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I should have taken a picture for proof, but I didn't.

What I ate:

4oz cut of steak
sautee'd onions, garlic and mushrooms
1 fried egg, sunny side up
1 slice of wheat toast (to sop up the yolk and other yummy leavings)

I was also bad by using butter for the sautee, and then adding the steak halfway through, and then the fried egg very last, all to the same frying pan.

But it came out delicious. :)
Now I can eat fruit and veggies for the rest of the day! *g*
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Which I have! (originally, I wanted a fried egg sandwich, then bacon and eggs (but there's no bacon in the house), and that evolved into Steak and Eggs.

...I still find it funny (and a little sad, I admit), that two years later, I'm still amazed by the idea that not only do I have real food in the house, but that I'll be eble to eat it without getting lectured or yelled at for eating it (or cooking it, for that matter).

Anyway, gonna go cook my breakfast before the old tape kicks in and I don't actually make it because 'I shouldn't'.

...sometimes it takes a while to heal, you know?


Jan. 6th, 2009 07:39 am
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Putting a bag of mint green tea in your coffee (especially if it's mocha flavored beans and you use chocolate creamer) tastes good.

...And is a LOT cheaper than Starbucks. :)

Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today!

And my Scroll
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First, the beet/red olive/raisin combo for lunch.

Now corn and peas with a touch of A-1 sauce for dinner.


Tasty Is

Sep. 27th, 2008 07:11 pm
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A 15-bean soup pack mixed with onions, diced tomatoes, corn and spinach. Spiced with lemon juice, celery salt, black pepper and cheyanne pepper, and slowly crockpotted over ten hours.
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I'm craving (and am making) sautee'd onions and mushrooms with butter, celery salt, lemon juice and basil.


ETA: And it was delicious.
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...I want to buy a breadmaker.

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Because I'm eating a Philly cheese steak sandwich without bread or cheese.

Whut? I want to make sure they got the meat right.


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With the new cafeteria cook (old one finally got fired a few weeks back, right before Luby's started taking over. Thank god.).


...Not bad. For Texas. A bit dry on the outside (what's with the fake parmesian sprinkle cheese on top, guys?), but passable. The cook lives.

...I really need to get Mrs. Raymond's recipe from Grandma.
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One thing that I'm starting to be aware of more and more is how well the ex had me trained.

One of our constant fights had to do with food. If I ate something that had been sitting in the fridge, she'd invariably want to have it after it was gone, and I'd get yelled at for not sharing and being a glutton (even if I'd asked ahead of time if she were interested in it). I don't touch it, and it goes bad, that was my fault too for wasting food, because, hey, she 'doesn't eat that much'.

Usually, this was the healthy stuff I'd get in trouble for. The remains of a good restaurant dinner. A healthy salad. A nice casserole. Occasionally the pizza we'd order in. Rarely did we fight over the potatoes, rice, bread, ramen or cheese. Those could come and go and no fighting. You can guess what my diet consisted of. Treats and desserts were another bone of contention, but only if she liked them. Otherwise, she never noticed. It's no wonder I ballooned to 226 pounds.

I'm discovering an annoying hold over from those days, and it's a conversation I've become aware of the past month.

I have to fight with myself to convince myself that if I'm hungry? It really is okay to go get a bowlful of asparagus or other veggies or fruits or whatever and eat them. I just spent an hour in fact telling myself that if I wanted a can of asparagus for dinner, that it was all right; I could do that.

...At least I finally got it though.

Something to work on though, definitely.
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Some might offend; this is unintentional. )
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Damn, hard to get into. Is there a special knife or something that you use to get into the shell with? I finally got through on the underbelly after the tail had cooled for a few minutes, but all the instructions were 'split the top side of the tail'.

Which worked about as spectacularly as trying to launch a monkey into space with a rubber band.

But I did finally get in (thank above that I have Mad Shell Cracking Skills from eating crab all the time).

And another also?

