May. 9th, 2012

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Just from eating right and paying attention to fat/carb intake. I've even gone over my intake allowances for both those stats. And it hasn't even been a week.

My biggest problem area though is getting enough protein into the diet--I am consistently either on the (very) low end of what I need...or not getting enough. So I'm going to have to research this weekend for high protein, low carb/fat sources (sadly, a lot of the high protein foods I know, even the healthy ones, are still higher on the carb and/or fat than I'd like). Either that, or end up eating fish at every meal.

I love fish. Just...not that much fish. :P

Also, long term note to self; no matter how much I lose, I'll probably be better off if I continue to track my food intake long after I've reached my goal, since that seems to have been one of the problems that got me back into this situation. Accountability seems to be a motivational necessity for me when it comes to food and maintaining weight. Don't do it, and I get lazy.


silverthorne: Painting of a cougar sneaking through underbrush (Default)

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