couple of weeks now.

Added plus: since I'm not actually running, my asthma doesn't act up (yes, I have asthma, damn it), and therefore my lungs don't seize up and I'm not gasping like a landed fish within thirty seconds. Nor do my feet, which think I'm still a mite heavy for anything strenous on occasion, give me the 'structure is failing, boss' messages.

But it does get the heart going, which is the whole point, after all.

So, this'll work. For the next twenty pounds at any rate. Maybe by then my feet will be unencumbered enough that I can work on that whole lung-seizing thing (IE: Stamina).
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I don't feel like doing the whole diet/exercise record thing today, partially because I didn't keep close enough track of my work exercise today, and partially because, well, I'm feeling that lazy.


Breakfast was the usual cereal plus blue berries and skim milk.
Had my banana.
Lunch was New England clam chowder and an apple. The mutant orange just didn't appeal today, so I brought it home and it's chillin' in the fridge for tomorrow.

Came home and had the usual Triscuits and a yogurt

Dinner was half a cup each of steamed broccoli and cauliflower sprinkled with lemon and lowfat parmesan cheese, and a small grilled 4oz flat steak, medium rare. And a little A1 sauce. :)

Dessert was another yogurt, because I'm craving them right now.

I've have two cups of mint green tea, and my usual 100oz of water.

I also did a really brisk walk (even uphill, which adventure. Hint: Bon Jovi is good for this. Just so you know. Good walking beat. ^^)

The walk was to and from Walmart--half an hour each way, with fifteen minutes in the store shopping.

I finally bought my exercise ball, a jump rope, a nice sweater I'd been waiting for them to get the right size in on, a couple of music CDs (because I'm addicted to music, darn it), and a backpack to carry it all home in (and to use for non-refrigerated grocery runs in the future. Walk to shop. Makes sense to me).

And then I came home, pumped up the exercise ball, and promptly did all the exercises on the poster that came with it. The DVD will be this weekend. ^^

If you can't do a straight-out regular exercise program due to age, weight, or injury, one involving a ball might be the way to go. Still works you out, but, like swimming, it seems to create a LOT less stress on the body while you use it. I know I'm going to be using it lots, especially when I don't feel well enough or not-sore enough to do the military style session. :)

Balls are good.

There might be trampolining later. We'll have to see. :)
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I'm liking my trampoline. It's easy to sit there and bounce while watching TV (although I'm not talented enough to bounce and do something else at the same time). I've started alternating bouncing with running in place and doing 'twists'--turning my hips to one side, then center, then to the other, and back again to center, when I bounce. If nothing else, it'll help slim down the waist and maybe hips a little. I can keep it up, too, for quite a while, so like the swimming, it's more an issue of when I get bored as opposed to when I get tired as to when I quit.

I also 'discovered' a magazine called 'Shape', and liked it. So went ahead and applied for a year subscription. At 15 bucks for the year, I figured that was worth the cost. Lots of stuff about diet, exercise, healthy living, even 'green' solutions. Heh, the exercises...oh lord, did those ever let me know how badly out of shape I still am.

So I did add one new thing last night, that I got from the magazine, which was an exercise routine based on the military exercise routines (Steam engines, push ups, scissor kicks, sprint/fast runs, etc).

At the moment, I suck at them, yeah and verily, and I can barely do the 'mountain climber' and 'squat jumps' due to, well, legs that are nowhere near as flexible and stretched out as they used to be. It also leaves me out of breath easily--I could only manage a 20 minute work-out when it's meant as a full hour one if you do all the reps. So, lots of work to go, but...yeah. :) It works everything and gets the heart pumping, so I'll keep doing it until it's nice and comfy and I can do the whole hour and do everything right. That's how I got the swimming going, anyway. :)
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Because you're never too old to learn )


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