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Might be a distant cousin to Why Aren't You Dead?, except in a different light.

Anyhow, yes, I'm okay. Work has been trying to kill me, depression was trying to tell me that curling up in a ball and never coming back out into the Big Scary World is a good idea, and...stuff.

I have been RPing on LJ on my favorite guy, although even that went kinda south for a bit while I convinced myself that I Was Doing It Wrong somehow, and Everyone Hated Me...that was an adventure. And my writing muse went right out the damn window and refuses to come back while I'm like this.

The good news? We got a new, extra guy to help at work these last two weeks, (although I'm still stressed enough to loathe my job at the moment, and it's making my shoulder act up again), I'm feeling better about my RP, and I'm actually starting to make headway in the "Let's Sock Back Some Money For That Apocolyptic Rainy Day" department. At least until the car finally blows up, or something. And I've started making maps and planning plot for an RP...that I actually will likely never get off the ground. >>

PS: I want a pony Winning the lottery would be nice right about now; it would make quitting my job and writing my ass off all day every day so much more feasible.

Um...anyway, yes I am alive. Thank you and *hugs* to those of you who came looking--I apologize for not responding at the time. I was honestly fucked up enough that it seemed...I dunno what it seemed like. I will however try and write you guys back this week with, you know, something resembling a real conversation (even my dad has only been getting 'I hate my life, I hate my job, god this sucks' for a few months now. :/).

Love and hugs and stuffs.

PPS: Still love you guys; just haven't been in the 'love zone' lately myself.
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So, okay. I'm up, I'm getting my coffee ready, all is well with the world.

Well, not exactly. Because the little white coffee filter thing isn't fitting like it should in the grind resevoir. All floppy and seems too small, but you know, I get it to stand up okay anyway and hold the grinds like it's supposed to.

So I chalk it up to a defective filter, even though it's, you know, the exact same size as the rest of the ones in the package that I've been using for the past month.

...It takes coming back after the coffee is brewed and looking at the dishes drying on the towel there to make the connection. Probably because I'm looking right at it at that point.

...You see, I didn't put the damned plastic resevoir back in after I'd just cleaned it. Which would explain the problem with the filter not fitting right.


Oh yeah, need more caffiene AND more sleep. LOL!!!
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I have this car, see...? )
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They'd be having a mechanic's heart-attack right about now.

So, finally got the oil changed, and the tranmission and radiator fluids checked out. (Mind you, this is after literally years of neglect thanks to household budgeting).

The radiator? In great shape (something I messed with myself at the beginning of the year, so go me).

The oil? had surpassed sludge and went straight for mud.

Transmission fluid? The stuff that goes in my car should be the color of Jun's tunic, right? (IE: Hot pink).

It looked like I'd been dumping my highly creamered coffee in there on a regular basis.

Yes, folks, it was light-freaking-brown.

We won't talk about the carbon flush...although I can say the old air filter was looking like hell.

My poor, poor car. And this is all standard car care I couldn't do before. Poor baby. :/ Very well made and fucking forgiving. Most cars would have done worse than blow their ECG valve if treated like this.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again; Never Again am I letting someone have that much control of my life, my things, and my money. Next person who tries can go fuck themselves with a knife.

*Goes and hugs her poor car*
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So, there's one thing I got to note this morning about living in an apartment complex at the edge of the metroplex. Which is, when the pwoer goes out? You know about it. Because the sudden silence of all four air conditioning units sitting outside your bedroom window is note worthy, even if you're in a dream that you really don't want to wake up from.

I'm so lazy. Also; Female TMI ahoy )


Jul. 23rd, 2007 03:20 pm
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The pool is closed!

*frowny face*

Guess that means I bounce and walk today.

More birthdays stuffs )


May. 23rd, 2007 06:58 am
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I wonder if I should worry.

I left an open and mostly full can of Enviga on my work desk overnight.'s still fizzy.

In other news, the delivery that's supposed to be here every Wednesday by the time I get here at 6am, so that I have time to get all of the eight-plus pallets unloaded and up within my alloted eight hour shift (we're not allowed overtime due to budget), is not here yet.

...And won't be until ten or eleven--a full four hours later, and right in the middle of UPS, FedEx, DHL, and a humongous (and higly expensive and refrigerated) lab order from Fisher.

...Yeah. :(


May. 3rd, 2007 06:29 am
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So, it's national prayer day. Eheh.

Annnnd...I may have just managed to scare a bunch of people, depending on how far they talk. (Answer: Probably very far indeed; people likes the gossip around here).

Because...yeah...couple of housekeeping folks around the time clock when I was checking in, looking at the sign that announced the chaplin would be in all day to pray for/with people. And of course, I was asked when I would go.

