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So, mine started with:

Migration to Dreamwidth
A new exercise and diet plan which I haven't really touched yet
Resolutions having to do with creative endeavors
...And a killer flu bug + migraine that made me call in sick today.


Also, I think I have all the journals I'm going to make for a while (nicely stickied and put at the top of my post for ease of finding). Not many, but then, I tend to keep things pretty simple. Most of the non-gaming journals have nothing in them yet. But they're there as incentive for me. And hopefully, that will be enough.

Also, a brief rundown of Life Since September.

let's hope the cut works )
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Or is there something wrong with a manager that will bitch you out for emailing, politely, to ask when the best time to ask for time off would be?

Background; I haven't had an official vacation since the last time I went to Tucson(almost two years now). Right after that, we were dealing with being with one company to be sold to another and also being short on people. I didn't even bother to start asking for time off (nearly 10 months) until last July, when we started hiring folks again, and then every time I asked, something came up where they needed me there and I was turned down, including once where the manager 'forgot' to check with the higher ups until near the end of the week when I asked if she'd heard anything, and once where they said, sure go ahead, and two days later were 'sorry, no can do'.

Then we got help, but other things came up. I did manage two days early in the year--after the boss told me directly 'take two days off in the next month', but other than that, yeah, other folks have been taking time off (including her), projects going on, training my partner, so on and so forth.

So, yeah, maybe I'm just an idiot, but it seemed like it would be a smart AND polite thing to do, to ask not just her but the other two supervisors (who had also been part of the 'we're sorry, but not right now' train) so that they could get together and make sure I wasn't about to mess timing up on something. Since, you know, my timing apparently sucks AND I'm apparently inconsiderate and selfish (yes, that was what I was told the last time I asked last year).

Her reaction to the email?

'It was rude'. She intercommed me JUST to yell at me and tell me how rude that was.

She has no idea how close she came today to not having her receiver any more.

I'm still debating calling in sick for the rest of the week for personal reasons.

Yes, I know that's a dumb move, especially in this job market. But this is just a sample of her recent jack assery. And the old "I need the job, I need the pay, the higher ups are probably leaning on her too"...?

Not working anymore.

I need time away or I WILL walk out on her (and possibly punch her in the face if she even thinks about trying to lose her temper and start yelling about it. I'm that fed up with it). And no, going the next step up won't help, or the step after that, because whenever she's called on the carpet, she fucking freaks out. And since she's still here? I'd take that as an indication they're perfectly happy to let her carry on that way.


Going to go cuddle kitties and/or kill things.
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Because it's new.

I've been getting into Second life a little; it's kinda fun to wander around people's home made sims and see what they did with them. I did spend a little money on player made modifications, and decided to go ahead and model my avatar after my WoW hunter, and so here she is, all nice and gothic-ized and moderned out for the camera.'s something to do, right?

In other news; I've set the wheel in motion to start (free) counsiling for my depression.
My left heel is constantly hurting.
My boss actually finally told me I HAVE to take two days off in a row in the next month (which is a huge change from all the times in the past year where I'd ask when I good time was and always get the 'not now' reply), so I'm aiming for next Monday and Tuesday, or the one after that.
I've been feeling sick, exhausted, unloved and freaked out for about a month and a half now.

Oh, and yeah, I'm getting sent to collections by my hospital for the worker's comp bill from LAST JANUARY, even though I've repeatedly done everything my rep told me to do to keep that from happening (Because not only am I not supposed to be paying for it, but I should have never seen a bill at all...well, I've seen about six by now).

Between the depression and the sheer stress of YET AGAIN having my credit fucked up by outside sources, I've been spending a good portion of the night alternating between screaming at the heavens and crying.

And watching the second Crow movie and being annoyed that the guy who got the part won it out from under Bon Jovi (who, yes, did audition for it).

So, yeah, my life is fucking great, how about you?

( does not do well on text).

Anyway, enjoy the icon. I'm going to go make my sixth attempt at trying to go to bed without getting angry and waking myself up all over again.
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There's a company in El Paso that lives on a certain road.

It's called 'Billy the Kid Street'.

No joke.

Also, Jon Bon Jovi is still cute in 'M and Valentino'
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I just managed to screw up two flower deliveries to a couple of employees.

The good news? I caught it immediately and was able to keep one of the boxes being opened by the wrong person. And they both forgave me.

The bad news? One of the boxes did get opened.


I'm going to cupid hell when I die.

Go, me?

Jan. 8th, 2010 04:40 pm
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So. What happens when you clock yourself in the face (or, more specifically, the nose), with a 40 pound case of formula gift bags? won't need botox for a while, and the underside of your upper lip will turn a nifty purple black color.
You get to take a nice, three hour vacation in ER land, with a nifty side-stop at the CATscan room.
Your nose will drool blood.
And smiling isn't the most pleasant sensation in the world, at least where the upper middle portion of your mouth is concerned.

