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A co-worker just came down to my area and presented me with two 8x11 prints of a snake he saw while out hiking. The pictures are beautiful. He said he thought of me and my snakes when he developed the now I have two awesome pics of a wild snake...he thinks it's a water moccasin. I'll have to check when I get home.

I'll post the pics, too. He's an excellent photographer...

So very cool. And very nice and kind of him. ^^

*Is now thinking of a nice, safe place to keep the pics.*


Oct. 18th, 2005 10:08 am
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Is it wrong of me to expect truck drivers to have some sense of decorum?

You know, like, having the sense not to undo their pants and try and straighten out their shirt and undies at the end of my dock?

Or am I expecting too much?


Oct. 18th, 2005 09:30 am
silverthorne: Painting of a cougar sneaking through underbrush (Default) puts sweet red bell peppers in a beef pot pie, anyway?

(And the damn thing tried to give me food poisoning, too. :P )
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Okay, Adminstrative Secretary need what? A mailing tube?

I don't have mailing tubes.

No, really. I don't have any tubes. Just the letter envelope thingies we get free from DHL because we have an account with them. We don't have the budget to buy me extra mailing supplies, remember? I have to scavenge...and I'm fresh out of tubage.

(now where's the bubblegum?)

I'll tell you where to find some though...if the departments haven't thrown them out...

Oh, yeah, wait...I have to take everything out of the boxes now because 'boxes carry cockroaches' and 'they'll get into sterile areas'. So the departments won't have them either.


Ah well.

Maybe I'll get that supply budget now? *nudgewinkcrybeg* :D



(Not angry at all, really, and actually laughing about it. The secretary was cool about it too. Now if only the professional medical yahoos would be as understanding as she is, I'd wouldn't spend most of my work days wanting to kill my fellow humans...^^)


Mar. 11th, 2005 07:26 am
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I was elected 'Employee of the Month' for being:

Never late or absent
Getting things where they needed to go when they needed to get there
Working hard
Being helpful to others


All tingly now.
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Or maybe I just don't have enough brain power to understand the logic here...

Anyhow, here's the set up: )


Mar. 3rd, 2005 11:33 am
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Heavy box+ rushing to finish absurd amounts of over-flow from yesterday+ not moving hand fast enough=

Big flipping bruise on left palm.

In other news...when did Texas drivers start learning how to drive like they're on a New York highway during rush hour? And why does the little dumbs**t have to insist on riding my bumper for eleven miles?

I was really, honestly, sorely tempted to slam on my brakes and let the guy, who stayed a nice even foot behind me the whole time, crash into my rear end.

Unfortunately, knowing that even if he were wrong and had to pay for it, that there would still be consequences (no car, possible bodily damage, and, knowing my luck the idiot wouldn't be wearing a seat belt either, which means he/she would end up doing a header through the windshield and get killed/maimed/strewn across the pavement), I opted out on that decision.

It was bloody flipping tempting though.
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Yes, yes, I know. Being a receiving clerk and part of central supply makes me, techinally, still part of the 'service' force. I know that. I'm supposed to be cheerful, helpful, and able to read your mind with a brainless smile plastered on my face while I do it.


It is Wednesday. I have eight pallets of supplies that need to be dsitributed by 10 am (hopefully) so that I can then deal with UPS, FedEX, DHL, The two pallets of Very Expensive and Must be Refridgerated lab supplies, and so on and so forth.

You'll excuse me if I have less than sterling patience, less than sterling attention and less than sterling sympathy when you show up wanting, '..a small white connector thing...'.

And that's your description. That's it...nothing else. No actual termnology I might IMMS number so that I can look it up in the computer...not even a catalogue number off the package.

And now you're staring at me like I can and should pop the mystery supply out of my ass.

Sorry, but my talents lie elsewhere.

I am however certian that you're asking for a special order item. So why are you arguing with me? It isn't here. And if you're that desperate for connectors to make longer tubing then take my suggestion to take a few of the longer oxygen tubes we have in stock instead of having a little hissy fit qand then marching off with the 'threat' of coming back with better information (IE: 'I'm gonna complain to your boss')...

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That's right, folks. Be afraid.

You see, they let me have the day off.

They actually approved it off, complete with pay.

This is a miracle...not because my bosses are cruel, but rather because:

1) The rest of the crew is constantly taking days off, which leaves the vacation schedule a little hard to manage.

2) The only time I'm usually off is when there's no possibility of a truck, UPS/FedEX type van or other delivery vehicle showing up. That means I get weekends and federal holidays off. Unless I'm so sick I have to crawl to the toilet, I'm at work (and I only get sick about twice a year or so).

3) Both they and I dread when I'm not there. They dread it because no one really wants the controlled chaos and enforced exercise regimen that is my job anyway (not to mention the 5 or so unidentifiable packages that show up everyday because someone somewhere forgot to put the right info on the box and/or the packing slip), so most of them have only a rudimentary idea of what I do 'back there' anyway.

I of course dread it because I know things will be misplaced (necessitating a 'box hunt' throughout the hospital and its 6 off-site clinics that could rival any law enforcement group's search for a dead body), mis-keyed in the computer, forgotten, and so forth. And they never log the outgoing, which means in about a month I'll have a call from someone that goes along the lines of "I mailed 'x' out forty days ago and it never got to where it was going. Do you know what happened to it?".

Er...(flips through blameless and clean log pages for that day)...nope....I was gone--sleeping, enjoying my coffee, and goofing off....ask the other folks in here...they were here that day *eg*.

The good news is that they'll get a very graphic reminder of why they keep me around. Especially since Friday is A Busy Day, and one of the loads coming today is the IV fluids that didn't show yesterday for Pharmacy. Each box is roughly 48 pounds...and the order shows there are about...*thinks* 30 boxes on it this time around. And they have to take it to Pharmacy, offload from the pallet and into a certain corner. *eg*

Ah...job security....gotta love it....^^
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My primary delivery is not here yet. The one that should have been here waiting for me when I got in.

But my dock is distressingly empty of supplies--I'm not tripping over four-plus pallets of towering death (and if you saw how the warehouse stacks these things, you'd understand what I mean). work either...


Okay...who do I have to kill?
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In which Anne rails at the world--or at least her co-workers... )


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