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Oi hai, guys, long time no see.

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Ed--You were on the TV for as long as I was alive. I missed when 'Heeere's Johnny!' stopped being a nightly staple...and I will mourn the fact that I will never hear your rich, kind voice ever again.

Farrah--I wanted to be you for a time (even when, as a kind, being 'blond' was gross to me, because most examples were giggly little airheads with nary a thought in their bubble-brained heads. You were classy, beautiful and sweet, and you never lost any of that despite living your life in Hollywood.

Michael--You were a master story teller, a great musician, and a hell of a showman. When you went around the bend, I mourned the loss of a bright young man with a beautiful talent. I hope now you're free to become that man again, and that you've finally found peace.
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On the news last night that some people are pushing to have people start to pay for regular old radio broadcasts (Not the high def stuff--the stuff you cna pick up on any old radio). The arguement is the same one presented for why you can't do free downloads etc, which is that the artists don't get paid for each time their song is played (Oddly enough, I've been under the impression that radio stations actually did have to pay some sort of fee to be allowed to play an artists' stuff since I was in my teens. Did this arrangement change at some point?)

Anyway, imho, they're shooting themselves in the foot. How do they expect anyone to buy their artists' music without advertising it? Unless, of course, they're only intersted in 'rich' cusotmers who have the cash to fork over.

Anyway, not my best commentary, but you'all get the idea. It'll be a shame if being able to enjoy music once more becomes a privilege only the 'rich' (IE: People with enough disposable income) may have.


Jun. 13th, 2009 12:01 am
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Unfortunately, a comm post reminded me of this, so now I'm in a crappy mood again.

I'm not going to link to the article (It's on the ASPCA site, if you really want to go look for it), but every time I hear about the shitty things teenagers (and adults) do to kittens, cats and dogs, it makes me want to beat the crap, and whatever the fuck is wrong with them, out of them.

Got that feeling today when I got the ASPCA newsletter.

Long story short; teen and BF break into ex roomies apartment, trash the place, put 2 month kitten into oven and turn the oven on.

Why? They were pissed off at the ex roomie, and the girl 'doesn't like cats'. And no, the kitten didn't make it. No one knew anything was wrong until neighbors reported smelling smoke coming from the apartment to the FD.

Anyway, yeah. How disturbed do you have to be to think doing that to a pet is okay?

Cuddling cats and going to bed now.
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We get it. You're so dripping with Privilege, that it's like a fungus on the foot of humanity.

Now take your greedy, whining, lying, stupid, petulant, pasty white ass and go the fuck away.


Dumb ass.

(Tired of waking up to him on the news. It's like the troll you can't ban because other people keep feeding it.)
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For those of you who watch sports news and heard about the almost hold-up and shooting of Michael Irving last night? (It didn't happen; they recognized him and had a nice little chat with him before speeding off).

That intersection he was at?

Yeah, that intersection is on my walking route to Walmart. Fun

This is why I don't go on evening walks. :/

ETA: That whole Smokepipe thing that happened a few weeks ago was also on the same stretch of road.

Yeah. :/
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And next time, let's make sure it gets said.

ETA: Also, he doesn't seem to mind it being spread, so link away.
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Every time something new comes up with this woman, it's even more fucked up than the last thing

As far as I know, there's no such thing as false legs for horses. They lose a leg, they have to be put down. The end.

The rest is just fucked seven ways from Sunday and then some.
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It's fucked up crazy season. Invasions, wars, dead dems, and animal cruelty of horror movie magnitude in Australia.

Fuck you all, I'm going to go play video games.

In the meantime, here, have a sleepy kitty on the computer desk.

Gah. Humans. We all suck.

PS: Flist, I still love you. I just hate humanity right now.
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Article at Verizon

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Oh, Reverend Phelps, when will you learn?.

This man (and his family, it would seem) just...gah.

:( !

Jul. 27th, 2008 10:48 am
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Riptides. Take them seriously, folks.

Don't they put up riptide signs anymore?
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But it bears repeating and spreading that someone is trying to pass a law that essentially makes even using contraception an abortion in the eyes of the legal system.

Now, other people have said this in much nicer terms already, so I'm just going to let it all hang out.

To the people trying to pass this law:

Listen, you moralistic shit stains, shut the fuck up, stop trying to tell me what to do with my body, and get it into your thick fucking heads that preventing a pregnancy is NOT an abortion, and ISN'T going to make God come down from Heaven and end the world. Although yes, I understand that some of you who are too far gone are hoping that's exactly what's going to happen in your lifetime.

(Hint: It won't. Or it would have already.)

We have more than enough people on the planet already. We don't need more, and we sure as hell don't need more that are going to just keep making more when we can't even take proper care of the ones already here, or the planet, either. If people want to keep from adding to the problem, LET THEM. Why, according to your own morals and 'religiously right' smugness want more people who would do that around, anyway? Shoot yourself in the foot often, do you? Jackasses.

Now fuck off and die in a fire. Before I come and permanently ensure you can't have anymore psychos like you to add to the breeding (and political) pool. Thank you.
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Now, onto something more serious.

If I hear one more instance of 'OMG! if Obama is elected, the country will go to hell, and Whitey will pay the price!" opinion, I--yes, little miss Scottish-Irish, so white I could reflect the sunlight as easily as the moon does, me--will start going after white folks my own self and doing something drastic.


PS: Put that 'But I'm not racist!' money where your mouth is and start learning to SHARE.



Okay. Done now. Go back to your fun and happy stuff. Yay, America! :)
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06/30/2008 11:02:54 EST Bon Jovi to play at free NYC concert

NEW YORK - New York City officials say Bon Jovi will play at a free concert in Central Park this summer.

The concert will be held July 12th.

The concert is billed as a prelude to the July 15th All-Star baseball game, which will highlight the final season at Yankee Stadium.
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It's all a matter of perspective.

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That the whole salmonella tomato scare has me walking around with the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes theme playing in my head?
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Mr. Carlin and his sharp, saracstic, but oh-so-on wit and humor.

Keep on joking in the afterlife, George. May all your meatcakes be good.

...And for God's sake, quit giving us that look from above, you creepy old man!



May. 28th, 2008 07:13 am
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Hollywood Starlets, you never cease to amaze me.

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Answer: No, bitch. It's called 'plate tectonics'. You know, taught in science class during the geology section? Knowledge. Learn You some.

Also: quit finding 'new age' and/or religious reasons for why the weather and planet are going funky and study a little more science. It's called a cycle. One that's far longer-lasting than humans have been living.

PS: Karma doesn't work that way.


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