Oh, and you can't go back to work until a regular doctor confirms that you haven't developed any unseen week spots that will turn into an anyurism when you lift something thanks to bloodpressure doing what it does when you lift heavy things.


Pic later. Maybe. ^^;

(I didn't break anything, BTW. So at least there's that. :) Smiling really does hurt right now, though).
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Dear Nursing Staff--

Yes, I know we're supposed to be using the new header on all our paperwork.
Yes, I know it's a pain in the ass to have to put all those little stickers over the old headers while we wait for the new forms to come in (even though it's the junior volunteers having to do it and not you).
Yes, I know you're impatient.

So help me...
If you call me one more time with a list of forms you JUST HAVE TO HAVE when I'm the only one here, when you and I both know you have plenty of the re-stickered ones? (And half the ones you ask for are special order and never on our shelf anyway...)

Guess what?
I'm going to beat you to death with the forms when they come in.

Cut it out. Use the old ones so we don't waste money or trees (at least any more than we already do), and STFU.

Thank you
Your Temperamental Receiving Clerk.

...I think it's time for a few extra days off.
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When I go to certain pages, headers, random graphics and youtube videos don't show up. There's a stream of error messages in the error box that I don't understand, but everything else on my computer is fine, even WoW. And yeah, I hopped onto IE7 to make sure it wasn't something in my own computer. also checked the security settings. Nothing amiss.

Anyhow, anyone have an idea of what's going on? Did I miss an update or something?

In other news, it's official. On Monday, we're part of Baylor. I have my new name tag sitting next to my monitor. :)
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Baylor might actually follow through on Monday's switchover.

How do I know this? The promotional t-shirts, mugs, name tag holders, bags and pens are starting to arrive. :P

In other work news, our nighttime guy took off on vacation this week, which left my boss and I to take care of his usual stuff. The good news is that despite the chaos of the looming switch over, insanity like doctors deciding to use a certain piece of equipment we have on limited quantities of on every single patient, and general summertime patient madness, the week, thus far, has not been bad at all. And there's only two more days of 'fill in for the night guy' craziness.

Added plus; I'm getting overtime, which I need since this month is 'pay your car insurance' month. Yay! :)
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So we're having 'Town Hall' Meetings this week to get everyone their paperwork to get ready to become Baylor.

Apologies to the faithful, but I kinda cringed when the first thing out of the Baylor Rep's mouth was 'we are a faith based business'.

The flashback to CCD (Catholic Sunday School) when the start of the 'This is why Baylor is cool' video when it started, with people lighting mass candles to the song of 'This Little Light of Mine' (Ah, memories of church choir!) to make a flame (their company symbol) made it a little worse, but I was ok after a few moments when they actually got to the business side of things.

Until, of course, we got to the 'you will have to apply for your job at orientation'. They're saying we still all have our jobs, but, yanno, I don't exactly trust that, now.

Guess we'll see if I'm living in North Carolina with my dad in a couple of months, huh?

I'm trying to remind myself that 'this is just a formality', but you know, recession, seeing how other 'faith based' companies have been treating their 'valued' employees lately (Tony Zaza was booted out from his job at The Mix by Clearchannel with no warning whatever about a month ago, as in, he did the show that morning, apparently was called into a meeting after broadcast, and that was it. Gone.), and...yeah.

Drug testing? OK, cool. Might have to find enough money to get a couple of new uniforms (we're getting 'color coded', yay! :P)? Ok. It'll kill my budget, but whatever (I asked if they'd pay for the new uniforms, and the answer was 'we've never done it before, but this is a unique situation'...which is usually business speak for 'no, but we're trying not to freak you out'). Have to spend a few hours in various orientations to redo my 401k, insurance, whatever so that it's with the new company? Cool.

But this whole 'reapply for your job' thing, after three transitions with other companies where that didn't happen really, really makes me nervous.

...gah. I'm trying not to freak out...also trying not to associate Bad Things Happening just because this is a religiously based business. But I'm having a really hard time with that right now. :/

...I need hugs, I think.

ETA: Forgot to add...they're also checking everyone's credit rating.
Yeah...WTF? Which, if they needed as an excuse for firing me, ATM, they could (and since I'm receiving, and, you know, handle EXPENSIVE SHIT all the time...yeah. OK. Yeah. I'd never steal a damn thing, but what the hell does my credit rating have to do with being able to do my job?).

Uh huh...

Feb. 26th, 2009 08:07 am
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So, the federal government is going to be running, essentially, 'marriage is good!' adds, since the ratio of single folks to married is way way up (and of course, they're targeting the 20-30 age group. Why no love for the older folks, huh?).

I felt weirded out about that, though wasn't sure why for a little bit, and beyond the 'dear government, please to be staying out of my private life, 'kay? Thanks' thing.

