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Feb. 26th, 2009 08:07 am
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So, the federal government is going to be running, essentially, 'marriage is good!' adds, since the ratio of single folks to married is way way up (and of course, they're targeting the 20-30 age group. Why no love for the older folks, huh?).

I felt weirded out about that, though wasn't sure why for a little bit, and beyond the 'dear government, please to be staying out of my private life, 'kay? Thanks' thing.

Then I realized what the problem was.

Which is 'oh, so more promotion for monogamous, same sex marriage, with an undercurrent of religious obligation. GREAT!!!.

Not. But that's essentially what it'll be, I bet. :P

Also, the new company that's finally buying our hospital is apparently 'Christian run'. :/

I'll be fine with new restrictions (might lose the internet surfing and radio and have to wear, you know, an 'official' CS 'uniform (hopefully that means just specific color scrubs and not some ployester monstrocity that'll have me seating buckets on a 109 degree dock in summer), the intermittent drug tests, and maybe even not being allowed to eat lunch at my desk, but I'm just hoping they keep the religious stuff to themselves. Please. Normal 'professional operation rules' I can deal with. The religious morality rules, I can't.

And to qualify: I have no problem with the religion. What bothers me is when 'business rules' are used to enforce the religious beliefs. And many religiously run business do just that. If they avoid that, I'm cool. If not, it'll make me want to smack some people around with a large metal pole.
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We get it. You're so dripping with Privilege, that it's like a fungus on the foot of humanity.

Now take your greedy, whining, lying, stupid, petulant, pasty white ass and go the fuck away.


Dumb ass.

(Tired of waking up to him on the news. It's like the troll you can't ban because other people keep feeding it.)

Oh for...

Nov. 25th, 2008 08:29 am
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You know, people, even if he was born in Kenya, Obama still had American citizenship through his mother. It's no different than if Mom had had him in England, France, whatever, and then shipped him home. And I'm pretty damned sure his birth certificate is floating around somewhere.

Also 'the highest voter turnout in ages is not the same as the 'mere 38%' you keep quoting. Maybe that 'mere' is the usually mere of the white votership. Everyone else actually got into voting this time around, though. Kinda scary to find out you aren't the biggest baddest group here, huh?

Now, Geez. Just shut up already.

(I hate it when people I normally respect go off on these stupid Obama tangents).
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Not locked, so linking, especially since they didn't say I could steal it (at least not yet).

Sometimes, my fellow WoW players are pretty damn cool about Obama.

So far, the comments are cool, too. ;)
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Is not even if McCain gets into the White House.

What frightens me most is if Obama gets in.
Not because I don't want him there (hell no, I want him in there so bad I can taste it).

What I fear is the same thing that happened to Kennedy.

What I fear is that 2 months, 2 years, possibly 2 terms down the road, someone kills him.

I can promise you; with as crazy as people are acting over the whole deal, if he gets killed, it'll be taken to the streets. At least, that's what I fear will happen.

And that's it for me on the political front for the day; I've already had to hold my tongue from saying 'Don't you mean 'uppity' when someone called Obama 'arrogant', and from laughing in someone else's face when they were 'if he gets in, we'll become a socialist country!' (I almost told them 'Good--maybe the change will straighten us out!').

So yeah, time to check the bloodpressure at the door, I early voted (here's hoping they don't find a way to invalidate those votes), so I'm done for the day. Tomorrow, I'll either cry or dance (and start praying, either way).
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At McCain's 'last chance' add, AKA: 'I'm Joe The Plumber'

Every single one of the 'Joes' is white, obviously upper middle class according to their dress, make-up, and attitude (I have to work harder to pay taxes? TEH HORROR!!!!), and my age (39) or older.

...Way to limit your target group there, son. I hope sheer numbers of all the groups you conveniently left out of that add over-run your little party at the polls tomorrow.

I'll be glad when this is over. I'm still hoping vervently for Barak to win (although then I'll be scared to death for him for his whole term and beyond).

PS: If you didn't already, make sure you vote tomorrow.

ETA: OH, no, wait, they have a token 'well-off black man' shoved right in the middle of the long string of white folks.

Yeah, sorry if I sound a bit bitter/cynical.
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Who is Joe Six-Pack?

ETA: I first saw this last night thanks to Indy. Spread the joy; credit the OP (and let her(?) know).
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reposted from [livejournal.com profile] rikibeth, because I think it's quite painfully true.--cluegirl.


