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I'm going through my annual madness of thinking about posting scraps and shorts in the journal. Whether or not I actually do is still up for debate. If I did though, what would you guys be interested in seeing?

Also; plurk. Who has it, and is it worth it?

*waits for crickets*
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Also, I'm feeling REALLY lazy, so nothing that takes a lot of hovering over the stove. :)

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[Poll #1160094]

...I found the opening sequence cheesy but cute. ^^

also, foo on no keyboard. That one I could've done without months of embrassment while I learned. :)

Amuse me?

Mar. 12th, 2008 07:26 pm
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Take a Poll

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So that means the potential FF group gets more poll questions. Yay?

Feel free to answer even if you're not going to play. I like opinions. :)

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[Poll #1128771]

Note: My answers are random on this. :) I want to hear from my players, not myself.
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If you haven't figured it out, I've been trying to figure out if there's an interest in a Final Fantasy based RPG, and what people would want to play if there was one. Because yes, I am toying with the idea. I will likely do more than toy if I know there's an interest.

So, indulge me one more time--anyone and everyone who wants to, even if you havn't been answering up 'til now--and tell me what you think. Comment below for more info, either mine or yours.

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And yes, I might be up to something. Or not.

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Which means it's poll time.
This one is for Final Fantasy fans.
Feel free to 1) Make more complete answers in comments and 2) Take the poll more than once if it won't let you chose more than one answer. :)

I might have a reason for asking all this shit. Maybe. :)

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Because now that I know I'm going for sure, I have to do something silly.

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