Mar. 3rd, 2009 07:28 am
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Tax check has arrived! WHoo!

And yes, the cats are already set up for vets visits. Next week. At the same time. Whee! :P

And there's an amazing amount of relief involved in knowing there'll be a cush in the bank again once the cats are taken care of.

Also: Something only people who have done the Steamweedle Cartel quests will understand.

#%%$^@!!!! Chicken!
@$Q#^#^@%!! Scorpids!!!!!

What's even sadder? Got killed, rezzed just as a pally was leading his own chicken through the scorpids, helped him, got invited to group..but we forgot to add me to the quest (I lost my chicken). So when we got into town, he got credit, but I did not.

Now I have to remember where I get that stupid beacon from (Ratchet, I think), so I can try it again. Alone. The pally was sweet though--he tried to give me the helm he got as a quest reward, and was disappointed when he figured out it was soulbound.
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For the first time in several months, I have paid off my bills day after payday...and still have money in the bank.

Did I mention how much I love my wonderful Dad?

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Just did my taxes.

Let's just say I'm getting close to one month's worth of paycheck in returns.

:D !

(Yay! Healthy kitties and a few credit cards cleared out, ahoy!!!)

Sometimes it pays to let them tax you to death.
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You have everything you need to do your taxes, you know you'll be getting money back because you let the government tax the hell out of your paychecks and earnings every year, you don't have a lot of 'extra' lines to fill in because your financial dealings are pretty damn simple and direct...

...and you'd still rather put it off by reading shit on LJ for hours instead. XD.

I suppose it's a good thing I've managed to get myself together enough to start laundry and a crockpot of split pea soup for lunches this week...
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[Poll #1321015]
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First off: LiveJournal--WTF with the lag tonight?

Any 'ol way...

So. Car got fixed last Tuesday (Finally). Dad sent money. Bank decided they wanted to hold onto it until tomorrow, so I was getting prepared to spend another week of getting shuttled around by the boss lady.

BUT! Dad, being Dad, called them and paid for it, so I've had a car since Friday. I have a great dad I don't deserve. But that doesn't mean I'm willing to give him up. I just hope that when it's time for me to take care of him, I'm able to do just as well by him.

The cats are starting to sleep on the bed together during the day, and the distance betwene them gets smaller each day. I'll give them 'til January at best before they're curled up next to each other.

I have a two day work week, and then a week and a half off. And Dad will be here for that. :)
Of course, he wants to take a look at my expenses, so there'll be a kid-and-parent moment or three I'm sure, but right now I think his help is what I need, even if it comes with what may feel like a lecture from my perspective. I feel bad it's necessary, but I'm not stupid enough to let that turn me into a 'oh, but everything is fine' martyr. I'll leave that for the ex and her favored holes. I just want back into a good place and this time stay there without getting into any of the messes I got into this past year that makes this whole thing necessary.

Oh, and that isn't why Dad's coming out...it just became something we're going to talk about since he had to help with the car. (Damn, I feel like a kid who broke the cookie jar when she got caught with her hand in it. But I know that's just past experiences. I didn't do anything 'wrong'...I just need help. I hope I remember that when he's talking to me).

Damn, can you tell what's worrying me most?

Anyway, that aside, I'm excited that Dad will be here in two days, and am looking forward to it.

Other than that...you know, there's not much going on. Although right now I'm smelling tuna fish when there's none out in the open...hmn. Should go check that out.

ETA: Last but not least, please clicky (I don't know how I got into this, but it's freaking addictive)

Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today!
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The vanity cats in WoW make me squee. I love watching their little tails and butts bounce when they're running. And I love the fact that the little paws are textured on the bottom, too. I love seeing those little pads flash up into view!

Yay on the girls starting to get along.

Thunder scares my cats.

Foot gave me three different silent meows with eye-scrunchies tonight. It made me feel all gooey inside.

I hate ragweed allergies. They make me grouchy, migrainy, sniffly, ill, and wanting to do nothing but sleep. :/

Yep, even after being pretty much lazy for a whole month, my apartment is still much cleaner than the trailer ever was after the first couple of years. :) My worst vices are not dusting and not always taking the trash out in a timely manner (not overflowing, but I do press the breaking point of the bags sometimes...). Leaving the dishes overnight is my third vice (but they always get cleaned before I head off to work because I don't want maintenance seeing ugly stuff in the sink).

Got my yearly eval. Getting full amount of available payraise. only 3%, but it's better than no payraise at all (possible in this economy and with the hospital being in between owners), or, you know, not having a job at all. Also--attitude still improving. Still needs a little work, but it's lightyears above what it was even last year this time after a few months away from the ex. Maybe in another year or two, I'll actually be the not-so-pissy person I once was...(or at least think I was...^^;).

Looking forward to cooler weather.

