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The vanity cats in WoW make me squee. I love watching their little tails and butts bounce when they're running. And I love the fact that the little paws are textured on the bottom, too. I love seeing those little pads flash up into view!

Yay on the girls starting to get along.

Thunder scares my cats.

Foot gave me three different silent meows with eye-scrunchies tonight. It made me feel all gooey inside.

I hate ragweed allergies. They make me grouchy, migrainy, sniffly, ill, and wanting to do nothing but sleep. :/

Yep, even after being pretty much lazy for a whole month, my apartment is still much cleaner than the trailer ever was after the first couple of years. :) My worst vices are not dusting and not always taking the trash out in a timely manner (not overflowing, but I do press the breaking point of the bags sometimes...). Leaving the dishes overnight is my third vice (but they always get cleaned before I head off to work because I don't want maintenance seeing ugly stuff in the sink).

Got my yearly eval. Getting full amount of available payraise. only 3%, but it's better than no payraise at all (possible in this economy and with the hospital being in between owners), or, you know, not having a job at all. Also--attitude still improving. Still needs a little work, but it's lightyears above what it was even last year this time after a few months away from the ex. Maybe in another year or two, I'll actually be the not-so-pissy person I once was...(or at least think I was...^^;).

Looking forward to cooler weather.

I has LOTS of cat and human food in the house, and a decent start on Ula's vet fund. :)

Three paydays this month. That, plus raise, makes all things good.
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The hospital where I work at is having an employee appreciation week, which included a free lunch and t-shirt today.

Not much victory on the lunch end since it's the usual 'picnic' faire (hot dogs, burgers, potato salads, etc), but I had one non-the-less.

If it had been this time last year, I would have had to ask for a 3X t-shirt, and even then, it might have been a little too tight in the chest. Today, I was able to ask for a large.

...And it's still relatively loose on me. :)
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Anne's self improvement. It moves like a plate under pressure )


Nov. 14th, 2007 10:14 pm
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One year ago today, this is where I was (and yes, it's f'locked).

Things are so different now. And that seems so long ago.

And damn it feels good to not be in that place anymore, or be that person anymore. :)
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Only thing hurting today is, yep, the left butt-cheek, with the attendant 'erg, we're just a little stiff here, lady' leg muscles to go with it. I did get a bit crinked up off and on last night, but I kept doing little mini-stretches on the offending area whenever that happened.

And here I was expecting some sort of crippling pain by this morning. I'm, like, so totally disappointed, guys. (*cough* gottabridegeinAZtosellyouifyoubelievethat. *g*).

Anyhow, so tonight I go back again.

Maybe this time I'll manage to be in agony from the exercise by Friday.

...Yes, I am weird and messed up. Why do you ask? ;)

Anyhow, off to use my stubbornly not hurting muscles for work. :)
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Although it was the weirdest feeling in the world to wake up, start to roll over, and have a bunch of bones, from arms to hips, and spine to feet, start cracking. O.o

Still, not really all that sore other in the usual 'damn you worked hard yesterday' way. Well, okay, my left butt-cheek has issues, but then it usually does--that side, including the muscles connected to the lower back, has been stiff from years of mis-use by way of weight and bad sitting habits.

But even that bit of pain seems to be more along the line of 'Don't mind us, boss, we're just realigning' as opposed to 'OMG I'm crippled and can't move!!!', so I'll take it.

Actually, my walking gait is a lot looser today and smoother. And I'm even standing up better :)

'Course, I say all that now. It's usually the day after the day after that gets you, after all.

You know, the same day I go back to class for round two. *g*
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I'm 38; I'd say I'm due for one, right?

Anyhow, I've signed up for classes at the Tae Kwan Do dojo across the street. As in, six months and there's a gi sitting on my couch with a dojo thing on the back that I have to learn how to take care of properly, classes.

I'll be out of pocket 6:45 to approx 8:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays at least until May. If I do well enough, that will likely become a permanent fixture until I get out of Texas.

Dude. My classes. One other adult and the rest kids! LOL.

But--I'm also allowed to stretch and practice whenever I like. And watch. As in, take a little hop across the street and check things out whenever it's open. The teacher said so and suggested it. So...yeah.

Also: Kon used to do Tae Kwon Do. Let's hope I do him/his memory justice.
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So, like, I've been losing weight, right?

So I took a picture... )
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I am wearing SIZE 14 jeans!!!!!

(mind you, they're a little tight on the ass where my hips are, BUT!)



My bottoms are officially high school sized again!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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I don't feel like doing the whole diet/exercise record thing today, partially because I didn't keep close enough track of my work exercise today, and partially because, well, I'm feeling that lazy.


Breakfast was the usual cereal plus blue berries and skim milk.
Had my banana.
Lunch was New England clam chowder and an apple. The mutant orange just didn't appeal today, so I brought it home and it's chillin' in the fridge for tomorrow.

Came home and had the usual Triscuits and a yogurt

Dinner was half a cup each of steamed broccoli and cauliflower sprinkled with lemon and lowfat parmesan cheese, and a small grilled 4oz flat steak, medium rare. And a little A1 sauce. :)

Dessert was another yogurt, because I'm craving them right now.

I've have two cups of mint green tea, and my usual 100oz of water.

I also did a really brisk walk (even uphill, which adventure. Hint: Bon Jovi is good for this. Just so you know. Good walking beat. ^^)

The walk was to and from Walmart--half an hour each way, with fifteen minutes in the store shopping.

I finally bought my exercise ball, a jump rope, a nice sweater I'd been waiting for them to get the right size in on, a couple of music CDs (because I'm addicted to music, darn it), and a backpack to carry it all home in (and to use for non-refrigerated grocery runs in the future. Walk to shop. Makes sense to me).

