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So, mine started with:

Migration to Dreamwidth
A new exercise and diet plan which I haven't really touched yet
Resolutions having to do with creative endeavors
...And a killer flu bug + migraine that made me call in sick today.


Also, I think I have all the journals I'm going to make for a while (nicely stickied and put at the top of my post for ease of finding). Not many, but then, I tend to keep things pretty simple. Most of the non-gaming journals have nothing in them yet. But they're there as incentive for me. And hopefully, that will be enough.

Also, a brief rundown of Life Since September.

let's hope the cut works )


Jun. 29th, 2008 03:25 pm
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Spring cleaning came a little late this year )
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Within half a scroll page, two folks on my flist noted trouble staying asleep last night. And I had the same problem, although I don't feel out of sorts from it. Probably because I managed two nine-hour sleep-ins Saturday and Sunday...which hasn't happened in...god, literally years. Anyhow, point isn't that--it's just noting that folks from several different locales had trouble sleeping. I wonder if it's something 'in the air'? Guess we'll find out.


Still Not King:
IE: Still no phone or internet connection, but, hey, we're getting closer--I at least know Grande came out Friday--because now I have nothing but dead air instead of a busy signal. *Frowny face*

All my music and video things are moved in and have shelves of their own now. The pictures already in the house are on the walls where they should be*. That just leaves...more books, my art supplies, and a few knick-knacks to retrieve from the shed (today and tomorrow), and bookshelves to buy for the books. And maybe a drafting table. Because something needs to go into the dining room space since I have no plans for a dining room table (unless my dad gets to it first).

I had a whole week of getting at least seven hours of sleep a night, as opposed to four to five. I think it shows in skin and face. *g*

I've lost another five pounds! Started at 226 when I moved in two weeks ago, and am now down to 208 (although if I twitch on the scale just right, I can get it down to 205 *smirk*). I think it's the lack of stress, starch and wine coolers, and the addition of fresh fruit, veggies, meat and water. Whatever it is, though, it's working. And I haven't even started my evening walks yet!

I'm...sort of liking the new Bon Jovi. Sort of. I think it may have to grow on me. Like moss (although there are a couple of the songs I really like). I do like Homegrown, so there will have to be negotiations for a new copy sent to someone's address. You know who you are.

Dad'll be heading home from Tucson starting Thursday, so there will Be A Dad in the apartment again for a few days next weekend. ^^

All in all, doing good. Now I'm just waiting for the rent and electric to hit and see how much of my immortal soul I owe someone. *g*

*OMG! I had to clean two of the pictures that were already glassed and framed. Used Windex with vinegar and about six paper towels apiece to get the glass alone clean. The damned things kept coming away yellow-brown. This wasn't dust and dirt, folks--this was nicotine from years of being in a smokers house. I wish I had taken a picture of it. If you're a smoker and think you're clean, this would have disavowed you of that notion pretty damned quick. GROSS!


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