Jul. 14th, 2011 12:58 am
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Can't sleep, and not really up for RP, even though I owe a ton of tags.

Am pondering a few things though.

First of all, anyone know where I would be able to play [ profile] soulboundhunter? I'm good with most genres, and I can probably adjust her into a total OC if people don't mind me using blood elf icons for generic hunting elf #101. Just seems a waste to have the journal and icons and nowhere to put her. Current game doesn't allow for canon OCs and I don't want to get side-eyed for the icons (or have to change them, either. I like them) if I tried to use them for an OC of my own making.

And semi-related and having to do with world building in that I have a story. It has elves. It even has the arch typical forest elves and ice elves and even sea elves (My Elfquest and D&D roots are showing). But here's the thing--first, they're more like offshoots of the same race (that they share with the humans, bast-types, dragon, etc) rather than their own complete species.

And I'd rather refer to them as Sidhe/Shidhe (although they'd be missing a lot of the seelie/unseelie influences, so I'm not sure if that's appropriate). So I'm kinda waffling between usual fantasy convention (they're elves, dammit, just call them elves) and using my preferred term ('you didn't read the mythos did you?') or just saying screw it, calling them by something else entirely, and then have my audience going 'but they have pointy ears, do nature, and look like Tolkien elves. SO CALL THEM ELVES, SNOWFLAKE!'

Er yeah. Advice?

And...who else plays RIFT, and what's you fav class combo?

And if I manage to fall asleep before anyone answers...sorry.
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Not even the cats are willing to do their usual morning wake-up routine so that they can get breakfast...

Also, random art. I actually joined both the RP part of the forums as well as the art contest (don't expect to win, just using it as an excuse to do art...)

Anyway, I'm using yet another variation of my old character/oldest muse ever Arianthe...and Elder...sort of...So, if the embed code from DA works, the pics should be under the cut...if not, I'm silverthorne2007 over there...

Red headed elf and stuff )


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