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That all 11 of the manga (FMA 1-8, Jyu-oh-sei 1-3) and both anime sets Dad 'bought' me for Christmas/Yule (IE: I got fun money; it got spent) are out of stock.

Yes. Every single one of them.

And does.

...makes me wonder if the rest of FMA will be similarly out of stock when I buy it.
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A work friend sent this to me.


Only, not quite

Enjoy! :)

((Clue, if Cynthia is online at all, she might, uh, 'appreciate' this. Metallica is the band I got to go see with here when Tim decided he didn't want to go))

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I get a little giggle everytime I see someone in the WoW communities post about their 'rouge'.

I can't help it. And that must be one killer rouge.

*resists urge to make a rogue named 'ninja red'*
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Nothing like sitting at your computer desk, hearing the distinct sound of snoring (LOLWhut?), and realizing it's the cat that's asleep on the couch behind you! XD
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So, apparently there's a reason other than 'imminent electronic death' that my Zune froze up this morning.

I actually find it pretty damn funny--especially since my Zune has frozen before, and Microsoft is recommending the same fix I needed to do last time. Here's hoping they're right, eh? *g*

(The worst part was work was hell today, and it would have been nice to be able to wear my headphones. As it was, the Zune jamming when I turned it on was the start of a bunch of unhappy things that happened. :/)

...Do you think Dad will buy me a new player if my Zune fails to reset? :D?
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WoW related.

I've managed, over the past three weeks, to get one black tabby for myself, three that I've sold on the Horde AH, and a fifth sitting in my bank so that when I finally make it to one of the neutral AH's I can charge some poor Alliance person incredible amounts of money for the little guy.

...And it's funny, because I feel a bit guilty for trafficking kitties in game, because of my stance IRL about adopting animals, not buying from breeding mills, and so forth.

Mind you, not that it's going to stop me from selling those tabbies, anyway. (Just that I'll feel guilty and hope the horde folks who bought them treat them well. *snort* I'm hopeless.)


Have a good night, everyone.
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So I have two of the peppermint eggs from the dragon cave, and rumor is, all of them will be male.

I couldn't help it.

I named them 'Yule Brynner' and 'Billie Holly Day'. :)


Dec. 29th, 2008 06:29 pm
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So I'm watching the news and they're doing a spot about credit councilors. And of course, there's shots of the different workers at the place the team goes to.

Including one lady's desk space...and the little collage of Jon Bon Jovi pictures taped on the wall over her monitor.

I know who I'll want if I have to go that route. *g*

Also got to see The Golden Compass yesterday. And, surprisingly, it rekindled my interest enough in the books that I started trying to read them again.

Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today!

And my Scroll
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It's because they're been over-watching them lately.

Not me.

No, me? I have weird dreams that combine Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and just a touch of Stephen King and LotR in weird and twisty ways that would make a Sue writer cream her pants.

WTF, brain? I actually get 8 hours of sleep a night for a whole week and you go goofy on me.
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Don't watch the show, but this was funny anyway. *g*
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If my first 70 dings while I'm farming for that stupid cat. Went from a 32 to a 37 so far. :P

Also: anyone else feel slightly guilty killing mobs in the opposing faction's areas when a player from that faction shows up (RP server, so they can't 'defend the honor' of their 'homeland'--just watch while you mow down their allies).
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Not locked, so linking, especially since they didn't say I could steal it (at least not yet).

Sometimes, my fellow WoW players are pretty damn cool about Obama.

So far, the comments are cool, too. ;)
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Even though you went to bed at a reasonable hour and slept for at least eight, you still wake up with a headache that borders on a migraine.

...And you don't actually start feeling better, even with a benedryl and an ibuprofen (hi thar, allergies and monthly!) in your system, until you've had your first few swallows of coffee.


So sad...

ETA: Yep. One cup of coffee later, and I feel fine and ready to get dressed and go buy cat food. Just call me 'caffiene junky'

(Maybe I should name my first PvP toon that when I finally get enough guts to try it...)
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Gee, I can relate to this. XD )
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...when you clsoe your eyes and see a scene full of people...and those little floating text blurbs in blue and green over their heads.

...What's worse is when you 'see' an after-image of the text over the heads of people at work.

Maybe I ought to watch a movie tomorrow night instead. XD


Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:36 pm
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David Bryan, WTF are you doin'?
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Also: Richie is a Cancer.

In other news, I came home to a sopping wet dining room rug.

Seems someone overhead sprung another fucking leak. Unfortunately, not only did maintenance run out of time, but they couldn't get into the apartment they think the leak is at because the guy had both bolts on. Which means they won't even be able to start looking for the leak until tomorrow morning at the soonest.

So. Wet rug. Shop fan to try and keep it moderately dry. Displaced bookshelf which I'm thinking I'll need to move elsewhere because I suspect this is going to be an ongoing problem (and I have no place else to put the damned shalf either, except maybe the storage closet outside. :/), and of course, skittish cats from the rug, invading men They Don't Know, and the fan.


PS: No, I didn't make any characters yet. *sniff*

On the upside. I only work three days next week. Yes, folks, I actually asked for some time off, and will be having a five day weekend.

Spiffy. :) Here's hoping the leak is fixed by then.
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'I googled him a little'.

...Is it just me, or does that read a little dirty to anyone else? *g*


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