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I'm going through my annual madness of thinking about posting scraps and shorts in the journal. Whether or not I actually do is still up for debate. If I did though, what would you guys be interested in seeing?

Also; plurk. Who has it, and is it worth it?

*waits for crickets*
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Oi hai, guys, long time no see.

Stuffs )
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I've decided I like both versions of FMA.

Already have the first series, including the 'wrap up' movie. Now I have to make budget plans for the 'Brotherhood' series when they finally put it on DvD, and they're still going strong at episode 38, so it's not going to be cheap.

...And Dad's x-mas money went towards the manga series (which should be here soon).

*sigh* me and my obsessions.


Also: sketching eyeballs is therapeutic. Seriously.
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Lookit what I got!

She was nice enough to offer to make computer wallpapers for folks, free of charge, of their WoW characters in chosen gear, pose, and zone.

Anyway, take a look, and go backwards to see the other stuff she's done for other folks. YOu might even be able to get her to make you one for your own character. :)
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Not even the cats are willing to do their usual morning wake-up routine so that they can get breakfast...

Also, random art. I actually joined both the RP part of the forums as well as the art contest (don't expect to win, just using it as an excuse to do art...)

Anyway, I'm using yet another variation of my old character/oldest muse ever Arianthe...and Elder...sort of...So, if the embed code from DA works, the pics should be under the cut...if not, I'm silverthorne2007 over there...

Red headed elf and stuff )
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Siamese Dragon )

Art thing

Jan. 4th, 2009 02:58 pm
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Weekly art sketch.

Sphynx attempt )
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This started put as an 'elf' type, and sort of evolved into something else. I know what it's supposed to be, but I wonder what other people would mark it as (no, nothing from WoW, although I blame looking at WoW art galleries for getting me started on this).

Under here, because she's nekkid (but not detailed) )
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Just did this. 45 minutes, while watching Aliens.

My art muse just may be returning...

I've been watching too many sleeping kitties, I think. :)
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Well, after that scare this morning, I managed to get a 'final draft' of that picture I keep working on and showing.

Here's the completed work, under here. Please to be critiquing!

That only took, what, half a year? )
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Remember this bit of art I was working on?

I accidentally deleted it from my 'pictures' folder.

...I deleted the file

D: !!!!!!!!

So not cool. How did I miss what I was doing?? *cries*

ETA: Retrieved from photobucket. Had to re-enlarge it and sharpen it again, but it was a high DPI save to being with, so no harm done.

Still, I lost about 4 hours of work from the last time I opened it up (I had gotten to the bead work, feathers and 'redoing' the eyes and lips).

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1) Sleep in until 10 every morning.
2) Maybe give the apartment a really good clean down
3) Art
4) WoW if there are any takers
5) Restaurant?
6) Game works
7) Swimming
8) Be a blob.
9) Possibly stay up late every night. Provided my body doesn't shut down on its own.

Short version:

I'm going to pretend I'm a writer/artist that gets paid to be such things for five days. :)
(Actually, it;s paid time I will be getting paid. Imagine that! Lol).

Anyway, next five days would be a good time to snag me for short term stuff anyway.
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Stupid realization, but I had it.

This stuff that I've been kicking around as a solo project in my head in the past? The one where I keep messing around with the world, the origin of the characters, and so forth, but rarely get very far into the story itself? I finally figured out why I keep setting it aside.

I was telling myself I was world/plot building for the book. My brain knew better.

I'm trying to set up a gaming world. I'm just too dense to realize it. :P

Right, then.

Now that I know what I'm actually trying to build, here...(and yeah, actual stories may come later, but I just realized that how I'm going about developing the world and what my brain is actually focused on makes for a better structure for building an RPG world with, rather than, say, a series of books, which is what it was supposed to be originally).

Way to trip myself out, there.

...and what the hell am I going to do with an RPG world?
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Still at a crawling pace, but at least I'm working on it.

Yep, still working on the girl with the feathers in her hair, but I spent a few good hours today (would have spent more, but it took me two hours to figure out why my new layer wasn't taking color). Now that I figured out what I was doing wrong, I'm in love with doing layer work. I'm still in baby step mode, but it definitely makes it easier to address one part of the piece at a time without destroying the rest of it. :)

I definitely need to spend a little more time on skin shading.

Anyhow, here's the halfway mark version.

Under here )
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I actually got some art done today.

Under here )
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From anyone who has tried to sell their art.

TL;DR for most )
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Got copy written art?

You might not if this law passes.
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So I've been trying to get my butt into bed on worknights at a reasonable hour so that I get at least six hours of sleep. Which means I should be sawing wood right about now.

Which means, of course, that I'm wide awake and not feeling tired at all.

I can see that this 'drink a cup of hot cocoa' thing is going to end up being a pleasant, but potentially hazardous to my weight, habit of mine. :/

Also, I put up two sketches at my deviant art page tonight (yes, I have one--Silverthorne2007 for those that care). It's stuff you guys have seen, and not the completed works (I'm probably not going to put up anything I've actually finished there, and yes, the actual sized pics are watermarked. I've heard plenty enough about art theft to know not to give 'em anything I might want to do something with later), but I figure a little exposure won't hurt.

Hmn. There's an idea....maybe if I sketch a little, I'll get sleepy enough to doze off.

ETA: Turkey bacon is not too bad. Burns easier and faster, but not too bad at all...


Feb. 24th, 2008 08:42 pm
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I just got an alert that I've sold a medium t-shirt at my cafepress store!

YAY! My first sale!

Hee. :)


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