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So lately, people in the cat comms I watch have had problems with their cats needing their anal glands expressed.

What I'm trying to figure out is why this seems like an epidemic of care gone wrong.
Because I've never had any of my cats need to get their anal glands expressed.

WTF? Is this more common than I thought? Did I just miss the signs on my own cats? (Although scooting and dingleberries are pretty hard to miss...and when my cats have had it, it was due to other things, like worms (ew) or having found and ingested one of my own Hairs of Doom, thereby making the wonderful 'poo on a string'...

So, guys, did you ever have to squeeze foul-smelling marking musk out of your own cats' arses?
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When I go to certain pages, headers, random graphics and youtube videos don't show up. There's a stream of error messages in the error box that I don't understand, but everything else on my computer is fine, even WoW. And yeah, I hopped onto IE7 to make sure it wasn't something in my own computer. also checked the security settings. Nothing amiss.

Anyhow, anyone have an idea of what's going on? Did I miss an update or something?

In other news, it's official. On Monday, we're part of Baylor. I have my new name tag sitting next to my monitor. :)
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...It's a new musical.

It's up for whatever the big reward for Broadway shows is (Can't remember ATM because my brain just went into a corner to cry).

It might be up for an award...but that is the worst mangling of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' I've ever heard.

...And yes, that's allowing for the fact that many of the actors are parodying the singing styles of various 80s artists.


(Hint: Broadway singers rarely have the voice for rock and vis-versa. *Cries*)

Oh god, now they're going to sing 'High Enough' *Dives for remote control*

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First, the beet/red olive/raisin combo for lunch.

Now corn and peas with a touch of A-1 sauce for dinner.



Oct. 30th, 2008 07:14 am
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So, the cosmic price of Ula's health is apparently my car battery.

I'll take it.

Hey, dude?

Oct. 26th, 2008 09:53 pm
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If I say 'no, I don't want to duel,' I mean I don't want to duel. And no, offering me money and spamming me twenty flipping times with the flag is not going to change my mind. Especially since we're right outside the UC front gates, and there's zombies in the area. This is an RP server to boot. That means that no, I don't have to accept. And I won't. Why? Because you were freaking rude about it. Now get lost!

I'd cuss, but I'll settle for 'Here, have a bird, and not the one I'm riding on to get away from you.'

Player of Arianthe.

(not usually this pissy, but damn!

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PETA thinks we should save the 'sea kittens'.

...Yeah. UM...

Damn, these guys are...

You know, the only coherant thought I have on this?

Please stop acting crazy, PETA, you're making it harder for other groups to actually help the animals that need helping. :/
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Palin does an oopsie:

Now Sarah, you should know better.

Text for the linkophobes )

It's good thing I didn't hear about this sooner, or I'd be screeching.
Really, lady, their political stance and loyalties are obvious to anyone who pays half a bit of attention. Why did you/your people think they'd be okay with you using the song?


Oct. 7th, 2008 10:22 am
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I'm in a perfectly good mood, other than my ragweed allergies, which are making me a little draggy and out of it.

And someone asks me if I'm okay, because I 'look mad'.

...really? O.o

I mean, granted, I'm not smiling up a storm, and I'm sure the circles under my eyes, and the red eyes themselves from pollen irritation don't help the zombie look ..but seriously? Mad? The hell?

That's a confused 'the hell', BTW, not an angry one. I'm just honestly perplexed. I know I smiled and said hello.

Are my facial expressions really that out of synch with how I'm feeling, and what I think I'm projecting...or have people just gotten so poltically correct that unless you have a smile that can light a room by itself, then people assume you must be angry?
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So I head out to get some kitty litter, a few personal supplies and toothpaste for Foot (Although Ula's gonna get her teeth brushed too). Get home, get everything put away, get laundry sorted and started, and go looking for Foot.

I can't find her.

She's not under the bed, under the nightstand, or anywhere else that's a usual 'haha, you can't find me (at least not until you look in a new place!)' spots, of which there are very few left (or so I think).

By now, I am calling her name with that frantic tone Moms in a park everywhere get when Jr. disappears over the sunny hillside and out of sight. Ula is also following me around, calling out as well, because, well, obviously Mom is panicking, but she has no idea why.

Then I see the bedskirt move by the foot of the bed. Sure enough, it's Foot. Who has found out that the back part of the chest at the end of the bed is a biiiit higher than the front. Leave it to my first girl to figure these things out.

