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Okay, here's the thing.

If someone says Hey, this hurts people and promotes racism, and maybe you ought to rethink it",

Then perhaps it's a clue that maybe you should listen, rather than be a willfully blind jackass about it.

Yes, the word just might mean something else to you and others who share your lack of experience with this word as a weapon. But for something as serious as racism?

Maybe you ought to consider that the people who will suffer from it and have suffered from it just might have a point, okay?

The only way to stop it is to be an active and willing participant of stopping it.

Cluebat over. Think about it, all right?
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All right, what I'm about to say will amount to:

a) Preaching to the choir


b) Seeming to talk down to folks. (Which I'm not, but hey, it's the interbutt. Someone's bound to get offended.)

But. I'm irritated. So here's the cut so you can choose not to read if you don't want to... )
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Brought to you by all the recent icons out there... )
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Excuse me, ethinic purists, but, like, aren't we a melting pot of cultures?

Why in hell then, does this deserve an outcry?!

Fuck you, you little shits--you seem to forget who got steamed rollered when we got here.

Maybe The Star Spangled Banner needs to be written in Navajo next, just to give you a fucking reminder.
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Yo,'s only wank when you keep going past the sincere apology.

I only see one person continuing the discussion/situation in question and garnering support for POSTING IT ON A WANK BOARD. And that would be YOU.


Something to think about.

/my share of the wank.

(And yes, I AM freezing the comments on this one--know why? This is all the wank I'm going to allow on my end. Have a nice life. My opinion is not debatable here. Bitch about that all you want--I'm going to go have fun now. KTHNXBBAI!)

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Dear Dumbass In the Over-Powered Pick-up Truck: )

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Evolution and Creationism

Why oh why can't anyone possibly come up with the idea that maybe whatever created everything might have used evolution as the tool to do so with? You know--intelligent design, with the design part being evolution?

Or am I the only one more interested in asking questions for learning than in worrying about who has what agenda?
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This has got to be the most inane reason I've ever had.

But, you makes me laugh, even if no one else gives a flying potato...

The things you hear on the radio when you wake up.

Over here in the first corner, we've got Mr. Richie Sambora and Wife, (AKA Heather Lockleer).

In the second corner is Mr. Tommy Lee. Skank guitarist and never-quite-grew-up rocker.

So...first thing out of the DJ's mouth: Richie and Heather are having maritial problems--it's getting blamed on out of synch scheduals (which are about to get worse while Richie's band go on tour). Yeah, like neither one of them know how to book a flight and a one-night stand with their happens all the time with the unmarrieds in Hollywood, folks. Don't let them little rings on your fingers tell you otherwise.

Hell, might even spice something up.

And, boy, I guess at least in Heather's case, that's exactly what she's needing and doing...

With Tommy...

Er, yeah...Mr. Attention-whore, skanky ass, 'when was the last time you took a bath, dude?' Tommy.


Okay, chicky girl? Cluebat here? There are cuter and less dirty guys around than Mister Tommy...and if it's a sex problem, believe me when I say all it really takes in most cases is a five second lesson in 'How about you touch me here and in this way' to rival Mr. Tommy.

Crap, he isn't even cute looking anymore. Richie's got him beat by MILES. Sit down with the hubby and teach him a few things. Then work out a fricking schedual. And quit messing around with the past. He ain't gonna do you any better this time around.

As for Richie...

DUDE! Didn't Jon TELL you to stay the fuck out of Hollywood? That it was BAD for you? HUH?

She keeps it up, dump her, go home. The folks are better in Jersey anyway.

And as a final note to this totally pointless post:

Richie VS. Tommy?

I'm for Richie all the way. Tommy'll be too busy looking for his drugs.

Give him hell, man. (Give him one for the Gipper?)

Okay, rambling done now. feel free to go back to your regularly schedualed lives.
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Long winded meandering... )


Mar. 3rd, 2005 11:33 am
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Heavy box+ rushing to finish absurd amounts of over-flow from yesterday+ not moving hand fast enough=

Big flipping bruise on left palm.

In other news...when did Texas drivers start learning how to drive like they're on a New York highway during rush hour? And why does the little dumbs**t have to insist on riding my bumper for eleven miles?

I was really, honestly, sorely tempted to slam on my brakes and let the guy, who stayed a nice even foot behind me the whole time, crash into my rear end.

Unfortunately, knowing that even if he were wrong and had to pay for it, that there would still be consequences (no car, possible bodily damage, and, knowing my luck the idiot wouldn't be wearing a seat belt either, which means he/she would end up doing a header through the windshield and get killed/maimed/strewn across the pavement), I opted out on that decision.

It was bloody flipping tempting though.
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Yes, yes, I know. Being a receiving clerk and part of central supply makes me, techinally, still part of the 'service' force. I know that. I'm supposed to be cheerful, helpful, and able to read your mind with a brainless smile plastered on my face while I do it.


It is Wednesday. I have eight pallets of supplies that need to be dsitributed by 10 am (hopefully) so that I can then deal with UPS, FedEX, DHL, The two pallets of Very Expensive and Must be Refridgerated lab supplies, and so on and so forth.

You'll excuse me if I have less than sterling patience, less than sterling attention and less than sterling sympathy when you show up wanting, '..a small white connector thing...'.

And that's your description. That's it...nothing else. No actual termnology I might IMMS number so that I can look it up in the computer...not even a catalogue number off the package.

And now you're staring at me like I can and should pop the mystery supply out of my ass.

Sorry, but my talents lie elsewhere.

I am however certian that you're asking for a special order item. So why are you arguing with me? It isn't here. And if you're that desperate for connectors to make longer tubing then take my suggestion to take a few of the longer oxygen tubes we have in stock instead of having a little hissy fit qand then marching off with the 'threat' of coming back with better information (IE: 'I'm gonna complain to your boss')...

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*snort...and here my roomate keeps equating me with Elenor...

Not a word, Helen...*winks*

Marianne -- The Romantic
You're Mariane Dashwood from Sense &
! You are the romantic
youngster, also found in Jane Austen's work as
Catherine of Northanger Abbey and
possibly Georgiana Darcy of Pride and
. You wander through life like Red
Riding Hood in the forest, picking wildflowers
and humming a happy song... and you can't see
the wolf right in front of you! Ruled by heart
and not by head, you are best advised to to
learn a little caution, before you are forced
into a better acquaintance with the ways of the

Which Jane Austen Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Ah well, happens to the best...and I'm a long way from that...:D

The Happy Dance )

And, of course, the Glare Section )


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