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On the news last night that some people are pushing to have people start to pay for regular old radio broadcasts (Not the high def stuff--the stuff you cna pick up on any old radio). The arguement is the same one presented for why you can't do free downloads etc, which is that the artists don't get paid for each time their song is played (Oddly enough, I've been under the impression that radio stations actually did have to pay some sort of fee to be allowed to play an artists' stuff since I was in my teens. Did this arrangement change at some point?)

Anyway, imho, they're shooting themselves in the foot. How do they expect anyone to buy their artists' music without advertising it? Unless, of course, they're only intersted in 'rich' cusotmers who have the cash to fork over.

Anyway, not my best commentary, but you'all get the idea. It'll be a shame if being able to enjoy music once more becomes a privilege only the 'rich' (IE: People with enough disposable income) may have.
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So...the guys on the third floor (That's two apartments above me), have just overflowed their toilet. Big time. As in Bathroom Tsunami.

Aaaaaand guess where the run-off is ending up?

Fortunately, all I have is a slow drip in one spot in my bathroom ceiling. At the moment, anyway.



(And WTF did you stuff down your toilet that's going to keep me up half the freaking night in case the poor maintenance guy needs access to my apartment? ARGH!!!!!!)

D: !!!!

PS: And now the main catbox is in the dining room in case the ceiling does give out and flood the bathroom. Thanks, unknown neighbors. :P
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Hey, sweetie? If one of the mods is telling you, including by quoting directly from lore (which you refuted by quoting it back and trying to tell her that's not what it meant), that a certain character type is not recommended for play, because they'd be an unstoppable danger to both themselves and others (that is also likely to be killed on sight as soon as they're found out, no matter what 'side' the findee happens to be on, or how 'nice' the character is when she isn't suffering from murderous, mindless bloodlust)?

Then that means you should probably drop the matter and find a different character concept to play.

(Why in hell do players insist that just because it's in the lore section of the world, that it's ok to play? Especially when it's something like vampires, demons and werewolves that are most definitely not going to follow the 'sympathetic monster/actually a really good person' type in that particular setting/story?)

You know

Dec. 6th, 2008 07:29 am
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Rant, rant, foam at the mouth )
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I would have felt bad for the fact that I'd screwed up royally and followed the warlock I'd PuG'ed with over the wall, and forgetting to dismiss my pet before I did so.

But between him charging blindly into every corner, leaving me behind after half the Mobs would swarm me as he ran, and the fact that the idiot jumped into a freaking knot of MoBs without telling me that's where we were landing when we left the wall?

I don't feel bad at all for feigning death while I waited for my pet to catch up with us, or for the fact that the warlock died, or for the fact that he ungrouped us right after.

Because, to be honest? I got what I needed about two mobs into our partnership and was just hanging around to help him out anyway.

And I'm not going to feel bad about the fact that he was still stuck in the middle of Stromguarde when he revived...and that I was close enough to an outer wall that I didn't have to go back inside to get my body.

Oh, and I had a much easier time of it by myself when I got sent back twice more on other quests.

(Disclaimer: I realize I might have been rude according to WoW etiquette. But...yeah. For once, feeling smug instead.)

ETA: I didn't feign death until I was down to about 500 hp. So I didn't just sit there while the guy took hits, but he kept setting more mobs off.
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Seriously. How long have you been a nurse?
How long have you been a nurse here? (Answer: Longer than I've worked here).

Please know what the hell you're asking for, and if it's for a specific patient, tell me so I can play the guessing game that much sooner rather than give it to your supply clerk for later!.


I get it

Sep. 12th, 2008 05:12 pm
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40% of the Galvestan population is about to get smushed, drowned and possibly put through Mother Nature's Cuisinart.

Yes, perhaps at least the ones who could leave were a bit foolish (and I'm sure some of that 40% couldn't leave), but at this point, getting mad at them for staying is a bit stupid of you ('you' being a general term in this post).

They can't get across the bridge to the mainland at this point, you see. It's no longer 'stupidity'; it really is a lack of options.

So those of you still going 'OMGWTF, get off the island, you dumb shits!'?

Just shut up. And start praying, or whatever you do to hope people come out of this kind of situation okay.

I may think the ones who stayed were a bit foolish, but quite honestly? Now is not the time to be getting all self-righteous about it. Now is the time to start hoping those people don't fucking die, and die horribly.
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Okay, asshole, I've sent your 'free' shit back to you (at cost to my own company, since you don't have a contact number I can call and harass you about your own account number for the various couriers) about six times with a professionally polite note attached each time telling you that we cannot accept samples for doctors here at the hospital. I'm about sick of seeing your name on the return address.

