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Oi hai, guys, long time no see.

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Ed--You were on the TV for as long as I was alive. I missed when 'Heeere's Johnny!' stopped being a nightly staple...and I will mourn the fact that I will never hear your rich, kind voice ever again.

Farrah--I wanted to be you for a time (even when, as a kind, being 'blond' was gross to me, because most examples were giggly little airheads with nary a thought in their bubble-brained heads. You were classy, beautiful and sweet, and you never lost any of that despite living your life in Hollywood.

Michael--You were a master story teller, a great musician, and a hell of a showman. When you went around the bend, I mourned the loss of a bright young man with a beautiful talent. I hope now you're free to become that man again, and that you've finally found peace.
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Article at Verizon

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Mr. Carlin and his sharp, saracstic, but oh-so-on wit and humor.

Keep on joking in the afterlife, George. May all your meatcakes be good.

...And for God's sake, quit giving us that look from above, you creepy old man!



May. 28th, 2008 07:13 am
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Hollywood Starlets, you never cease to amaze me.

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Answer: No, bitch. It's called 'plate tectonics'. You know, taught in science class during the geology section? Knowledge. Learn You some.

Also: quit finding 'new age' and/or religious reasons for why the weather and planet are going funky and study a little more science. It's called a cycle. One that's far longer-lasting than humans have been living.

PS: Karma doesn't work that way.
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Hugh Hefner really favors bleach-blonds. He has three of them living in his house, after all.

Said bleach blonds seemed to have bleached their brains right along with their hair.

A bleach-brained blond trying to sound smart sounds even dumber than a typical dumb person.

...I'd be hard pressed not to start laughing if I came face to face with any of them.

Oh, yeah, and Denise Richard's commercials for her own new show?

"Gold Digger, husband stealer, bad mother, bitch? Now it's time to tell the truth." (I may have missed a few words there).

Anyhow, Denise? Hate to break it to you, but those are all true, baby cakes. And making a 'reality show' to try and prove people wrong?

It's kinda like someone saying they aren't eating grandma's cookies while their hand is still in the jar.


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Got this link from over in [ profile] dietingsupport. The person's portfolio has celebrities that she's photoshopped to 'magazine' quality. Click on the pics to get the photoshopped version, and roll over the picture to get the unaltered version.

You will feel MUCH better once you see the real people behind the glamour shots.
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Happy Birthday, Jon!


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Well, the whole 'give me your crazy sperm' deal was kinda freaky and a good hint to begin with, but the newest Denise thing...yeah. SO glad she's not with Richie anymore. Also glad the guys have that 'keep your noses out of our families' thing going on.

Seems she's trying to create a reality show featuring her and her kids.

She actually went to court with Charlie over this, because he tried to legally block her from doing so. O.o

Worse...the court said, 'Yeah, sure, she's their mom, she can do that if she wants'.

...and we wonder why the Hollywood kids are so fucked up.

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Sort of 'good' news.

Seems the guy was really sick with pnuemonia. So....something to do with that might have been what actually killed him, rather than the 'usual suspects'.
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Just in case no one has lifted your rock yet:

Heath Ledger is dead.

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I am watching the 500th add spot today for the remake of Rambo.

Damnit, they get younger looking as they get older. O.o Freaks of nature, I tell you...
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But...Your opinions on Oprah.

What are they? Say anything.

(and if you're wondering why I'm asking, it's because a celeb I do really admire has had dealings--good ones, as far as I know--with her. And I kinda do admire her in some aspects but am mostly 'eh' in others--probably because she seems to be everywhere.)

Uh huh....

Nov. 1st, 2007 01:46 pm
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Not even going to bother with the link; got it from Verizon news, which uses Associated Press.

He wants to do whatever it takes to make it right... )

...How about getting it through your thick fucking skull that's it's never okay to use that word, or any word like it, for any reason, dumbshit?

...Why in fuck's sake is that concept so hard for so many celebrities (and other idiots) to understand?

On OJ...

Sep. 17th, 2007 11:53 am
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Honestly? All I can think about with the most current news on him is "Gee, just in time to remind everyone he's out there. You know, in case we'd all forgotten about him."

I got bored of it the first time he was all over the news a mere two weeks in. My tolerance with each 'new exposure' has lessened accordingly. I don't even really care if he's guilty or not, and what charges he's up on.

If he's guilty and you have the proof, just do it all right this time and put him where he belongs for it. If not, likewise get it over with and finish it out. Either way, although I know it's impossible, I'd like to avoid having to see him plastered all over the place again for some stupid goings-on, 'kay?
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Dude finds way too much trouble to get into.

Not mention--he looks like he needs to be sterilized before you get anywhere near his dick. I know girls want to 'know what the big deal' is, but I think I already do--some skills that are marginally better than most guys (but that can be learned by any guy), people who want the 'mystique' of screwing a rock star, and probably his (and his partner of the time) taking a lot of drugs and/or alcohol, which will tend to make anything feel good--at least until you puke, hallucinate, or fall asleep.

And before people think I'm just dumping on Tommy, Kid Rock is pretty dumb as well. Next time, keep walking, Dude. Just keep walking.

(And yes, I agree that Tommy is a kick-ass drummer. But that's about all the use I've got for him. Give me a rocker with brains, pleaz.)
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Hopefully, this is just yoyur typical gossip rag bullshit, and it came on on something that gets shuttle to my junk mail file (I managed to sign up for something doing something else).

But I just couldn't ignore the email headline that came with this.



Okay, done now.

R? When we make it big? You cna go to Hollywood. I'm too scared of the people out there at this point. I;m afriad their crazy might rub off on me. (Current flist and people --probably SANE people--that they may know in Cali excluded.)



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