And then I came home, pumped up the exercise ball, and promptly did all the exercises on the poster that came with it. The DVD will be this weekend. ^^

If you can't do a straight-out regular exercise program due to age, weight, or injury, one involving a ball might be the way to go. Still works you out, but, like swimming, it seems to create a LOT less stress on the body while you use it. I know I'm going to be using it lots, especially when I don't feel well enough or not-sore enough to do the military style session. :)

Balls are good.

There might be trampolining later. We'll have to see. :)
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So, another week with no pool, and now it's getting cooler. But, that's all right. Because today, I actually went to take a look and see what they were actually doing over there.

Looks like they're tearing up the old brickwork. Which, I would hazard a guess, means the pool is likely closed for good until spring. Bricks in the water and everything, you know? Also, the 'drilling' I saw was apparently to get all the caulking out from between said brick work. So, yeah, no pool and massive amounts of re-work going on. I guess they decided to take advantage of the lack of pool filter.

Damn. Going to miss that until they fix it and it's warm enough to swim again.

In other news.

The allergies are finally starting to back off, which is good, because I spent the last three days thinking they were a cold instead. Which sucked. But right now, I have no meds, the door is open, and I'm fine.

Also: Yay! I have the porch door open! Fresh air! And no lectures about people breaking in and cats getting out. I've missed being able to do this. All that's missing is some nice gauze curtains to float in the breeze. For some reason, I've always found that visual comforting.

My size 18 jeans are now an inch to big around the waist. Which means I;ve hit 16...and need to go get two new pairs to replace the two I have now. I guess the upside is at least my jeans aren't going to get the chance to get raggedy before I have to replace them. :)

My accounts, all of them, are now right where I want them to be (cred cards down to zero balance again, savings and checking with plenty of cush so that I can now maintain the bottom line comfortably and without worry). Now I can concentrate on just building funds, rather than
scrambling while I get the household up to snuff and take care of odd bills while dangling right at the redline. It's a nice feeling. All I have to do now is watch the spending on 'treats'. Then again, if I keep to my bottom line when I go shopping, that won't be a problem. And I intend to increase that bottom line slowly over the next few months. You can never have enough bottom line, after all.

The 'learning to sew' thing is going slowly. Slowly enough that I've gone ahead and bought more new scrubs rather than try and alter the old ones. For now, that'll just be practice until I'm better at it. The upside is that I get new tops, which means I'm not looking shabby at work. Also; compliments. Which I'm finding I like (anyone who's known me for a while knows compliments used to make me vaguely uncomfortable. Well, forget that. Not going to get a big head, but it's nice to know I'm doing something pleasing for others to look at.).

Um...yeah. Feeling more frisky these days. Maybe it's the weather. Or maybe the last of the depressive fog is lifting after so many years. Either way, I know I'm doing well when I wind up bouncing (yes, literally) through the house in a happy funk. :)
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So we'll talk about the cockroaches first...

So fucking 'ew' )
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...Just what I always wanted; to drool white foam for a half hour each night for two whole weeks. XD

...At least it seems to be working. *g*


Aug. 4th, 2007 12:53 pm
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It's a really, really good feeling to put on an ankle-length skirt that's been sitting at mid-calf for years and find out it's only half-an-inch from truly being ankle-length again.
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Had to buy blueberries and teeth stuff today so went ahead and took a pass by the BP machine again. Took it three times, and the mid-range result is 112/78 (Although one of the readings was 102/68. O.o)

So...I guess this means I'm back to normal. Yay!

Also: splurged on a haircut--which means I spent 15 dollars to have someone else do what I usually do, only with better scissors, better aim, and more layers.

...I can style my hair to look just like Denise and Heather now--only with a lot more brown (and a lot less extensions and hair product, thank god).

...I wonder if I should laugh or cry over that.
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Because you're never too old to learn )
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I did this several months ago and wound up with a bunch of old men as matches. ^^;

Did it again today. I think I like this result MUCH better...

Celebrity face matches )

On my other recent pic, look who I netted...

Think I could get away with dating Richie? )

...I wonder who I'll look like when I lose more weight?
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So. Head cold is mostly gone. Had a very slight cough this morning, and some left side drippys, but my Weekend Of Sitting, Drooling, and Fueling seems to have done the trick.

And yes, I grilled the steak. It was delicious, and I didn't mess it up. Nice and tender (I soaked it in worstershire sauce and seasoned meat tenderizer for an hour first). The only downside was that I cooked it too long (the grill I'm used to using took twice as long), so no rare steak this time around. That's all right though, because medium rare is a decent substitute.

Thanks to constant snacking, inluding a couple of late-night deli-meat raids, I didn't lose any weight. The good news is that I didn't gain any, either.

Bought a large keyboard for when I use the laptop at the desk, and a bouncy thing* for when swimming/walking is not an option. Like, you know, when it rains or snows or something.

And found out what that extra money is going to go for this morning. Because when I got to work, I noticed a slight list in the car.

Yep...tire going flat on the right rear.

Good news? Engineering will pump me up when it's time to go home. Bad news? Still need to get me to a tire shop and fixeth the tire.

I'm hoping it's something simple, like a nail. I know someplace that can fix that easy, and for $15. Replacement tire would be a bummer.

*('Bouncy thing', as in a mini-trampoline)
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Gross. I hate summer colds.

Oh well.

Here's a pic, anyway. This is my new tank top--which, yeah, looks a lot better on me than the old grey one did. Actually, I think it looks pretty damned good. Too bad I'm a 3X up there because of my chest (but at least I'm well-proportioned, right?).

Those are also my old size 18 black jeans, which, for the first time this morning in years, did not require 'help' to be put on. Heck of a change from the size 24s in the earlier pictures, isn't it? *g*


*goes to drink a bunch of OJ*
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Like you needed more... )


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