Lime tastes good on lobster. :)
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Lobster tails or mollusks...lobster tail or mollusks....hmn....
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Okay, so nuts, or specifically, peanuts, is suggested as a good snacky, high protein thing for diets, right?

'Course, if you look at the labels on a can of peanuts you know that SALT is a big contributer to that whole 'high sodium, not so good for you' thing, and non-salted roasted nuts are a pain to find (and often expensive). not such a good thing.

So, then you go for the 'raw' kinda okay, but...okay, I'm not a fan of the whole raw thing, at least with peanuts (Walnuts, pecans and pistacios, however...). I am with raw peanuts I don' wanna touch.

This requires some action, dude.

So I looked up peanut roasting on the interbutt, and found a recipe.

And did what I wanted with it anyway. Because I'm that kind of gal.

Anyhow, It's under here )
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...There's a reason why they have specialized spoons for grapefruit.

You're remembering that reason right now...

(Pee Ess: Get some grapefruit spoons next time you go to the store.)
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I've hit the weight where any amount of empty sugar gets stored rather than voided. I know this because I haven't eaten any worse than last week, I'm not on the monthly, I am exercising, and I've managed to gain a few pounds back anyway.

So...when I go home, the rest of the chocolate goes into a donation bag, along with the remainder of my salsa and chips. And once I'm done with the current round of yogurt, it'll be plain lowfat yogurt with fresh fruit mixed in from now on.

Ah well--knew that might happen. :/
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Nice and Juicy.
Sweet tasting.
Smell good.
Don't look mutated like the huge, but odd looking and not-so-good tasting V. oranges in the 'regular' bin (two of which I threw out because too hard to get into and the flesh was...well, it tore into uneatable shreds.)
No pesticides, hormones, etc...


Nice and Juicy.
Membranes are not firm, so these also shread (but at least they're still eatable after).
Nice and Juicy.
Smaller (1/2 size of the mutants).
More expensive (but worth it).

Verdict: Organic FTW


I really need to ask Grandma if she still has the orange and grapefruit trees in the back this year, and Uncle Larry the fig and date trees at his house...

Holy S**t!

Nov. 5th, 2007 05:39 pm
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I have found flounder!

I have a bag full of huge ass frozen flounder steaks! (say that five times fast while squealing in delight. Go on. I dare ya.)

I have not had flounder since I left New Jersey for the (ever so) sunny (OMFG, too sunny!!) and totally oceanless sands of Tucson, Arizona.

Like...ages ago.

1982, to be exact.

I loved flounder, okay? I'd GO FISHING FOR DAMNED FLOUNDER with my mom during summer break in order to get me some fresh flounder (which...we never succeeded in accomplishing anyway and would end up in the roadside diner on the way home where there was already flounder waiting and ready to go.)

I have gone without since then because, well, frankly 1) No one did it like that diner and 2) New Jersey to Tucson is an awful long way for flounder to go...and it rarely got there, anyway.


And it will be grilled and slathered in lime and lemon and pepper and served with veggies. It WILL BE MY FLOUNDER, and it will be good!

And although I know they are Teh Ebil and will dine on my flounder-happy soul in Hell when I die, I will thank the Dreaded Walmart Gods for their frozen offering and sing their praises and sacrifice Target Employees to their dreaded Maw.

But first?



Nov. 3rd, 2007 06:46 pm
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Nummy fixin's, man.

Under here. )
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I am about to try some Serious Cooking today, dudes.

Yes, that's right, I'm going to try Beef Stew. Complete with crockpot and Fresh Vegetables. I even got my hot little hands on some Fresh Tomatoes (Which means it'll look like tomato apocolypse in my kitchen once I'm done chopping, because tomatoes are one of those things that defies my attempts to chop without mishappen slices and veggie juice spraying all over the place.). So, pray for me, folks. And the veggies. And possibly the neighbors, because I honestly don't know if it'll turn out as stew, or some amorphous thing that will break out of the crock pot and go on a killing rage through Carrollton.


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