Jan. 4th, 2012

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List of my other DW journals and games I'm in.

Creative Journals
[personal profile] carpentersbride: Horror fanfic and writing (Locked journal--you will have to ask to be added)
[personal profile] followsthewind: repository for any work I do on Sovereign in re: world building. (Locked, ask to be added)
[personal profile] icewind_orphan: originally a journal used for a one-on-one WoW 'game'. Not being used at the moment. Might use it as a gaming blog. Not locked

Gaming Journals
[personal profile] rather_be_surfing: Derek, from Vampires: Los Muertos. Currently active at [community profile] luceti
[personal profile] the_mighty_foot: OC based on the real Foot. Currently active at [community profile] luceti
[personal profile] soulboundhunter: OC that I've had for...forever. Tweaked around as an archtype for hunter/beastmaster type found in a lot of MMOs, as well as a base for one of the characters in Sovereign. Currently inactive.
[community profile] ratherbesurfing: Musebox that anyone can join.

Other things for me So that I can find them easy )
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So, mine started with:

Migration to Dreamwidth
A new exercise and diet plan which I haven't really touched yet
Resolutions having to do with creative endeavors
...And a killer flu bug + migraine that made me call in sick today.


Also, I think I have all the journals I'm going to make for a while (nicely stickied and put at the top of my post for ease of finding). Not many, but then, I tend to keep things pretty simple. Most of the non-gaming journals have nothing in them yet. But they're there as incentive for me. And hopefully, that will be enough.

Also, a brief rundown of Life Since September.

let's hope the cut works )


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