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06/30/2008 11:02:54 EST Bon Jovi to play at free NYC concert

NEW YORK - New York City officials say Bon Jovi will play at a free concert in Central Park this summer.

The concert will be held July 12th.

The concert is billed as a prelude to the July 15th All-Star baseball game, which will highlight the final season at Yankee Stadium.
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Mostly because I was still out of my mind and didn't know my own name.

I got to see the limos leave the American Airlines Center.

I also drove by the hotel they went to as the limos were pulling into the parking garage there (they took a different route, obviously). So I know where the boys spent the night. *g* Heheheh.


And no, I won't say where, because it's a good hidey spot for them and they (and their security) really need the break after a concert. And even if I locked this post, it would get out somehow, and then the bands' people would have to scramble for a new place for the next time they came into town, and that would be a shame. So, sorry, no telling where, not even in hints. I'm just gonna sit here and be smug at you all. :)
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So no full-scale concert post just yet. Also: watching Biggest Loser, so distracted anyway.

Tomorrow, the next Biggest Loser style contest starts at work. We're doing teams of three--so it's me, my immediate boss, and the other lady in our central supply departmentfor our team. Maybe having a couple of other people depend on me to get somewhere will help somehow. Like maybe I'm not pushing enough on my own now. We'll see. Losing the two pounds at the concert last night kinda got me optimistic again anyway. :)

Wish me luck, guys. Seriously.
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I'm running on four hours of sleep and a lingering high from the concert. Whoever decided you needed drugs and/or alcohol at a show obviously doesn't know how to use their energy, or something.

Or they just prefer a different buzz. (I like this buzz, thanks. Still feels good and no hangover. :) ).

Anyhow, amazingly awake and energetic. Annnnd, I'll probably crash when I get home, because the high has to wear off sometime, and we're also short a person I have to help cover for today. So possible over-time--definite OMG!MUST MOVE IT! involved at work today.

I would like to find out the name of the rhythm guitarist. :)

Also; that was an easy two pound weight loss. Yeah, I really did bounce around that much.

Miraculously, I have a voice. My throat is a little scratchy, but I'm not vocally crippled, and singing more today is actually helping. Thank you, years and years of choir and drama classes. :)

The expected aches and pains, including from the supposed back bruise, have not made themselves known just yet. I'm sure they will though, because of the bouncing, and, yes, slight headbanging I did.

Whut? I'm a child of the 80's, I'm gonna head-bang. *g*.

Anyhow, yes, I'm alive, woke up on time, am working, am awake, can talk, and am eating lunch.





Weird thing? My ears weren't ringing this morning (they were last night), and, get this, I'm having to listen to the player at a lower than normal volumn, because louder makes my ears hurt.

Lol, whut?
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O. M. G.


My cat wonders where I've been for the past seven hours. I'm pretty sure I got elbowed in the back at some point because there's a part that feels distinctly bruised. I'm also pretty sure it's going to take a lot of will power and a bunch of ibuprofen to get me moving in the morning (you know, four hours from now).

A few quick thoughts before bed.

Next time, just the front row seats will be fine. I was three rows back, just a little off center to the right. :)

I don't like the 'up on stage' thing, because it's degenerated into 'stick a lot of people into the equivalent of a cattle shoot and hope Jon gets close enough to make it worth getting squished'. On my 'group's turn, it didn't--he spent most of the time center stage or on the other side.

So I wound up flirting with the rhythm guitarist instead. :)

I got a grin and a guitar salute from Richie though, when I'd gotten back to my seat. That was squee worthy (even if I know that really, he probably did not see me per se, but the sea of hands where I was standing. Still, close enough.

Also, I forgot my ear plugs and the damn camera. Sorry about that, guys.

Anyhow, that's the short version. reb? I got a t-shirt for ya.

Now, off to bed so I can drag my sorry, half-deaf, raw-throated self to work in the morning. :)
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T-minus 20 minutes and counting :)


Apr. 14th, 2008 08:06 am
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It's tonight! WHOO!

I have a cred card free and clear that I can do damage on. This is good.
I know where the center is, at least in theory. Also good.
I have the non-freeway route, which is excellent, because the closer to Dallas you get, the crazier the freeway drivers are (also--no tolls is definitely a good thing).
I got my make-up lesson from a pro this weekend, so I'll actually not look half dead, and might even get the shit on without looking like a clown.
It'll be cooler, so I can wear my burgandy sweater if I want. :)'m at work, but it's my early day off, and so far it looks *knock on wood* like it'll be an easy day. *KNOCKS ON MORE WOOD*.

So, yeah, WOOT!

And now, to work, so I can get my arse out of here early. :)
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So *that's* why I want to rip everyone's head off at work this morning... )
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Next Monday: Bon Jovi concert.

OMG. Fer reals.

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Ticket rambling under the cut )
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I'm an idiot. Forgot ALL about my JBJ backstage membership until about ten minutes ago.

I has tickets. And the seats I wanted. For a lot less, too.

..Still, the other deal STILL fucking sucks for people who don't have that. :/


Also, I know it's not him responding, but I still get a weird kick out of my confirmation email for the tickets coming from 'John Bongiovi's' email box. :)
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Well, that's it, I guess. No Bon Jovi for me.


Well, fuck.

Nov. 9th, 2007 12:04 pm
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Looks like presale tickets are not for me. Can't get the damned window to open at all (even though it worked fine at 8am), and I can't spend the next fucking half hour clicking away and hoping to god the window will somehow magically become available.

I'll of course try when I get home, but that's three hours away--more than enough time for the things to sell out. :/

Guess that means I try and fight with the old home computer 10am tomorrow.

This is why I hate 'presale', 'contests', etc. :/
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Boss is being cool, and it'll be during my lunchtime anyway, so I'm a-gonna try for the presale tickets for Bon Jovi.

Also, looking at other US cities where they're already on sale, doesn't look too bad price-wise. I might even be able to afford a VIP package, which would be cool, and would satisfy the agreement I had with a co-worker about if one of us wins tickets, we'll give the spare to the other person (I'm going by myself, and the VIPs are sold in pairs). I mean, I didn't win them, but hey. Whatever. :)

Wish me luck come noon--the last tour sold out in ten minutes flat. O.o


Dad is coming here on the 14th as part of his yearly Xmas roadtrip to AZ. There will be fatherly goodness for five days! YAYS!

Damn, I get to see Dad twice in one year. Not only that, but within a few months of each other. I like this. MUCH better than five years of 'uh, I can't talk right now' over the phone.



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