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Dude finds way too much trouble to get into.

Not mention--he looks like he needs to be sterilized before you get anywhere near his dick. I know girls want to 'know what the big deal' is, but I think I already do--some skills that are marginally better than most guys (but that can be learned by any guy), people who want the 'mystique' of screwing a rock star, and probably his (and his partner of the time) taking a lot of drugs and/or alcohol, which will tend to make anything feel good--at least until you puke, hallucinate, or fall asleep.

And before people think I'm just dumping on Tommy, Kid Rock is pretty dumb as well. Next time, keep walking, Dude. Just keep walking.

(And yes, I agree that Tommy is a kick-ass drummer. But that's about all the use I've got for him. Give me a rocker with brains, pleaz.)
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So, Bon Jovi is going for a country album that'll be released this year (Along with another rock n roller).

What's funny to me is reading articles and pretty much seeing the 'Oh my god, Bon Jovi can play country music?!' reaction.

And I'm over here going, 'Uh guys? Blaze of Glory ring a bell?' Dead or Alive? How about a lot of the guitar rifts in several other songs that sound very country? (Richie's love for the steel/spanish guitar gets pretty obvious some days *g*). Not to mention they play've played blues, ballads, pop, out and out metal, and even something that sounds like it came straight off the back porch in the Bayou, complete with harmonica (Love for Sale, anyone?).

Listen to them sometime, and I mean the component parts of the instrumentation, not just the usual bouncy stuff that makes you grin if you're a fan or make bad jokes about poofy hair and lavender spandex if you're not. Just about the only thing they aren't up for playing right off the rack is Rap, Thrash, or Punk (Thank god. No offense, guys, but when it stops sounding like music and is either three minutes of repetitious noise, or sounds like the band is gargling cement while still in the mixer, it ceases to be music to me, good lyrics or not).

Anyhow, so yeah, I'm getting a kick out of this. And recommending folks that are inclined that way to give the album a try when it pops its little head out.

I know I will.

Oh yeah. It's supposedly going to be called Lonely Highway, after the song they did for Wild Hogs.

(What, me pimp? Say it ain't so...or maybe it is. *g*)
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For Bon Jovi, who got #1 place on the VH1 'Top 80's bands of all time' 'Greatest 80's songs' thingy. (Don't mind the cross-out--I'm an idiot who hasn't had her coffee yet).

And a huge old *HUG* for everyone who put them there (since it was a call-in ballot contest).

WHOO THE JERSEY BOYS ROCK! (and look damn good too).

Sometimes, it's worth staying up until two, even if you have to be up by five.
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I HATE Coporate America sometimes!

The one and only decent hard rock station in the Dallas area has replaced their morning programming (a little bit of news, a WHOLE FREAKING LOT of hard/metal/older rock)...

With a damned talk show that goes from 5am until 10 am.

You know, one that rates right up there with, say, Howard Stern.

(I think Howard Stern is an attention grabbing idiot asshole. I'd listen to Rush Lumbaugh before I would listen to good 'ol Howie--that's how much I hate the frizzy little beanpole. The man is a sensationalistic waste of skin.)

Give me back my rock, you assholes. You already shot The Eagle. Leave the last decent rock station in Texas ALONE!
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Warning...I'm going to be rude here, and with no basis in having the right to be rude.

Because I can.

Cut because I know you all really don't care, and it's none of my business anyway )


Mar. 22nd, 2006 10:24 am
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Something to brighten the day, or at least give a chuckle:

Go, Grandfather!

This, however, is slightly depressing. Hope he's okay because if it's a serious throat thing, his voice may be shot. And not a good thing. You got my prayers, Steve. :/


Feb. 9th, 2006 06:20 am
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I am so glad that when I am 'being a girl', it lasts for a grand total of one day. Still sore, but I no longer want to remove my uterus with a spoon, which is a good thing. I might actually be able to get through the work day without being hunched over on myself. ^^

The Ankle Of Popping is doing fine, too. The swelling is mostly gone, so now its just the lovely bruise that covers the ankle and the left side of my left foot. No limping, no pain, and flexibility has returned. YAY!

And now for stuff that's none of my business and no one cares about anyway XD )
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This is why I don't pay all that much attention to Hollywood--too damned depressing.

Dear Heather--

You're an idiot. And I hope to god you aren't going to go mess with Tommy Lee some more (or that that's what fueled your decision to file), because he's a skank. Just my opinion, but hey, News tends to prove him out on that. And if Richie was an idiot, okay. Still...should have held onto it anyway and worked it out. The guys in that band are some of the best at holding onto reality and staying out of the shit pit. You won't find much of that in glitter town.

Dear Richie--

If you were an idiot, then I guess you deserved it. If not, I'm sorry man.
Go home. Learn from Jon. Hollywood is bad for you.
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Warning: Totally irreverent post--rather like my last two.

This is why I try not to let myself fangirl too much! )
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This has got to be the most inane reason I've ever had.

But, you makes me laugh, even if no one else gives a flying potato...

The things you hear on the radio when you wake up.

Over here in the first corner, we've got Mr. Richie Sambora and Wife, (AKA Heather Lockleer).

In the second corner is Mr. Tommy Lee. Skank guitarist and never-quite-grew-up rocker.

So...first thing out of the DJ's mouth: Richie and Heather are having maritial problems--it's getting blamed on out of synch scheduals (which are about to get worse while Richie's band go on tour). Yeah, like neither one of them know how to book a flight and a one-night stand with their happens all the time with the unmarrieds in Hollywood, folks. Don't let them little rings on your fingers tell you otherwise.

Hell, might even spice something up.

And, boy, I guess at least in Heather's case, that's exactly what she's needing and doing...

With Tommy...

Er, yeah...Mr. Attention-whore, skanky ass, 'when was the last time you took a bath, dude?' Tommy.


Okay, chicky girl? Cluebat here? There are cuter and less dirty guys around than Mister Tommy...and if it's a sex problem, believe me when I say all it really takes in most cases is a five second lesson in 'How about you touch me here and in this way' to rival Mr. Tommy.

Crap, he isn't even cute looking anymore. Richie's got him beat by MILES. Sit down with the hubby and teach him a few things. Then work out a fricking schedual. And quit messing around with the past. He ain't gonna do you any better this time around.

As for Richie...

DUDE! Didn't Jon TELL you to stay the fuck out of Hollywood? That it was BAD for you? HUH?

She keeps it up, dump her, go home. The folks are better in Jersey anyway.

And as a final note to this totally pointless post:

Richie VS. Tommy?

I'm for Richie all the way. Tommy'll be too busy looking for his drugs.

Give him hell, man. (Give him one for the Gipper?)

Okay, rambling done now. feel free to go back to your regularly schedualed lives.
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Ah well, happens to the best...and I'm a long way from that...:D

The Happy Dance )

And, of course, the Glare Section )


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