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My fortune cookie fortune from tonight's chinese dinner delivery:

'Your investments of time now will lead to success later.'

Food for thought, indeed...
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Somehow, the world is much better when you have a vacuumed floor....
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PvP toons--do/would you give yours a 'real' name or a 'nick name' (Tracy vs. Cowlover, as a *bad* example)?

Would you go strictly PvE realm, or RPG/PvP?

What class would you try first? What side?
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Also: hello thar, gratuitous icon post.

And now, to sleep. ;p

(PS; I can't spell grat-whatever it is. Good thing the spellcheck works. :P)
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Not even the cats are willing to do their usual morning wake-up routine so that they can get breakfast...

Also, random art. I actually joined both the RP part of the forums as well as the art contest (don't expect to win, just using it as an excuse to do art...)

Anyway, I'm using yet another variation of my old character/oldest muse ever Arianthe...and Elder...sort of...So, if the embed code from DA works, the pics should be under the cut...if not, I'm silverthorne2007 over there...

Red headed elf and stuff )
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The coffee; it does not work.

Nap; I wants one.

Weather; Cloudy but I likes it.

Sense; I has none.

Also, Pee; I need to.

Yes, that is the extent of my thoughtful responses to today. Also: 'Durr' and *drool...*

...hopefully I can go home early.
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To completely waste most of the day away by doing absolutely nothing (I'm not going to count the soup and laundry because both require a minimum amount of attention at widely spaced intervals to get done).

...oddly enough, I'm more amused than distressed by this fact. Although I do need to shave at some point today, and, by proxy, take a bath.
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A tongue-in-cheek dissertation.

Why )
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Foot's new official nickname is now 'AP Kitty'. 'AP' being short for 'Arm Pit', because that's her new favorite night-time sleeping spot.

Mixing pickled beets, raisins and red olives sounds gross, but is actually very tasty and a great combination of salty, sweety, and that beet taste that I can't descibe well.

This desert rat is not looking forward to the icy drive home, even though it's only three miles, because this is Texas, with Texas drivers (and no, Car, that isn't an invite to die again, so please don't. Walking in this mess won't be any more comfortable).

I miss my Zune. I wonder if Kohl carries MP3 players? (It's the only card that isn't maxxed all to hell and my base payments are only $6 ATM.).

If you had to describe the difference between Hunters, Warlocks (both World of Warcraft), and Summoners, how would you? And if you were making a hybrid game, would you include all three?

I really need to get a better computer so that I'm not bumping me and anyone who plays with me down to 6fp in WoW. :P
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So sleepy. And yet, I don't want to make my way to bed.

Because I don't want to have to take out my contacts, of all things.

Yeah, my laziness shows in the weirdest of ways. :P
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Even though you went to bed at a reasonable hour and slept for at least eight, you still wake up with a headache that borders on a migraine.

...And you don't actually start feeling better, even with a benedryl and an ibuprofen (hi thar, allergies and monthly!) in your system, until you've had your first few swallows of coffee.


So sad...

ETA: Yep. One cup of coffee later, and I feel fine and ready to get dressed and go buy cat food. Just call me 'caffiene junky'

(Maybe I should name my first PvP toon that when I finally get enough guts to try it...)


Sep. 6th, 2008 01:45 pm
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Can't say I really 'get it'.

Can't say I'm really all that upset about it either, especially looking at some of the things I bought into when I was younger (and messed in the head to boot). kinda upsets me that if I wanted to draw anthromorphic art, that there would be a good chance someone would 'nail' me as being a 'closet furry' because of it. Because internet furry reputation is that bad. It's not so much people might think I'm into it, as the assumptions about what I would 'be like' because I was into it, if that makes sense.

...just had to note that.
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'I googled him a little'.

...Is it just me, or does that read a little dirty to anyone else? *g*
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'Woobie and the Doom Waffles'.

...I dunno, either.
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...I want to buy a breadmaker.

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Boring shit under here )


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