I tried to get out of it without too much exchange by saying 'Won't have time, and I pray differently anyway'.

That, and the next seven questions weren't into letting it drop.

Until I shrugged and said 'Because I'm not Christian.'

Cue wall-eyed stares, you know, the ones that say 'you mean there are other religions?!'

And of course, when one of them recovered from the shock, the inevitable question got asked.

'What are you?'


And so I finally managed to escape in the wake of a bunch of more wall-eyed stares.

This should be fun to see how far around this gets and how many people start acting funky.

I'm also half-tempted to raid the 'chapel'...just to see what the good father could do for me.

Thing is though, that's just fucking with people.

Ah well.

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So I'm a dumbass... )
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Ah yes, the grand adventure of contact lenses. Working on week two, and still loving it and not having any problems with the extended wear. Probably helps though that I take them out twice a day to rinse them off anyway, and decided that four days is quite enough for eyes and lenses to be best buds.

Which of course, entails taking the little buggers out and putting them back in every so often.

Let me make this clear--I have a severe aversion to anything getting anywhere near my eyes.

This makes for interesting discussions with my wayward body parts.

Cut for stupid scripting. *g* )
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Beautiful black Ford Focus on the highway in front of me. Nice and tricked out, all shiny and new.

It has a bumper sticker.

'Save gas. Ride a motorcyle.'

...It's little shit like this that tells me the universe has a sense of humor.


Jun. 7th, 2006 08:09 am
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Dear Me--

Going off the suppliments for five days?
Bad! BAD ANNE!!!

Do not do that anymore. Even if it does mean you have to cart your handful of pills from your bedroom to the nearest sink every morning because you've been pushed out of the bathroom by the new roomie's stuff.

You can stand to be less lazy in the interest of not being a crazy person.

Thank you.

--You. Who is medicated again. Finally.
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Blah blah blah, Life, blah blah blah, getting shit together, blah blah blah... )
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Well, good news is that no vacuuming=messing with PDA that got left unplugged six months ago until its power died.

Originally thought it was dead-dead because it wasn't connecting well enough to maintain a charge over 30% when I was charging it...spent several months messing with the connector, sort of got that working, then the computer and the PDA wouldn't talk to each other so I could reload everything.

Finally got the connector to work over the weekend though, let Mini!Hal recharge until today (Yay! First time I've seen a full battery symbol for the better part of six months!) and now Mini!Hal and big Hal are speaking to each other once again.

From what I can tell, the little tiny outer prongs on the connector were just slightly bent out of shape...when I ran my thumb and finger along them and pressed them back in a tiny bit, that seemed to solve the problem.

So, YAY! ^^.

Because now at least I can feel comfortable at work at least pre-posting stuff during downtime because I'm not on the work comp (where they can trace it) for a ridiculous amount of time.
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I need to do my Tuesday chores...and don't wanna.

Should vaccum the floor because our new roomie keeps dumping his ashtray.

Should be posting actual posts for both Derek and Baby!Derek and still feeling the Blahs...finding that having new roomie home during what used to be my alone quiet time is completely distracting.

Bah...need to stop whining and get things done.



Now roomie decides to take a nap.

No vacumming for me... :/
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There's a nice, big storm with incredibly dark clouds just to the north. I mean, thunderstorm clouds that make it look like dusk. My kind of storm. And it's stalled out. :(

The cafeteria put pepperoni in their scrambled eggs this morning.

Pepperoni. In EGGS....I feel like I should be saying 'Snakes. On A Plane!' when I say that. There's about the same amount of amused outrage at the...dumbness, I guess. *g*

I was head-skimmed by a blue jay. That was cool.

I have had three hours of sleep. I would like more.

Pepperoni. In Eggs.

....maybe that could be the sequel?

PS--Appearently, I can't spell 'pink' today, either.

Oh, ow...

Apr. 29th, 2006 12:02 am
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I think I broke my head on something... )
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Things change yet stay the same...? )


Apr. 12th, 2006 08:17 am
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It's Wednesday--which is Pallets From Hell day.

I feel exhausted already.

And my stomach and intestines are threatening mutiny and/or dissolving into messy death at any moment.

...I need a nap time for work today.

Preferably a six hour one.

Ah well. Box time.
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Okay, so I admit, I growled a bit when the subject of buying a counter grill came up. We waste enough money as it is, fourty dollars just to be able to do something that can be done some other way, etc, etc. I went ahead and got it anyway, but oh, the hesitation.

...You know, I'm glad I did. The stuff tastes great, and is less filling less fattening. And I love the taste.

...I said that already, huh?

I like it enough that I grilled most of our meals today.

In fact, if I keep this up, I'll be grilling everything, it's brother, and it's dog.


Well, okay. Maybe not the dog.



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