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You repeatedly type receiving 'dick' instead of ' dock', and find it hilarious each time you do it.

Lordy, I need a nap.


Jul. 14th, 2011 12:58 am
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Can't sleep, and not really up for RP, even though I owe a ton of tags.

Am pondering a few things though.

First of all, anyone know where I would be able to play [ profile] soulboundhunter? I'm good with most genres, and I can probably adjust her into a total OC if people don't mind me using blood elf icons for generic hunting elf #101. Just seems a waste to have the journal and icons and nowhere to put her. Current game doesn't allow for canon OCs and I don't want to get side-eyed for the icons (or have to change them, either. I like them) if I tried to use them for an OC of my own making.

And semi-related and having to do with world building in that I have a story. It has elves. It even has the arch typical forest elves and ice elves and even sea elves (My Elfquest and D&D roots are showing). But here's the thing--first, they're more like offshoots of the same race (that they share with the humans, bast-types, dragon, etc) rather than their own complete species.

And I'd rather refer to them as Sidhe/Shidhe (although they'd be missing a lot of the seelie/unseelie influences, so I'm not sure if that's appropriate). So I'm kinda waffling between usual fantasy convention (they're elves, dammit, just call them elves) and using my preferred term ('you didn't read the mythos did you?') or just saying screw it, calling them by something else entirely, and then have my audience going 'but they have pointy ears, do nature, and look like Tolkien elves. SO CALL THEM ELVES, SNOWFLAKE!'

Er yeah. Advice?

And...who else plays RIFT, and what's you fav class combo?

And if I manage to fall asleep before anyone answers...sorry.
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I'm going through my annual madness of thinking about posting scraps and shorts in the journal. Whether or not I actually do is still up for debate. If I did though, what would you guys be interested in seeing?

Also; plurk. Who has it, and is it worth it?

*waits for crickets*
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Because it's new.

I've been getting into Second life a little; it's kinda fun to wander around people's home made sims and see what they did with them. I did spend a little money on player made modifications, and decided to go ahead and model my avatar after my WoW hunter, and so here she is, all nice and gothic-ized and moderned out for the camera.'s something to do, right?

In other news; I've set the wheel in motion to start (free) counsiling for my depression.
My left heel is constantly hurting.
My boss actually finally told me I HAVE to take two days off in a row in the next month (which is a huge change from all the times in the past year where I'd ask when I good time was and always get the 'not now' reply), so I'm aiming for next Monday and Tuesday, or the one after that.
I've been feeling sick, exhausted, unloved and freaked out for about a month and a half now.

Oh, and yeah, I'm getting sent to collections by my hospital for the worker's comp bill from LAST JANUARY, even though I've repeatedly done everything my rep told me to do to keep that from happening (Because not only am I not supposed to be paying for it, but I should have never seen a bill at all...well, I've seen about six by now).

Between the depression and the sheer stress of YET AGAIN having my credit fucked up by outside sources, I've been spending a good portion of the night alternating between screaming at the heavens and crying.

And watching the second Crow movie and being annoyed that the guy who got the part won it out from under Bon Jovi (who, yes, did audition for it).

So, yeah, my life is fucking great, how about you?

( does not do well on text).

Anyway, enjoy the icon. I'm going to go make my sixth attempt at trying to go to bed without getting angry and waking myself up all over again.
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Might be a distant cousin to Why Aren't You Dead?, except in a different light.

Anyhow, yes, I'm okay. Work has been trying to kill me, depression was trying to tell me that curling up in a ball and never coming back out into the Big Scary World is a good idea, and...stuff.

I have been RPing on LJ on my favorite guy, although even that went kinda south for a bit while I convinced myself that I Was Doing It Wrong somehow, and Everyone Hated Me...that was an adventure. And my writing muse went right out the damn window and refuses to come back while I'm like this.

The good news? We got a new, extra guy to help at work these last two weeks, (although I'm still stressed enough to loathe my job at the moment, and it's making my shoulder act up again), I'm feeling better about my RP, and I'm actually starting to make headway in the "Let's Sock Back Some Money For That Apocolyptic Rainy Day" department. At least until the car finally blows up, or something. And I've started making maps and planning plot for an RP...that I actually will likely never get off the ground. >>

PS: I want a pony Winning the lottery would be nice right about now; it would make quitting my job and writing my ass off all day every day so much more feasible.

