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*watches the first fifteen minutes of Twilight*

*notes the atrocious lighting effects*

*realizes she's missed most of it because LJ is more interesting*

Yeah, okay, time to put in something Children! XD

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If a horror flick using Native American folklore would:

1) Let the native actors get lead roles instead of support.

2) Let the native population actually be more than just a source of explaining to the white people "OH HELL SHIT TELL ME WTF is THAT?!"

3) Not have the white lead be some long lost, half-breed member of the tribe that 'walked away from it all' because of some sort of culture fueled drama that happened in his youth (seriously, what's wrong with loving your own damn culture all your life? Huh?)

4) Not let the three obviously white actors overshadow the twenty five or so native actors as the 'ultimate' heroes in the story (right up to, and including the 'white man Returning Prodigal Son beating the crap out of the native stubborn, blind and unaccepting tribe member that's trying to stop him from Saving the World Because He Doesn't Know Any Better).

Seriously...I saw the cast roster, and was getting excited, which is why I turned it on.

Now I'm just alternating between laughing at the sheer cheesiness of the movie...and gnashing my teeth at the default 'white folks do all the right things, even against someone else's cultural monsters' setting horror flicks often have. :/

ETA: Actually, it would be nice if these things were applied to any number of horror flicks using monsters from other cultures, and then using characters with those cultural backgrounds as little more than 'tell me shit' points.
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That a movie about robots made me cry.

(I'm not)

Also, I found it hilariously fitting that Sigourney Weaver did the voice over for the 'alarm/warning' program on the ship. *g*

Wall-E gets a definite pass from me.
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First thought: Alice is just too damned 'special', espcially since she pretty much takes away anything any of the canon characters could be doing to save the day. Someone needed to give her the Mary Sue litmus test, I think, before they approved the script. Or not bother with including canon characters.

Second thought: It should have been Claire and not Alice.

Third thought: Claire and Jill kicking ass together would have been awesome.

Fourth thought: The third movie is so far removed from the original intent of the games that I just don't register it as RE material.

Fifth thought: As it is, I'm not really watching RE, but it does make for good background noise while I work on the computer. Which is really why I keep the DVDs around.

Sixth thought: I need to pop in #1 and get my ass whupped a few times this weekend. :) Anyone want to take bets on how many times I die at the hands of the first zombie before I manage to kill it or run like hell? (Also: Chris or Jill, guys?).
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Bitching about the eventual in-flooding of RPGers that will be playing horrible versions of The Joker once The Dark Knight is out in the theaters...while being one of the hoards of hundreds on LJ defacing their regular icons with the 'Joker face paint job' and 'Y so Srs?' or some such shit.

It's been two-three weeks of this in LJ land, I'm already bored with the movie...and it isn't even out yet. :P
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You can tell she's not even close to having anything accessible to the guy sitting behind her on the chair (because her butt is flush with the cushion as well). Unless, of course, his dick can mine through the cushions.

...This is what I get for parking on the channel with the movie I want to see that comes on after the bad sex series. :P
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I've never read the book, but...

I don't think I'll ever be able to see how a certain someone got her version of Yvaine out of what I saw in the movie.


Just...dude. And that's the movie. WTF?
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It's all a matter of perspective.

Rant on movies, obesity, and stuff )


Jun. 22nd, 2008 02:47 am
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The English version? Yeah. Kinda eh.

The Japanese version? Actually okay. At least there's a logical progression with the people involved trying to find out what happened.
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of 'I don't wanna pay the bills'.

Of course, that might be because I know my entire paycheck is already spoken for. :P

IN other news, I have to say that I really like the 'Almighty' films. :D When my budget is back on track, I really have to get both of them and replace my Dogma CD that I left behind.

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Tokyo Godfathers.



(Side note: The sound clips they used for the cats was well done enough that Foot started looking for the cats. She also apparently likes anime. Obviously my cat. :) )

I know

May. 4th, 2008 09:00 pm
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That a lot of people don't like the ending of the movie version of The Mist, and I can understand why--there really just isn't a happy ending. Just a cessation of the horror.

For me though, that's what I like about it. It's brutal. But it's honest. And quite frankly, it lets the audience feel the full horror and pain that kind of horror would put the people through, rather than aim for a trite 'everything is okay after all in the end' or the cheap 'bwahahah!' of one last 'unexpected' kill and cheap scare at the end of the movie to indicate 'it really isn't over yet' (Final Destination sequels, I'm looking at you).

So yeah, it's horrible, and heart breaking, and just downright sucks for the main character.'s true to the genre. I'm actually grateful for the chance to feel truly, truly awful about the fate of the people in the movie, and not just in that 'OMG! Did you see when his head exploded all over the place?! GROSS!!!' way.
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I'm watching the scene where they get caught out in the farmlands during a battle between the army and the aliens and the son is all 'let me go, I want to see!' and Tom's character has to chose between trying to talk the kid into not going...or retrieving his daughter from a pair of well meaning strangers that are about to make off with her.

I have to say this.

If that were my son being such an idiot? I would clock him and drag his sorry, unconscious ass down the hill and not even bother with the whole 'talking sense' thing. None of this 'I gotta see it!' BS in the middle of a battlefield, either. He wants it that bad, he can sneak off later when we're all in a relative safe place. I'm not into child abuse,or even much physical discipline, but I do think that would be one time where knocking the kid out in the interest of saving his fool life would be appropriate.

What can I say? I'd be a tough mom.
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The Host.

From Korea.
Released by Magnolia Home Entertainment.

This is the first 'horror flick' since An American Werewolf in London I've had so much fun watching.

Seriously, guys. Give this one a try. :)
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When I watch Armageddon.

Damn it.

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To Resident Evil: Extinction

I got the DVD for free as part of a movie pack. Mostly, I've been throwing it in for background noise, and because even though I know it's pretty far from Resident Evil game canon, it's entertaining in it's own right.

Tonight's the first time I actually paid enough attention to the last minutes to see Alice one and two take on the baddie. And then to see the very end of the movie (I usually lose track right around when Carlos buys the farm).

But, yeah, the thought of an entire army of Alices?

Makes me giggle. Because it's so...absurd. Especially after establishing at the beginning of the movie that none of the clones can apparently even make it out of the Raccoon City mock-up without dying horribly.

The thought is 'damn, she's going to have to spend a LOT of time teaching them how not to die, first'.

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In Pulse, the 'monsters' can be blocked from a room by covering all the cracks and entry points with red duct tape. There's some half-assed explanation that it's because red 'blocks part of the spectrum they need in order to transfer'.

Also, the monsters 'get' you by touching and/or getting right up in your face and essentially sucking your soul out.

So, here's my question.

Why wouldn't wrapping yourself in red duct tape and/or getting into red clothing and/or painting your skin work? More mobile, more practical, and it'll get you into the damned computer room long enough to deliver the virus that will shut down the system and at least keep them from traveling via all the computer stuff they're using as entry points.

And if you get jumped? Close your eyes, cover your ears, mouth and nose until you can run from them (because apparently if you keep your wits well enough to run the process doesn't complete and you can escape).

So...yeah. Um. What did I miss? Because this seems to be a really easy obstacle to overcome.

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A tunnel full of baby rats in a horror flick makes you go 'awwwww, cuties!' instead of "EW *SQUICK* GROSS!!!!!"

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Yep. They should have let Jon have it. He so totally could have done this, and better than the guy who got the role.

Also: Talking to Dad. :)

Uh huh...

Jan. 25th, 2008 09:36 pm
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The Marine?

It's on crack. Just so you know.


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