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Jun. 13th, 2009 12:01 am
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Unfortunately, a comm post reminded me of this, so now I'm in a crappy mood again.

I'm not going to link to the article (It's on the ASPCA site, if you really want to go look for it), but every time I hear about the shitty things teenagers (and adults) do to kittens, cats and dogs, it makes me want to beat the crap, and whatever the fuck is wrong with them, out of them.

Got that feeling today when I got the ASPCA newsletter.

Long story short; teen and BF break into ex roomies apartment, trash the place, put 2 month kitten into oven and turn the oven on.

Why? They were pissed off at the ex roomie, and the girl 'doesn't like cats'. And no, the kitten didn't make it. No one knew anything was wrong until neighbors reported smelling smoke coming from the apartment to the FD.

Anyway, yeah. How disturbed do you have to be to think doing that to a pet is okay?

Cuddling cats and going to bed now.
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This story makes me cry, but the title expresses it very well.

Warning; This is a tear-jerker, but it makes for a good cautionary tale (not that I think anyone here needs to hear it).

How Could You? )
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Aug. 23rd, 2008 04:28 pm
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It's pretty cool. :) also doesn't show the badges correctly. :/


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Every time something new comes up with this woman, it's even more fucked up than the last thing

As far as I know, there's no such thing as false legs for horses. They lose a leg, they have to be put down. The end.

The rest is just fucked seven ways from Sunday and then some.


Jul. 31st, 2008 12:51 pm
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Gah. This will get all long and rambly if I go into detail, so I'll just keep it brief.

Your cat? Unless it's part of a purebreed line? Please fix it ASAP. There are too many kitties in the world right now as it is. We don't need more.

And, IMHO, even if you're a breeder, you don't really need to be making more purebreed kitties.

Not unless it's Jesus Kitty, Come to Save Us All from Teh Ebil.

(Disclaimer: I know not everyone will agree with this, and/or agree with it 100%, but after reading the 20th 'OMG, cat that's never been spayed got outside while in heat!' in the past day, I'm kinda all 'GRRAWRR! CRY!!!' about it, especially since getting Foot spayed and aborted was one hell of a tough decison for me. I would have *loved* to have a Foot-kitten. But then Ula would have been out her forever home, and quite probably so would have Foot's other three kittens had I let her have them.)
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posted at [ profile] cat_lovers

This is the sort of thing that makes me cry a little. Because I'm a sucker that way. )
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I just managed to talk a neighbor into taking another friendly/obviously dumped stray cat in (she was already thinking about doing it anyway--I just told her what I knew of the cat from what I'd seen). I even gave them some of my cat food and rhe rest of my current box of litter so that the little guy had food and a potty until they could get out to buy him some real supplies.


I feel so good.
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She is currently up on the towel shelves in the bathroom.

But at least she's letting me pet her and even purred a little.

Pictures later when she isn't all freaked out.

Foot is fine and on the windowsill in the bedroom. She ran under the bed for a few minutes when I first bought the carrier in, then came out after Ula got installed in the bathroom and Foot got a few treats. As of now, Foot is acting like there's nothing at all going on.

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Dreamt I went to the ex's house for some reason. I think it was a combination of picking up something I forgot and supposedly helping her with something no one else could handle. Oh, and to get a key from her as well.

Anyway, the place had all the windows closed up and covered as usual, so that it was dark and no one could see in. I remember it was kinda cool (but it was also morning and the sun wasn't up yet), and the air had that 'lack of circulation' feel when it's old, you haven't opened windows in a while, and you haven't run the air system, either.

Fortunately, I was spared a scent input.

One of the two cats I had left behind was there. He looked okay, but he was back to being the skittish little guy I knew before I had started spending a lot of time just playing with him and coaxing him out into the open. He let me pet him a few times before diving under the bed. I was okay with this, because I figured that's probably what happened for real when I left last year. Ex really was never very good at making the household pets feel secure despite all her childhood stories about her and her uncle going out into the woods and animals coming up to them while they sat quietly and watched.

Anyway, things didn't seem too bad...until I found a back 1/2 bathroom where she kept Shadow's litter box.

I'm not kidding when I say the mouth of it (it was the covered one we had for the cats in my bathroom) was caked around the opening with matted, used, clumping sand. There was a hole big enough for a cat to get through, but...yeah, ew. At that point, I had the person who was with me (a weird combo of my dad, grandad, and an old friend from Tucson who, I haven't talk to in over a decade) help me catch and box Shadow so we could take him with us.