I has LOTS of cat and human food in the house, and a decent start on Ula's vet fund. :)

Three paydays this month. That, plus raise, makes all things good.
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Maintenance can't find the leak, but my rug is still getting wet, even with the fan on, so tomorrow when the office is open again, I'll have to let them know. The upside to this? Foot doesn't like the noise of the fan, so Ula's had more opportunity to come out and hang with me without fear of being chased as often. She's also learning where the food dish normally goes (in the kitchen), and since Foot isn't going there as often, Ula is getting more food...and Foot less (which Foot needs because she is starting to surpass the 'pleasingly plump' stage).

I hate paying bills, especially right now with as tight as everything is (yes, I know that's contradictory to the other night of 'lalalalala! I have money for WoW'). I got everything paid, and on time, but I'm eyeballing the little red line that's easily seen, although not crossed, in the checkbook. Mostly, it's because of cats, yearly car fees plus insurance, the final gasps of the $500 'oops', the last of the payments for the pictures I had taken of me (taken directly out of my paycheck), and cats again. But once that's cleared out by the middle of next month, I'm back to basic bills again until December (car insurance again, whee!), other than the WoW account. And I redid how I do my lunch budget, so that should be a $60-$70 per paycheck regain right there. Also, it'll be getting cooler again soon, so I'll be using the AC a lot less, which will likely half my electric. Every little bit counts, and summer tends to suck for most people financially, anyway.

Still haven't made any WoW characters. Been too busy with RL issues, but hopefully will get at least one up and going, if not this afternoon or evening, than tomorrow for sure.

Mostly, now that the bills are paid for this round, most of my stress is coming from the wet floor and the uber-noisy shop fan sitting ten feet away. I'd move everything into the bedroom and close me and the cats in (the door makes a good shield from the noise), but then I couldn't watch TV or play vid games (even though it is kinda hard to hear right now anyway). And the bedroom is kinda small to be spending all my time in there.

I just hope the noise doesn't do long term damage to the cats' ears (I'm leaving the bedroom door open just enough so that they can get in and out with no problem, but so that the door shields them from the worst of the noise).
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Okay, so I have Foot, whom I love to death.

Foot is also on her own on average, 9 hours a day Monday through Friday. She is also starting to get a tiny bit pudgy, and sleeps most of the day, even when I'm home, and a good portion of the evening.

I'm thinking maybe of getting a second cat.
Actually, I'm thinking of a specific cat, who was up for adoption at the local Petco a week after I got Foot, and who is still up for adoption two months later. She'll be out again this coming weekend at the Petco in Lewisville where I used to live--a 20 minute drive.

I am seriously considering getting her. She is an adult, spayed, has her shots and stuff up to date.

Here's my concerns.

1) I'd need to double check and make sure I could get a second cat.
2) I think I need another $400 for a secondary deposit (a little difficult at the moment unless I get a decent chunk of B-day money).
3) The adoption fee is another $119, but it covers everything I would have had to do on my own in regards to a vet visit for a new pet anyway.
4) At least one new cat bed.
5) I'm not sure how Foot would take it, although she's seemed curious about cats outside the window, and not threatened. The cat I'm thinking of getting is fostered in a home with other dogs and cats.
6) I'm not sure my apartment is big enough for two cats.
7) A little bigger cat budget will be needed. Once the initial fees are handled though, that's not such a big deal (and it's only a big deal right now because I'm still playing 'catch up' from the goof on the bank account. By the time the big stuff rolls around again next year, I should be good to go).

Anyone have any opinions?

ETA: Here's the girl in question. Her name is Ula.
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From anyone who has tried to sell their art.

TL;DR for most )
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But, bills are paid, the charities I give to have been given to (yay!), I'm once again caught up from before my 500.00 mistake, and I'm not as close to going under again as I thought. *whew*

And I still have a little available to be able to get stuff I need the next two weeks (although the play budget is shot to hell ATM).

I'm just glad this is one of those 3 paycheck months, so I have one more to go to finish off any lingering 'oopsies' and get solid before the next month's round (plus I can pay off next months rent before the usual paycheck, which will give me another boost in available money next month).

Still, it's squeaky tight budget right now. Can't you hear it squeaking? ^^;

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of 'I don't wanna pay the bills'.

Of course, that might be because I know my entire paycheck is already spoken for. :P

IN other news, I have to say that I really like the 'Almighty' films. :D When my budget is back on track, I really have to get both of them and replace my Dogma CD that I left behind.

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Got paid.
They approved the PTO pay out as well.

The damage wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

I'll still have to be pretty tight-fisted for a few months, but I'm by no means dead in the financial water.

Thank everything in the universe. That was too damned close.

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Dad's got me covered.

I dunno what I did to deserve such a wonderful guy for a father, but we're good.

Now I can quit giving myself grey hairs.

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Overall: Good.

I'm wearing contacts today! YAY! Oh man, this is great. :)

Cut for the rest )
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My credit score increased. Just got an alert for it.
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Financial musings. Boring and not much to see... )


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