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Oi hai, guys, long time no see.

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I haven't been doing too bad on it though. There are several people going at it Biggest Loser style, and are dropping an average of 5-10 pounds a week (although I do wonder if they'll keep it up after the contest...). Personally, I dropped five pounds first week, gained them back the next thanks to my monthly, and have steadily dropped an average of two pounds since then, which leaves me at a total of 8 'official' pounds (plus the yo-yo weight of five for a total of 13) loss.

So, not too bad at all. Probably not enough to win the contest, but then I didn't expect to win anyway because I'm using it as an excuse for motivation rather than to win the prize. :)

The good news is that I'm now officially back in the 180s, which makes me very very happy.
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So, I've been feeling slightly 'off' since Thursday. Nothing really notable--a little stomach upset, slight diarrhea that I could blame on the roast beef in the cafe not quite being cooked enough on Friday, the week from hell at work, feeling unusually tired last night, etc (I actually went straight to bed after signing off from Zangarmarsh last night and slept until 10 this morning...a twelve hour sleep). Overall, not enough to complain about, so I didn't note it.

Until this morning, when I finally crawled out of bed (once at 7 to feed the cats--stayed up long enough for that and decided I needed more sleep, since I was dozing off as soon as I sat down--and then 'officially' at 10). Eyes all gunked and crusted up, slight headache, running stuffed nose, and the threat of an incoming sore throat.

Congrats, it's a head cold. :P

Anyhow, wrapped up on the recliner in a nice fleece blanket, watching the original The Poseidon Adventure, sipping on coffee heavily laced with ground cinnamon (the cinnamon really does help with sore throats), and contemplating the fact that I need to vacuum, do laundry, and wash my hair. None of which I want to do, because it requires movement.

Blargh. I'll probably sign into WoW later...but right now...just...blargh. I was supposed to do house chores today and have neither energy nor inclination.
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But I knew it was coming.

Updated my weight loss ticker, and of course, since I got lazy and gained...well, I'm no longer at the halfway mark.

Disheartening, but accountability is probably a good thing right now.

The good news? I lost five pounds on the first week of the new work contest. So at least I wasn't inputting more weight (and I did lose!).
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From an email sent through our company today by the health nurse.

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I feel tired, hot, pissy, out of sorts, and completely zoned out. I'm getting irritated at people just because they're talking to me.

And I can't blame it on my 'monthly', since I just recently had it.

Make it stop.

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It's all a matter of perspective.

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I went home, took out my contacts, and crashed until the cat woke me up for dinner. So I got up, fed her, took a bath, put on my glasses and vegged for the rest of the night, which ended three hours later and after watching the last PotC movie. Which was...okay. I think I'm happier with just liking the first movie as a stand alone.

I also let the Zyrtec run its course. Now that I'm off it, I actually feel a LOT better, and my eyes, though still slightly red, are nowhere near as bad as they were yesterday (that's probably lack of the same amount of allergens in the air, but still...). I suspect Zyrtec and I are not destined to be friends. Which is fine, because that shit is expensive.

I'm also less grouchy, less feeling like I need to be in the bathroom, and not feeling like I'm going to hurl at all.

Denise Richards still pisses me off big time, though, so I can't blame that on the drugs. ;)
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You're on Zyrtec.

Your face feels like it's going to break out in a rash any minute.

Every sinus you have is still stuffy and sore despite the drugs.

Your eyes look like you've been on a five day drinking binge.

Your stomach hurts.

The stuff on the other end isn't doing so great either.

You want to kill the world

(and yes, it's allergies--I'm not truly nauseous, and I'm not running a fever, nor am I half blind despite the current nice, rosey hue of my whites.)

Why, God? Wasn't monthly menstration enough vengence for you?


Blargh owie

May. 7th, 2008 07:51 am
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I. Hate. Being. Female.

Someone get me a spoon; it digging my own guts out would actually hurt less than this.


Apr. 27th, 2008 08:53 am
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I've forgotten how tight a properly fitting bra feels. Or maybe it just feels tight because I've been wearing ones with bands that are too big for me.

Either way, I have to agree that what they say is true. If you want to look your best, you need to wear the right fitting bra.

Under the cut are my pics from last week in comparison to this week. It's not much of a difference, with as big as I am, but at least my boobs don't look like they're trying to exit stage left and right now. *g*

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Success! (The short nap helped as well).

Wow. If/when I get truly serious about kicking this habit, I'm going to be hurtin' for certain.

I suppose I should be grateful I only need the equvilent of two cups to solve my problem, though.

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Guys! I'm 179 as of this morning!

I'M OUT OF THE 180's!!!!!


(Seriously, I'm sure I burned it off at the concert).

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Foot is now insured. :)
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After watching RE last night, this has my eyebrow to the ceiling.


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Uh, yeah. It's out in the middle of nowhere for a reason, folks. 'Better safety measures' is not a good enough reason to bring the risk to the mainland, methinks.
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I live in an apartment complex.

Buildings are three stories tall. My own court has 14 'sets' of stairs. Added bonus--even if it rains, if I jog from stairwell to stairwell, I won't get too terribly wet. (I'm questioning the wisdom of running up and down the stairs, though--don't want to disturb the neighbors. Going up/down at a good walking clip might be okay, though.).

I'm wondering if that would make for a good work out...

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But if the weather holds true, and it does get up to 80 or better, I'm going to go dump my ass in the pool when I get home. It's calling me, guys. With its evil little voice.

You know

Apr. 1st, 2008 08:03 pm
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I really hate reality shows. I think they're one of the most mean-spirited things modern entertainment has come up with.

Except Biggest Loser.

I still hate the 'must eliminate' thing, but any show that can make me cheer, cry, smile, appreciate and feel good about team spirit and the human nature, and feel energized afterwards?

Good show. I'm sorry I missed the seasons that came before.
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But kinda nice.

I went to bed early because of the itching teeth (they seemed to have stopped with that nonsense now), and just got woke up by the phone. I didn't get to it in time, but the caller left a message.

It was my dentist, calling to make sure I was ok.

Like I said, weird, but nice.

And yes, I am ignoring that suspicious part of my brain going 'But he called at 9:45 at night!' and assume he's just a very conscientious doc.

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Oh god. Two credit cards are howling in pain right now.

I have on the temp crowns while we wait for the made-to-order ones to come in. It doesn't hurt, per se, but it itches. I HATE that.

Almost as much as the bill.

I will never again let anyone get control of my money and life, meager as they may be.

God, this itching is driving me NUTS.


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