Needless to say, the teeth brushing is postponed until I've chilled a bit.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:36 pm
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David Bryan, WTF are you doin'?
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Remember this bit of art I was working on?

I accidentally deleted it from my 'pictures' folder.

...I deleted the file

D: !!!!!!!!

So not cool. How did I miss what I was doing?? *cries*

ETA: Retrieved from photobucket. Had to re-enlarge it and sharpen it again, but it was a high DPI save to being with, so no harm done.

Still, I lost about 4 hours of work from the last time I opened it up (I had gotten to the bead work, feathers and 'redoing' the eyes and lips).

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Don't watch it.

Anything that makes Derek's movie looks like a shoe-in for an Academy Award is B.A.D.

I suppose the good part is that it looks like they actually filmed it in the outskirts of Vegas
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So anyway, there's this concern going around that bees are disappearing. No one knows where they're going, what's causing it, etc. We're just starting to run out of bees.

So, seeing them hang out on the bushes outside my apartment windows is just downright odd. The bushes don't have any flowers, that I can tell, and when the bees are there, they seem to land, scrurry across a leaf or down an inside branch. They might even stop for a moment, and then take off, hover, and do it all over again about three inches down.

And this isn't just one or two 'confused' bees, mind you. I can easily count twenty at any given time. I've only seen one that seemed to have put something in the pollen sack on its leg, but the rest? It's like they're looking. But not finding. And they're doing this all day long.

I'm wondering if this is the cause; are they not finding the right kind of 'food'...or maybe none at all? Can they no longer tell the difference? Or are they actually finding what they need and I'm just not seeing it?

Whatever is going on, it's odd having my own little crop of bees outside the window.
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Every time something new comes up with this woman, it's even more fucked up than the last thing

As far as I know, there's no such thing as false legs for horses. They lose a leg, they have to be put down. The end.

The rest is just fucked seven ways from Sunday and then some.
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It's fucked up crazy season. Invasions, wars, dead dems, and animal cruelty of horror movie magnitude in Australia.

Fuck you all, I'm going to go play video games.

In the meantime, here, have a sleepy kitty on the computer desk.

Gah. Humans. We all suck.

PS: Flist, I still love you. I just hate humanity right now.
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I'm craving (and am making) sautee'd onions and mushrooms with butter, celery salt, lemon juice and basil.


ETA: And it was delicious.
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Foot keeps going to the porch door.

No, wait. She keeps creeping over to the porch door, pushing aside the slats, watching something outside for maybe three seconds, and then jumping back and dashing away from the window as fast and as low to the ground as she can.

From what I can tell, there is absolutely nothing outside that should be making her do that.


Nevermind. She was doing it again as I typed this, and this time I heard a thump at the glass, so I went over and turned the porchlight on.

It's a toad trying to get in for some reason.

ETA: Annnnd twenty minutes later and Mr Toad is still jumping at the glass. O.o (and yes, I went and researched toads...).

Hmphn. o.O
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I tend to get knee-jerk reactions to articles like this before I even read most of it, because the whole tone just pisses me off.

Such as: "Once these other factors are figured in, you have to put three times more energy into producing one pound of beef than the beef itself provides.".

My first thought?

"Well, yeah. But then, when we were just good little monkeys with sticks and stones, we output five to eight times more energy (as do most predatory animals to this day) than we consumed just to try and catch a mammoth or wild ox for dinner. Nevermind actually getting to eat it after if it doesn't escape and/or screw up one of our tribe mates."

Yeah, there are some good points, but the self righteous tone still bumps it down to 'meat is bad, and if you eat it, so are you.'

Fine. Once you're done taking that source of nutrition away though, I'd like to see you puzzle out the problems that farming for massive commercial interests and needs create and does to the planet. How are you going to 'stop' that rape of the planet without killing all food sources? We have to eat something, sweetcheeks. Or are you planning to have us eat each other? (Soylent Green! YUM!)

Okay, done ranting. (And no, I don't equate all vegan and vegeterians as being preachy and crazy and all that. I see nothing wrong with wanting to have that diet. It's just not my own choice. ;) ). And now I'll go back and read the damned article with as open a mind as I can manage.
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snagged from sf_drama.

There are some things CGI simply was not meant to be used for )



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