Then I realized what the problem was.

Which is 'oh, so more promotion for monogamous, same sex marriage, with an undercurrent of religious obligation. GREAT!!!.

Not. But that's essentially what it'll be, I bet. :P

Also, the new company that's finally buying our hospital is apparently 'Christian run'. :/

I'll be fine with new restrictions (might lose the internet surfing and radio and have to wear, you know, an 'official' CS 'uniform (hopefully that means just specific color scrubs and not some ployester monstrocity that'll have me seating buckets on a 109 degree dock in summer), the intermittent drug tests, and maybe even not being allowed to eat lunch at my desk, but I'm just hoping they keep the religious stuff to themselves. Please. Normal 'professional operation rules' I can deal with. The religious morality rules, I can't.

And to qualify: I have no problem with the religion. What bothers me is when 'business rules' are used to enforce the religious beliefs. And many religiously run business do just that. If they avoid that, I'm cool. If not, it'll make me want to smack some people around with a large metal pole.
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The navy blue handle of your box cutter is charcol grey by the end of the week.


Yep, still feeling spacy. Home will be soon, though. :)


Uh, troll person? I have IP tracking on. Just so you know.

Also, I just reported your IP. Have fun.
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Dear Post Office:
Learn how to tell the difference between a return address and the intended destination of a piece of mail.

Dear UPS:
The answer to crushing a box of lab chemicals in your conveyer belt is not to wrap it in a plastic bag, put it in a bigger, clean box, and then continue to ship it to my company. FoAD, right this moment, please.

Dear Everyone Else:
Next person who makes a shipping mistake today that I have to wade through will get force-fed their own balls, whether they have them or not.


This public service announcement was brought to you by the letters P, M, and S.

And sometimes 'y'.

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Seriously. How long have you been a nurse?
How long have you been a nurse here? (Answer: Longer than I've worked here).

Please know what the hell you're asking for, and if it's for a specific patient, tell me so I can play the guessing game that much sooner rather than give it to your supply clerk for later!.

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The vanity cats in WoW make me squee. I love watching their little tails and butts bounce when they're running. And I love the fact that the little paws are textured on the bottom, too. I love seeing those little pads flash up into view!

Yay on the girls starting to get along.

Thunder scares my cats.

Foot gave me three different silent meows with eye-scrunchies tonight. It made me feel all gooey inside.

I hate ragweed allergies. They make me grouchy, migrainy, sniffly, ill, and wanting to do nothing but sleep. :/

Yep, even after being pretty much lazy for a whole month, my apartment is still much cleaner than the trailer ever was after the first couple of years. :) My worst vices are not dusting and not always taking the trash out in a timely manner (not overflowing, but I do press the breaking point of the bags sometimes...). Leaving the dishes overnight is my third vice (but they always get cleaned before I head off to work because I don't want maintenance seeing ugly stuff in the sink).

Got my yearly eval. Getting full amount of available payraise. only 3%, but it's better than no payraise at all (possible in this economy and with the hospital being in between owners), or, you know, not having a job at all. Also--attitude still improving. Still needs a little work, but it's lightyears above what it was even last year this time after a few months away from the ex. Maybe in another year or two, I'll actually be the not-so-pissy person I once was...(or at least think I was...^^;).

Looking forward to cooler weather.

I has LOTS of cat and human food in the house, and a decent start on Ula's vet fund. :)

Three paydays this month. That, plus raise, makes all things good.

I love

Jun. 26th, 2008 10:53 am
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How people are being sent home early or when they show up for shift, or are even told not to show up at all for a usual shift because 'there isn't enough budget' due to lack of patients.

And yet we can blow $70,000 on new Dell computers with no problem (When we JUST GOT a bunch of new comps two years ago).

It's moments like this that make me really hate our system, you know?

Don't worry. I'll get over it.
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Okay, asshole, I've sent your 'free' shit back to you (at cost to my own company, since you don't have a contact number I can call and harass you about your own account number for the various couriers) about six times with a professionally polite note attached each time telling you that we cannot accept samples for doctors here at the hospital. I'm about sick of seeing your name on the return address.

I gave the stuff to Med Staff this time, who will have a talk with the addressed physicians (and quite likely, you).

If I see one more thing from your address on my dock, I'm showing up in Hainsport, and shoving whatever it is up your dumb ass after I beat you to death with it. Got that, 'cousin' of mine? (his name is Campbell as well)

NO love, and lots of violence.



Jun. 6th, 2008 09:57 am
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Wanna scream, here. )
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You know, I haven't had to process any penile extensions at work for a long time now...


May. 23rd, 2008 11:27 am
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Why oh why are people complete n00bs on the day before a three day weekend?

No, wait, I know why. Their brains are already on vacation.



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