Um...anyway, yes I am alive. Thank you and *hugs* to those of you who came looking--I apologize for not responding at the time. I was honestly fucked up enough that it seemed...I dunno what it seemed like. I will however try and write you guys back this week with, you know, something resembling a real conversation (even my dad has only been getting 'I hate my life, I hate my job, god this sucks' for a few months now. :/).

Love and hugs and stuffs.

PPS: Still love you guys; just haven't been in the 'love zone' lately myself.
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I just managed to screw up two flower deliveries to a couple of employees.

The good news? I caught it immediately and was able to keep one of the boxes being opened by the wrong person. And they both forgave me.

The bad news? One of the boxes did get opened.


I'm going to cupid hell when I die.
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Sometimes, it actually hurts to realize I quit believing in miracles, dreams and fairy tales a long time ago.

Or maybe I'm just feeling old tonight.

Who knows.

Here's hoping everyone else is having a good night. :)


Jan. 12th, 2010 08:11 pm
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Nose doesn't really hurt anymore.

Clean up from being gone for one and a half days wasn't too bad (and that was with a new delivery policy in place. Damn paperwork).

They fixed my washer.

And my department director has told me I'm not allowed to take any more two week vacations. Ever. (Dude, that's the one thing that would actually push me into doing it again much, much sooner than in another five years or so...I hope you were joking. It's hard to tell with him.).

ETA: Wow, who's this jackass down here? *points to first reply* Should I report him?
ETA 2: Nevermind, reported and banned. :) (also, don't click on the links, guys, just in case).

So today

Jan. 9th, 2010 03:31 pm
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Face is swollen. (Yah think?). But, not really painful. Until I forget and go to wipe my nose after a sneeze or if it gets runny (no blood though, yay!).

It's just now managed to get to 36F outside...just in time for the afternoon temperature drop off. Needless to say, even though I need TP, laundry soap, and probably antifreeze if my car light is telling me the truth (since I can't find any leaks under the car), I didn't go anywhere.

I slept for nine hours last night, and then took another sudden and unplanned three hour nap this afternoon. My body must be trying really hard to heal up ASAP.

...I've been watching too much FMA, because I want to try and draw the Elric brothers. Not a good thing; I've never had much success with drawing Other People's Stuff.

I want to do something; draw, write, something, but I'm feeling spacey enough that...yeah, all I really have is the energy to think about it. :p
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I suspect most of you already saw this, but for those of you who are interested in WoW and don't follow the comms (or of course missed Blizzcon on Friday), have a look, if you don't mind being spoilered, that is. :)

And if anyone wants to buy me a new graphics card and/or larger memory card for my 5 year old Lenovo so I can play the game when the Xpac releases, well, now you know what to get me for the holidays.


More under here...first several paragraphs are also spoilers. Scroll to second bolded sentence to get past them. )
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and not as depressed as I have been for a while now.

Mind you, that's not keeping me from wasting my time by surfing the 'net intead of paying bills, dusting the apartment, making a grocery list, inking a picture, or even playing WoW, but at least when I think about doing these other things, I'm going, 'in a minute' rather than 'blah yuck, what, sure, nevermind...'

(I know, that didn't make a lot of sense.


It's stuff )
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I started writing a post in my head during work that I was going to put up on the journal.

Decided about halfway through the inner monologue that it was pretty much whiny emo-fest material shit nobody needed to see.

Feel a little better now, but not great. General gist?

Not happy with my life. Mostly having to do with 'wah, I have no one' (sparked by 'if I can't take care of myself, especially later in life, there's no one to pick up the slack, so I'm pretty much fucked, thanks.').

My eye is infected again, and I don't want this being a yearly thing. And it's pissing me off that my vision has gone south. Again.

I am tired. Physically and emotionally. And I really don't know if/when I'm going to get a break from it.