I gave the stuff to Med Staff this time, who will have a talk with the addressed physicians (and quite likely, you).

If I see one more thing from your address on my dock, I'm showing up in Hainsport, and shoving whatever it is up your dumb ass after I beat you to death with it. Got that, 'cousin' of mine? (his name is Campbell as well)

NO love, and lots of violence.

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Watching Jay Leno. Some sort of 'quiz show' thing with the dumbest people on earth. many of you know where Atlantic City is?

If it takes you guys 50 tries, naming every state around the right one and me having to give you the state initials, I'm killing all of you. *sweet smile inserted here*. And yes, that's what it took for all three of them to 'get it' on the show. O.o And no, 'Greece' and 'Great Britain' are not good answers.

Other gems were things like not knowing what the new capital of the US was after it moved from Philly (one contestant even said 'Philadelphia' as an answer...yeah.). Although one of them going 'Democratic City' when asked what 'D.C.' stood for was pretty funny.

I swear, I died from their stupid.

Also: sour cream makes a decent sub for least in tuna fish salad.

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They didn't just fuck up my access despite the fact that I did all the stuff I was supposed to do in March to keep my security access current (it was an online edu. document I filled in and submitted that didn't get registered).

Everyone in my department didn't register in their system.

By tomorrow, no one in purchasing, central supply or receiving will be able to get into the system thanks to the electronic security requests not getting recognized and acknowledged way back in March. And unless some serious strings get pulled, it could be two weeks or better before anyone can get back into the system, including our Big Boss. Essentially, that fuck up just shut us down. We can't order, we can't input incoming product. We can't even check purchase orders to see who they belong to.

Way to go, Perot. Real smash up job. I applaud you with a golf clap. Hope none of your grandmas are in our ICU, because if they need something, we might not be able to get it for them.

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Cut it the fuck out.

Thank you.

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We do not, and cannot, store and/or distribute your drug samples.

Also; the ten doctors you just sent shit to? Do not actually have offices in the hospital, which is where you sent this crap.

In the future, kindly

1) Make sure it's all right to provide samples in the first place.
2) Do your fucking homework and find out where the doctors' offices are, and get the addresses right.
3) Put a fucking phone number on the boxes so that I cna call you to get info on where to send this shit back to, and what DHL/FedEx/UPS account to charge it to, because we do not need to be footing the bill for your lazy-ass fuck up.

Failure to do these things in the future may cause me to find the address on the UPS label and come to PA to beat you to death with your own fucking samples.


No love,
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I dunno who needs to be stared at more, here... )
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You've delivered here almost as long as I've worked here. You should know better by now.

So if you're feeling like you just got 'mommied', here's why: )
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Fuck you. Fuck the spotted pony you rode in on. But really, fuck you. With a running chainsaw up your fucking useless, selfish ass.

I hate having to make tough decisions to deal with a problem someone else caused. )
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Yeah. Anyhow, after four different instances of running into or reading about entitlement this morning, it only re-enforces my opinions that:

By the time everyone has hit the age of 22, they should have been required to:

1) Spend at least two years of volunteering at places like homeless shelters and in charity work. Bonus points if the place is constantly under-staffed and under-budgeted.

2) Worked a minimum wage job at a grocerie store, on a telemarketer job, or other related customer service job where it's guarenteed they'll have to deal with at least one entitled asshole a day...and have to do it politely and with a smile on their face.

3) Go through at least full basic training in the military; if the other two things haven't managed to instill respect and discipline into you, that oughtta finish you right out.

4) Live for at least three months on a minimum salary themselves and try to budget everything they need/want with what little money is available. Those that don't 'get it' should get time added on until they do.

And this should all happen before/if they get to go to college, and in the case of the lucky, have their way at least partially paid for them while they learn stuff for a 'higher' place in life.

I swear, the next person I see today with a silver spoon shoved up their ass, I'm gonna grab the handle and shove it further up--until it hits brain. B|

Uh huh....

Nov. 1st, 2007 01:46 pm
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Not even going to bother with the link; got it from Verizon news, which uses Associated Press.

He wants to do whatever it takes to make it right... )

...How about getting it through your thick fucking skull that's it's never okay to use that word, or any word like it, for any reason, dumbshit?

...Why in fuck's sake is that concept so hard for so many celebrities (and other idiots) to understand?


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