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The hospital where I work at is having an employee appreciation week, which included a free lunch and t-shirt today.

Not much victory on the lunch end since it's the usual 'picnic' faire (hot dogs, burgers, potato salads, etc), but I had one non-the-less.

If it had been this time last year, I would have had to ask for a 3X t-shirt, and even then, it might have been a little too tight in the chest. Today, I was able to ask for a large.

...And it's still relatively loose on me. :)
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So, that comfort food thing I did?

I'm back up to 180 now. :/



Ah well.

Just keep going. It'll come back off...

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I love my chocolate.

I've quit eating it in solid form for a little bit, though, to help with my weight loss goals.

Hot chocolate was a decent sub, but still a bit sugary (I use Ghirardelli brand, which has a lot more 'real' chocolate in comparison to something like Swiss Miss, which is mostly sugar with chocolate flavoring, but it still has a lot of 'empty' sugar).

I had also run out of it, and had accidentally picked up a tin of the unsweetened baking cocoa someone had left in with the hot chocolate.

I repeat: I love my chocolate.

So, here's what I came up with.

1 cup nonfat milk
4 tablespoons Ghirardelli unsweetened baking cocoa.
1 packet stevia sweetener.

You can either nuke the milk, or warm it up on the stove top. If you use the microwave, heat on high for two to three minutes, add the chocolate and stevia after you heat it, or you'll get boil over. You'll have to work hard to stir out all the chocolate clumps though, because whatever they add to the cocoa mix to keep it strictly powdery, they don't add to the baking cocoa.

If you use the stove-top (preferred), use medium-high heat, put in the cocoa at the start, and keep stirring as the milk gets warmer (you get less clumps this way). Add the stevia right before the milk would normally boil, stir to blend it in, pour into a cup, and drink.

You can also add cinnamon for an extra taste treat.


For a quick reference:

A cup of

Ghirardelli Mocha Chocolate Mocha has 130 calories, 33 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat, and 2 grams of protein
Ghirardelli Unsweetened baking cocoa has 60 calories, 12 grams of carbs, 6 grams of fat, and 4 grams of protein

The nonfat milk adds 86 calories, 12 grams of carbs, no fat, and 8 grams of protein.



Apr. 21st, 2008 07:42 am
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Yep, it's not a fluke (I was half expecting it would be).

I'm still 175 pounds.

:D !
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Last year around this time? When I wore a towel, there was always a two-or-greater inch gap around my waist and hips, even with the 'extra full' sized bath towels.

Now? I have two inches to spare on the towel, and no more gaps. :)

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I'm 175!!!

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Another old trick revisited to see if that helps any.

I haven't eaten the strawberries or drank the cocoa yet--that'll be later as my dessert.
I I hadn't done cheese in the refried beans, I would have been golden on the fat intake. So another lesson learned; even reduced fat cheese is not reduced enough. :)

Sparkspeople report under here )
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So here's how I look today at 179 pounds. I got a way to go, but I think I'm in lots better shape than when I started.

Tight Jeans, tight T-shirt. And OMG! MAKEUP! )

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It's easier to get to the cafeteria from receiving if I go outside and take the sidewalk around the corner.

So I ran it--both ways (I'd forgotten my spoons when I got my coffee).

My lungs didn't seize.

This might be workable after all. Don't think I want to sprint though when I'm running for exercise. At least, not yet. :)

(Also; I'm a lot faster than I remember being. At least for the short distances.)


Apr. 17th, 2008 11:51 am
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It's just occured to me that I've lost 47 pounds since last June.

47. Pounds.

And I only have 44 to go.

47. Wow. I wonder what percentage that is.
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Guys! I'm 179 as of this morning!

I'M OUT OF THE 180's!!!!!


(Seriously, I'm sure I burned it off at the concert).

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Have her join in at work with her boss and co-worker as a team for the next round of 'Loser 4 Life' (Our bariatrics department's weight loss competition based on the Biggest Loser).

It starts next Wednesday.

Wish me (and my team) luck.

Also: related, but not at this point. The pool? They aren't opening it until Memorial Day.

ARGH!!!!!!!! *Frowny Face*

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I love my elliptical. That was the easiest-to-get-into two hours of exercise I've had since the pool got too cold to swim in.



ETA: I've dropped a pound and a half since yesterday. :) So yes, exercise can kick the butt of water-weight.

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There's no jagged rotten tooth edges to catch tongue and cheek on anymore. And my right eye *Glee!!!!* is almost back to normal (I'm typing w/out my glasses on and can read the screen with that eye as of this morning. :) )


Holy shit, so many fucking pills and drops and oh god yuck!
But, getting better, so...

Also, I got on the elliptical four times yesterday. Short, half-hour work outs, but at least I got on. :) My average speed when I'm not trying seems to be 4.2 mph. I can get up to 7, but not for long. Not yet, anyway.


Mar. 4th, 2008 07:54 pm
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Well, thus far I can't really jog all that much--surprisingly it's my right ankle and not the lungs giving me hell, so short spurts of activity is about all I can manage at the moment, at least until I get that ankle a little stronger,

So, since I can, I've been pacing, fast, in the apartment for an hour and a half to two hours while I watch news every day. It seems to be doing me well, and today I did start adding a few moments of slow jogs every five minutes or so to get the heart rate up even more for short spurts. And this way, at least, I cna get my news in too, without getting overly bored with either the exercise or the info on the TV.

Over-all, I'm spending an hour and a half (on just cardio days), to two and a half (usually around one hour, forty five minutes to two) on cardio/strength days (like tonight). Hopefully I'll repeat the weight loss like I did this past week if I keep this up. *crosses fingers*

Also: I have done my voting duty. :)
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Scale didn't budge from yesterday afternoon.

But, you know what? Since I have been bouncing between 182-187 (And usually more like 183-185) since November? I will count this as a victory. :)

And I just realized that that means I'm halfway to my goal of 137. :)

Also: Why in hell am I up an hour early at 4 am??? -.-

PS: Current Measurements. )

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So...I stepped on the scale a few minutes ago just for the hell of it.

...I was bored, what can I say?

It read 181....which means that it's possible that tomorrow morning it will read somewhere under 180 when I first get up. (In case you're wondering, it's recommended to weigh yourself first thing in the morning after you eliminate, but before you eat, drink, or exercise and cause your body to retain water, waste, and food weight. Your body weight can fluctuate up to five pounds over the course of the day).

If so...yeah. I'll retain the glee until morning.

But for the first time since November, I'm anticipating my Monday weigh-in.

*Crosses fingers*

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But two hours of hard walking apparently equals a half pound loss, at least until my body adjusts again.

I'll take it.

Also: argh. Eye doc this afternoon. And nope, no miracle recovery, so god knows what he's gonna want to do to me to make me heal. :/

Also: OMG! Boxes!

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I'd slowed down a lot on the exercise while I couldn't see. :/

My body let me know about it, especially on the strength exercises.

I lasted about five minutes on the running before the lungs cussed me out. I fast walked for 2 hours. Tomorrow I will press for ten on the running. I will beat this lung-clench thing. Until then, there will be fast fast walking for a couple of hours.

And hey, still at 182, so no complaints.
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But wearing clothes that are not loose. 'Large' shirt, size 14 jeans. Also, no makeup. You've been warned.

I'll be happy when my body quits holding onto this weight... )


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