...maybe I need to stop watching Animal Cops before I go to bed at night.
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Looks like I don't have to pay a second deposit. I will get a ten dollar increase to my rent each month, but other than that, yeah. Now I just have to make sure I have the adoption fee and vet visit fee ready to go.

Foot just may have a new sister by the end of the week. :)
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Okay, so I have Foot, whom I love to death.

Foot is also on her own on average, 9 hours a day Monday through Friday. She is also starting to get a tiny bit pudgy, and sleeps most of the day, even when I'm home, and a good portion of the evening.

I'm thinking maybe of getting a second cat.
Actually, I'm thinking of a specific cat, who was up for adoption at the local Petco a week after I got Foot, and who is still up for adoption two months later. She'll be out again this coming weekend at the Petco in Lewisville where I used to live--a 20 minute drive.

I am seriously considering getting her. She is an adult, spayed, has her shots and stuff up to date.

Here's my concerns.

1) I'd need to double check and make sure I could get a second cat.
2) I think I need another $400 for a secondary deposit (a little difficult at the moment unless I get a decent chunk of B-day money).
3) The adoption fee is another $119, but it covers everything I would have had to do on my own in regards to a vet visit for a new pet anyway.
4) At least one new cat bed.
5) I'm not sure how Foot would take it, although she's seemed curious about cats outside the window, and not threatened. The cat I'm thinking of getting is fostered in a home with other dogs and cats.
6) I'm not sure my apartment is big enough for two cats.
7) A little bigger cat budget will be needed. Once the initial fees are handled though, that's not such a big deal (and it's only a big deal right now because I'm still playing 'catch up' from the goof on the bank account. By the time the big stuff rolls around again next year, I should be good to go).

Anyone have any opinions?

ETA: Here's the girl in question. Her name is Ula.
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According to the radio news jock this morning, because of people losing their homes and/or just trying to cut their cost of living, the number of pets being dropped off in Plano shelters alone this year is up by 30% so far from last year.


...I think Foot's going to get extra cuddles and brushing when I get home this afternoon.


Jun. 21st, 2008 09:03 pm
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Watching Animal Planet.

The program is about fat pets (AKA: When you love your animal too much/to death by way of food).

They have a Rottweiler on that's the equivalent of a 300 pound man (the poor thing is 203 pounds).

...And a forty pound springer spaniel (they're supposed to be 10-15 pounds...)

Oh...hell. It's bad enough when people do this to themselves... D:
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(It also made me wince a bit because of the jumping up thing, and how lions are, but yeah. Over-all, it made me bawl.)

Christian the lion.
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When Shiimi died four years ago, we had her cremated.

When Shiea died two years ago, I did the same (by then, it was really bad between ex and I, Dad was the one to loan me the money, and she never liked Shiea anywhere near as much as she liked Shiimi. Probably because Shiea was never one to put up with bullshit or people that lived in it).

Dad has already said it was okay to send the ashes to him so that he could spread them out in the back yard, next to the lake that comes up to the end of his property. We just haven't managed to get them there yet. I'm going to have Dad send the boxes back to me afterward.

I am wondering what to do with the boxes though. Originally, I thought to make them into memory boxes, but I have few pictures of either of them, and none of their original belongings (they either got 'lost' or thrown out *cough* 'by accident' when I still lived there). That, and I'm done mourning for them and just want to remember them. The few pictures I have are on a photo disk, and I can pull the pictures up on that whenever I want just fine.

That, and odd as it sounds, it seems a waste to just have two very nice cedar boxes laying around with very little to them but the name plaques on the lids.

So I'm thinking to make them storage. Maybe for scented oils or incense I like.

Or even art pens and inks--Shiimi always liked sitting on the table when I worked, and Shiea always liked being curled up at my feet. Would it be appropriate then to use their holding boxes for that?

What do you guys think? Or is that whole concept just too weird?
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Blah blah blah, Life, blah blah blah, getting shit together, blah blah blah... )
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So here I am in my 37-year old, no make-up, looking too smug for my own good, pic. See Icon. Two weeks recent, right after I hacked my own hair.

And yes, that is my real hair color.

And now for the depressing part of the post... )


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