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So, Funimation seems to be stuck on ep. 38 at the moment. Annoying.

I did find an online source though for the manga, and sure enough, Brotherhood follows the manga, so I've been happily reading past the current available anime episode since this morning.

...And all I have to say about Al and Ed's father?

Dude, his very concept makes my head hurt, and therefore, by default, his sons. In a good way, but still.

WTF for the win, man.
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I swear to god, if the new FMA series makes me cry like the original one did at the end, I'm going to hit someone. Just because.


(and yes, I know it's silly to cry over anime. Sue me. :D )
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I've decided I like both versions of FMA.

Already have the first series, including the 'wrap up' movie. Now I have to make budget plans for the 'Brotherhood' series when they finally put it on DvD, and they're still going strong at episode 38, so it's not going to be cheap.

...And Dad's x-mas money went towards the manga series (which should be here soon).

*sigh* me and my obsessions.


Also: sketching eyeballs is therapeutic. Seriously.
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Legend of the Dog Soldiers.

1) Why in gods name do they not use the animation in the opening sequences for the actual series?

2) Why do they keep changing the style (and each worse than the last) between episodes? And I'm sorry, but the rotoscoping method combined with melty face syndrome does not help.

3) Plot. They need a better one. Or they need to get to it sooner.

4) Music. Okay, I like it...but it doesn't fit. The beginning and end themes anyway. The in-episode pieces are nothing to write home about.

5) WTH. Seriously. About all I can figure out is these guys were all dogs born to a human princess once before, they've rezzed, each of them carry a shiny little monk's bead from their mom, and...they're all dumb as hell and being used in some sort's not even plot. The fuck?

In sort...not one of anime's better offerings. At least not in this form.

Only three episodes to go and...eck. :/
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I'm probably late to the party with this one, but... is running the newest incarnation of Fullmetal Alchemist on their site. It's apparently a more faithful adaption of the manga arc, especially since that's apparently finished now. I've watched eps 1-3 so far, and they're doing a rushed variation of the eps from the first series (I guess the original anime was accurate up to a point). Animation is a little different, and they let more humor in this time (Don't mind the animation, although I like the original series better. The humor breaks, I got used to the more consistently series tone. But I'll live), and of course, the stuff that was in the first series is being a little glossed over. But then, hopefully that means the 'new' material will show up sooner. Still, it's good, if a little odd to watch after getting the first series on DVD and watching it for the past year or so...

DVDs are not available yet, because the series is still running in Japan. The American team is working on dubbing as they get episodes though, and from what I understand, the whole original english cast will be in on it (not so much with the Japanese cast, though, from what I understand).

Anyway, Funimation is running subtitled episodes roughly a week after they air in Japan, and the newest is episode 37.

Watching is free. And the connection is pretty good; even on my crappy DSL the only time it's siezed up on me is when the phone rang (which is...normal. :P)
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Still reading the tropes site...and apparently a common fanon 'fact' is that Edward Elric's pants are leather.

Um...'scuse me...but they're given the same color and texture treatment as the shirt/tunic he wears...and it's obviously a military uniform.

Which are commonly thick cotton/wool/you know....some sort of fiber-based material.

Where did they get this stuff?

Yeah, I'm with Vic on this one: Edward's gotta be smarter than that (also, underage fetish, anyone? ew. XD )

(ETA: And don't any of you start up with that whole 'yeah, but we know what your favorite characters commonly are age-wise...I claim This as my self defense...*cough, shifty eyes*)
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Seriously, I've been LMAO for the past two hours when I'd been planning on working on the book.

Still, it's hilarious. :D
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Screenshots, blah blah blah, Squee, blah blah blah, you should see it, blah blah blah, did I mention 'Squee?', (etc etc etc...)

Screenshots from Jyu oh sei, my latest obsession...

What is it with me and blond anime characters and their second-in-commands, anyway? )
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But I fear I would die of the cute a mere episode in.

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Geez, but the Elric family is fucking complicated.

ETA: Good for you, Alphonse. *loves this little guy*
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Tokyo Godfathers.



(Side note: The sound clips they used for the cats was well done enough that Foot started looking for the cats. She also apparently likes anime. Obviously my cat. :) )
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Full Metal Alchemist is so popular.

Well done.

I am pleased I used some of my credit with the DVD club on this series. :)

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RE: Fushigi Yuugi.

It's a wonder Tamahome didn't die of blue balls.

...Just sayin'...
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Well, okay, it's no so much that as just me replacing something, but still...

This is what reclaiming really is )
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Joe Asakura and Han Solo could be brothers in look and attitude.
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This is old news by now, but I just found it on the front page of the White Shadow site.
Just a little psyched here. ^^

Snagged whole cloth from the page to save everyones bandwidth )

Hmn...gritty. I like gritty.

Haven't found other info, and there's nothing but a new press release and an incomplete info page on the Imagi site as of this morning, but since it's 'Gatchaman 2008', that's not surprising.

Have to say I like the idea of streamlined outfits--the birdsuits are a cool idea, but impractical.

Heh. As if anime is often practical in design! *g*.
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I'm not sure if I shared the beginnings of the birdsuit redesign or not, but here it is, plus a 'color sketch' (my fancy way of saying 'I'm messing with the colors, this isn't a serious attempt at art, kthnxbbai!'') of the ideas I have rattling in my brain.


(x-posted to [ profile] derek_bliss's LJ. 'Cause, like, it's his IC wife. ^^)

Also lj cut because I still WUB YOU ALL!!! )
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*Has a moment of silence, belated though it may seem, for Mrs. King*

A large, wild and crazy, definitely world-marking era is coming to an end with all the recent deaths. May she, and all the others, find peace, and may the rest of us continue to remember and learn from their examples.

Because yanno, not everyone cares about reading the day to day stuff... )
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Pissed off.


Stayed up late to try and finally see what Full Metal Alchemist was about, especially since I haven't had any sort of new anime fix in about two years (mate is not particularly fond of it and I took advantage of her going to bed early to watch)...and it's not playing tonight.


Stayed up anyway to watch Gundam Seed, even though the original series gave me hives when I was younger. For once, I was slightly impressed by it...and then the frigging satellite box decided to have connectivity problems right at the Big Moment.

I. Want. A. Sledgehammer.

Right now. If not sooner.

Might not fix the (admittedly trashed anyway) box...but I'll feel better...

*snarls and crawls into bed*


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