My three day weekend was pretty much undone half an hour into work, since all the stuff that supposedly wasn't going to show up on Friday, did. Plus a full compliment of shit for today, plus even more stuff right when I thought I could finally relax an hour before my shift was supposed to end.

I need a hug and a long break from life. (Then again, who doesn't?)

...okay, I whined anyway. Sorry about that.
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Baylor might actually follow through on Monday's switchover.

How do I know this? The promotional t-shirts, mugs, name tag holders, bags and pens are starting to arrive. :P

In other work news, our nighttime guy took off on vacation this week, which left my boss and I to take care of his usual stuff. The good news is that despite the chaos of the looming switch over, insanity like doctors deciding to use a certain piece of equipment we have on limited quantities of on every single patient, and general summertime patient madness, the week, thus far, has not been bad at all. And there's only two more days of 'fill in for the night guy' craziness.

Added plus; I'm getting overtime, which I need since this month is 'pay your car insurance' month. Yay! :)
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Well, at least one kind of them.

6am: feed cats, go back for a short nap.
10am: 'short nap' ends (have to get out of bed sometime). Back and shoulders vaguely achy.

10:30: Take ibuprofen for achy body, surf net while drugs do their thing.

11am: Go food shopping when ache becomes negligible.

12pm: Get home, realize forgot coffee (haven't had any yet today). Make some black tea. Put up groceries, eat lunch.

12:30pm: Read a little more email, actually start working on art I'm supposed to be finishing up this week

1pm: Lay down on floor to try and stretch muscles out, because they've started aching again.

1:20pm: Fall asleep on floor.

3pm: Wake up with headache that's almost migraine grade, and back is once more sore.

3:30pm: Drag ass out to store w/Starbucks for coffee for home and coffee on the go.

3:50pm: Get home, chug coffee, take more Ibu and a Sudafed Sinus Headache to boot.

4pm: Fall asleep on couch

5pm: Cats wake me up for dinner, feed them, give them some loving, and pass out on bed

8:30pm: Finally wake up minus sore back and headache. Now watching Cinemax (The Happening is coming on next), and about to get sketch book.

....I'd hoped to spend the day doing art, and the evening playing WoW. So much for that. Thanks, allergies, sore body, and caffeine addiction. Y'all just suck. :/
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Hi all! I'm not dead.

What's been happening lately )
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If you know me, you know I'm good at putting things off until the very last minute and then trying to get it all done in two hours, like whoa. Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes not, but it's an annoying little trait I have that I'm not always successful at overcoming.

Blah blah blah. This way for A's QQ and dissertation on her mental hang-ups )
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So, I've been feeling slightly 'off' since Thursday. Nothing really notable--a little stomach upset, slight diarrhea that I could blame on the roast beef in the cafe not quite being cooked enough on Friday, the week from hell at work, feeling unusually tired last night, etc (I actually went straight to bed after signing off from Zangarmarsh last night and slept until 10 this morning...a twelve hour sleep). Overall, not enough to complain about, so I didn't note it.

Until this morning, when I finally crawled out of bed (once at 7 to feed the cats--stayed up long enough for that and decided I needed more sleep, since I was dozing off as soon as I sat down--and then 'officially' at 10). Eyes all gunked and crusted up, slight headache, running stuffed nose, and the threat of an incoming sore throat.

Congrats, it's a head cold. :P

Anyhow, wrapped up on the recliner in a nice fleece blanket, watching the original The Poseidon Adventure, sipping on coffee heavily laced with ground cinnamon (the cinnamon really does help with sore throats), and contemplating the fact that I need to vacuum, do laundry, and wash my hair. None of which I want to do, because it requires movement.

Blargh. I'll probably sign into WoW later...but right now...just...blargh. I was supposed to do house chores today and have neither energy nor inclination.
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The placeholder for the day (plus eggs). Man, it's cold.

Since I seem to be wavering between procrastination and doing things. )
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So I guss I'll call it my 'List of Intentions' rather than my New Year Resolutions.

Oh, and yeah. I love the christmas 'dragon' design. I'd love to see more dragons (*cough*griffons*cough*) of this design...

Adopt one today!

The path to hell is paved... )


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