How Racism Works )
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Meet the press )
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But it bears repeating and spreading that someone is trying to pass a law that essentially makes even using contraception an abortion in the eyes of the legal system.

Now, other people have said this in much nicer terms already, so I'm just going to let it all hang out.

To the people trying to pass this law:

Listen, you moralistic shit stains, shut the fuck up, stop trying to tell me what to do with my body, and get it into your thick fucking heads that preventing a pregnancy is NOT an abortion, and ISN'T going to make God come down from Heaven and end the world. Although yes, I understand that some of you who are too far gone are hoping that's exactly what's going to happen in your lifetime.

(Hint: It won't. Or it would have already.)

We have more than enough people on the planet already. We don't need more, and we sure as hell don't need more that are going to just keep making more when we can't even take proper care of the ones already here, or the planet, either. If people want to keep from adding to the problem, LET THEM. Why, according to your own morals and 'religiously right' smugness want more people who would do that around, anyway? Shoot yourself in the foot often, do you? Jackasses.

Now fuck off and die in a fire. Before I come and permanently ensure you can't have anymore psychos like you to add to the breeding (and political) pool. Thank you.
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Now, onto something more serious.

If I hear one more instance of 'OMG! if Obama is elected, the country will go to hell, and Whitey will pay the price!" opinion, I--yes, little miss Scottish-Irish, so white I could reflect the sunlight as easily as the moon does, me--will start going after white folks my own self and doing something drastic.


PS: Put that 'But I'm not racist!' money where your mouth is and start learning to SHARE.



Okay. Done now. Go back to your fun and happy stuff. Yay, America! :)
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With the way you're going?

It's likely to be you that gets shot.

STFU and step down already. You lost. Take it like a real woman and quit fingering your clit in public. You're beyond embarassing at this point.

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I'd have a LOT less problem with this. Because it would be social norm, and for good reason.

These days? There's no need for it. And no, I don't buy the 'right to follow your religion' as an excuse.

Anyway, I'm ashamed of the state I live in. But, by the same token, it was our own fault for having such a huge fucking loophole in the law.

It does make me want to go to the people who made the decision, shake them, and then go, "So it's okay if we send your 12 year old female family members there, too? Because, really, if there's nothing wrong with what's going on, you shouldn't have a problem with that. Even if they wind up pregnant and married."

Way to go, Texas... )
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When you read a headline that starts with 'Brush Fires' as 'Bush Fires' and automatically think 'what did that dumb ass do now?!?'.

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And 'her' peeps (IE: Little Miss racist person with the 'F' for a name).

Glad to know my politician instincts are still dead on. The time I spent in DC with the mom-family did some sort of good.

Jon, why oh WHY did you chose her to back? Can't you see folks covered in snake oil when they shake your hand anymore?

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I really don't want to lose out on forty minutes of work 7am tomorrow morning to vote in the primaries and then have to go jostle around with more crazy-ass fuckers at 7pm for the fucking caucus.

Way to make this shit complicated as hell and a pain in the ass. Bastards.

Bush? I blame you.

Uh huh...

Feb. 28th, 2008 06:24 pm
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McCain: 'I will cut taxes and get rid of the IRS altogether before we lose anymore American businesses! Oh, yeah, and pro-life and let's keep the war going!!!!'

...right. Fuck off, Mr Money maker.

Clinton: 'I will save the Middle Class!!!!'

...Hey, Hil, that's great, until you realize the lower end of the 'middle class' is already lower class, and apparently today's single-digit millionaires are considered 'middle class'. So tell me, which half are you gonna save again? Thought so.

Obama: 'Help kids, tax reduction, end to the war, create jobs, tired of fear and division...'

Hmn. Guess who I'm listening to.
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First they invited the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Now they've invited Eric Clapton.

Is it just me, or does North Korea's sudden friendliness, at least to american musicians, seem..strange?

(And no, not trying to be alarmist, just wondering what the sudden change in attitude is all about. It's possible I've missed something.)

I feel like the RCA dog right about now.

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78% Barack Obama
76% John Edwards
73% Bill Richardson
72% Hillary Clinton
69% Chris Dodd
67% Joe Biden
63% Mike Gravel
63% Dennis Kucinich
52% John McCain
47% Rudy Giuliani
47% Mitt Romney
44% Mike Huckabee
39% Tom Tancredo
35% Fred Thompson
28% Ron Paul

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


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